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by Dechi
11 Aug 2016 07:56
Forum: Art and Music
Topic: Can i get some critique on some of my art?
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Can i get some critique on some of my art?

It might just be me but I think on the last picture, maybe add more detail to the mask itself because it looks like a mask instead of a helmet (unless that's what you're aiming for)

I've always wanted to start drawing myself but I'm too lazy to get into it. Keep it up!
by Dechi
08 Aug 2016 19:38
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Staff Interruption
Replies: 130
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Staff Interruption

by Dechi
08 Aug 2016 19:37
Forum: First Person Shooters
Topic: Borderlands
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Really enjoyed BL2 and PS but didn't play BL1 because the video settings were so bad I couldn't stand to play it. Although I'm sure I would've enjoyed BL1 too. Great series!
by Dechi
08 Aug 2016 19:35
Forum: First Person Shooters
Topic: Counter Strike
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Counter Strike

I suck at csgo but Soboy is a master of it :D
by Dechi
07 Aug 2016 19:41
Forum: Other
Topic: Pokémon GO
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Pokémon GO

Played for a bit and got to level 19 but ever since the update that killed PokeVision and removed the footsteps, I decided to quit. In my opinion, the game started off great but Niantic wasn't going to listen to the suggestions people brought up because when they ran Ingress, they didn't do that. I ...
by Dechi
07 Aug 2016 19:35
Forum: New User Introductions
Topic: Hey everyone
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Hey everyone

Yo! It's been quite sometime since I've shown myself around this kinda place in a while but if you may not remember me, I'm DerpJ from PW and I got this email from this site saying that this came back up but I'm happy to see places like PW popping up ever since it went down. Look forward to chatting...