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by Private Rico
19 Dec 2016 02:49
Forum: Youtube Stuff
Topic: My First Short film
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My First Short film

In case you all don't know, I am a film student. This is the first one I've made, and considering I haven't taken any of the higher level classes, I think it turned out pretty well. Any feedback on ways to improve my storytelling abilities is much appreciated!
by Private Rico
08 Nov 2016 06:42
Forum: Other
Topic: Steam Halloween Sale
Replies: 3
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Steam Halloween Sale

redghostboy wrote:I did not, sadly. All of my money went to making my Halloween costume, which was one of the NCR Rangers from New Vegas.

Ohhh that's a cool costume though.
by Private Rico
08 Nov 2016 06:41
Forum: Youtube Stuff
Topic: Youtube's New "End Screens" Feature
Replies: 2
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Youtube's New "End Screens" Feature

End screens are basically updated and massively improved annotations that can only be used in the last 20 seconds of a video. They fill the same function but are much easier to use (seriously Youtube's annotation creator was a buggy mess). Also, end screens can't be turned off by the user, so they w...
by Private Rico
04 Nov 2016 15:07
Forum: The Hangout
Topic: Apple and Microsoft Product anouncements
Replies: 5
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Apple and Microsoft Product anouncements

The surface Studio looks pretty legit, but unfortunately I don't have the money for it (plus I'm not an artist, so I could barely scratch the surface of what it can do). The new MacBook pro is just dumb. Replacing all of the ports with USB type-C is silly because you'll need adapters for EVERYTHING,...
by Private Rico
02 Nov 2016 05:16
Forum: Other
Topic: Steam Halloween Sale
Replies: 3
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Steam Halloween Sale

Did anyone pick up any of the games that were on sale? I got Oxenfree and The Swaper.
by Private Rico
23 Sep 2016 04:25
Forum: Clubs
Topic: Writers' Club
Replies: 151
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Writers' Club

Quick question for you all. I'm a film student, and being that I kinda have to write screen plays (well, not yet technically but I need serious practice). Would you all be interested in critiquing mine once I have some stuff in the works?
by Private Rico
23 Sep 2016 03:59
Forum: The Hangout
Topic: Share your meaningful songs?
Replies: 41
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Share your meaningful songs?

This mix is super meaningful to me because it's my go to study music.
by Private Rico
23 Sep 2016 03:55
Forum: The Hangout
Topic: MBTI personality tests
Replies: 37
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MBTI personality tests

INTJ over here. Tbh though, the last three letters are a bit iffy because I'm right on the edge between them and their opposits.
by Private Rico
29 Aug 2016 18:01
Forum: The Hangout
Topic: Computer Builds
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Computer Builds

WoodGreen wrote:I've got myself an interesting build...

CPU: A fine British potato
GPU: An etch-a-sketch
RAM: A very small, horned sheep
Motherboard: A dominoes pizza box
PSU: 2x AA batteries

So much swag...
by Private Rico
14 Aug 2016 04:19
Forum: Other
Topic: Pokémon GO
Replies: 23
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Pokémon GO

SDaxium wrote:So many instinct and valor scum here lol

I'm lvl 16 with my highest being an 1166 Lapras. I walk randomly so I haven't been progressing that much

Hey man, as a Mystic member, Instinct isn't so bad. Just Valor. Team Valor is the reason we can't have good things.