Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#1 » 12 Oct 2016 23:23

Hey guys, thought this'd be a nice addition to the site.
1) nothing that gives away personal information
2) no bullying obviously, we're here to help each other
3) If you disapprove of someone's life choices, sucks to be you.
4) all other site rules

My main inspiration for this thread is that I've been going through rough spots in life right now. Today my brother told me that one of his friend's friends posted a picture on snapchat of me from behind. He asked why I had a tail, and I lied, saying it was my friend's I was borrowing for a few minutes. In reality, it's my own tail I wear because I'm a furry and tails are great in my opinion. Sadly, society is disgusted and amused with my differences. He also asked why I was holding my flip flops, and of course another lie- I told him I was wearing my PE shoes that day so I had my flip flops since my shoes were in my locker. In reality, I hate shoes so I just walk around without them a lot. Plus, shoes are a scientifically proven health hazard. Anyway, taking a picture of someone without their consent is violating school rules, especially since the picture was put on social media. But, I can't report it because first of all, I don't have snapchat and don't know who posted it, and second of all, I was violating school dress code by not wearing shoes. And on top of all that, my identity is at risk, since my brother knows a little more about me. I have to hide so much because I'm asexual, and my family is against anything other than heterosexual, and my gender identity is void, which my family is against anything unbiological when it comes to gender. So I have to live with all these secrets, always having to be cautious in every step i take and every move I make because If they ever knew who I really was I'm convinced It'd be easier to run away. They already give me enough crap. I mean seriously, my mom will just walk up to me after I get dressed and say I look gay. Is this really what society has come to? I thought we were more than this. I thought we had grown out of these childish ways of discrimination, stereotypes, and just overall disapproval of anything that isn't 'normal'. I mean, does someone's sexuality and gender identity really make them that much different? Does it really mean they deserve all this hate and the comments from people? We're all human, so why are we treated differently?
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#2 » 13 Oct 2016 01:36

I'm not sure they'd actually have that big of a problem with aesexual - just not being interested is basically indistinguishable from being on the more conservative side of normal if you don't make a big deal of it. It's also indistinguishable from just waiting for the right person, which is my favored excuse as to why I don't have a girl on each arm. Not being interested in sex is... really not that strange, unless you get your entire concept of normal human sexuality from TV/the internet/High School jocks.

I've been dealing with too much stuff to get done, and not enough hours in the day. Between college, work, and downtime requirements, there's just not enough time to get everything done.

I've also been frustrated with people who tell me I should feel bad because being half white makes me evil. People who tell me the world should be handed to me on a silver platter because I am autistic. People who tell me I should castrate myself for being a man who is entirely comfortable with being a man, and people who tell me I should be chasing girls. People who tell me I'm evil for my strong dislike of Clinton, and people who tell me I'm a traitor for strongly disliking Trump. People who tell me that because I own several firearms, one day those firearms are going to make me go on a murder spree. People who fear me for being a big guy, people who fear me simply because I know how to defend myself. People who wish for me to fear them because they think they're big and strong and that that means everyone else should kiss their boots. People who tell me the lives of my friends who are in the police force are worthless because of the actions of a handful of men. People who tell me that it's all the fault of someone else.

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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#3 » 13 Oct 2016 01:50

I very strongly agree with the last paragraph of what Nog said. Someone somewhere is always going to dislike you. I have people who hate my because I dislike Clinton, people who dislike me because I'm religious, people who think that just because I own several guns and plenty of knives (I'm a collector) means I'm going to kill someone. I have people who think that I'm intimidating because I'm tall, people who think that I'm psychotic for knowing how to fight, and people who think that I'm some racist hick because I'm from the South (but if you ever hear me speak, I sound nothing like it). The point is, not everyone will like you, but you'll never please everyone. Whether I agree or disagree with someone's beliefs is one thing, but the way you treat them because of it is another thing completely.
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#4 » 13 Oct 2016 03:18

My view on life:

(1. Ignore the idiots, it's just not worth kicking yourself in the back over.
(2. If you respect my views on life I will respect yours.
(3. Forgive and forget.
(4. Shoes suck, take them off, it makes you different from everyone else.

Of course I don't follow those to a dime, but that's a basic summary of how I believe life should lived. I personally take great joy in being thought of as different, and if people think that's a bad thing, then so be it. Honestly, to be completely honest, I find no pride in being a human being. I suppose sometimes it's hard to see how far we have come with everything as bad as it is day.
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#5 » 13 Oct 2016 03:32

Just found out that my old friend spent all this time telling my group that this girl is a *blank* and all of a sudden they're doing TBHs when the dude made the girl sound like the Devil. So fake. People like that in society disgusts me with their fakeness.
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#6 » 13 Oct 2016 03:38

I agree with all of you. Nog, I feel you. I mean, I may not relate to a lot of those things, but I know the feeling.

I think that being an optimist like the doctor is key. Even when I'm depressed, I'll tell my friends(I only have two at school XD) "YAAAAAAAAY!!! DEPRESSSSSSSSIONNNNNN!!!" And people who hear me just stare blankly. People apparently think I can't hear them too. I'll have headphones in, and I can STILL hear them. They're reaaaaally bad at whispering. Also take everything as a compliment or have a good comeback; it makes things interesting and hilarious when people try to verbally torment you. "You're weird." "Ummm... thanks. What's your point?"
hypothetical situations:
"you're fat" "Well, you're ugly and I can diet."
"B****." "That's invalid. You see, I am neither a girl nor a dog, since I am gender void and I'm a lolf. So yeah. Get your facts right."
"A******" "Not sure that that is physically possible, but whatever floats your goat"
"Wow, you're a blonde. You must be stupid." "Wow, you're a human. You must be stupid."

So basically, keep your head held high and smile on your face. Have a good laugh now and then.
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#7 » 13 Oct 2016 20:41

My views on life:

1) Even if you do not agree to another person's opinion, respect their opinion anyway. Everyone has their own opinions.
2) Sleep and play video games.
3) College applications are hard.
4) I hope my SAT scores are high.
5) I have only acquaintances at school, not technically friends. (All my friends moved to a different state by the next year :D)
6) Sleep eat computer repeat.
7) People in politics love bashing one another and pinning the blame on someone else if something goes wrong, while taking the credit for things that go right.
8) I wear slippers or shoes when I go to school. Depends how I feel that day. (It's basically whatever gets me out the door faster)
9) I hope I didn't forget any scholarships...
10) Waiting for RWBY volume 4.
11) Keeping up with roleplays are hard.
12) Trying to keep a 4.0 is tough... when I procrastinate a lot.
13) I still get an A though.
14) I'm a carefree frolicking guy who acts like a 10 year old but has a mind that thinks like an adult. Strange.
15) I don't get swept by bandwagons.
16) I have a lot of views on life huh?
17) I can ramble on forever when I want.
19) I tend to forget what goes on when I'm lost daydreaming.
20) Do you remember what number 18 was again?
21) You checked if there was a number 18 and found it wasn't there.
22) You're laughing because you fell for an overused joke.
23) Treat your enemies kindly.
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#8 » 14 Oct 2016 00:13

I hope things get better for you; it's sad to admit but people can be ignorant and intolerant a lot of the time to the point that it can be hard to cope with. I'm not sure if this might help but I've taken to actively deciding on at least one trait I admire or like in everyone I meet. That way even if I consider them to be a horrible person most of the time I can always remind my self that they aern't without some sort of redeeming quality. I know that sounds cliche and maybe idealistic but like I said it's just a way to try and cope because in life you take what you can get and work with that.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die"~H.P. Lovecraft

I am currently working on getting set up here so sorry if I don't post for a while or anything like that. Either way it's great to be here!

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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#9 » 17 Oct 2016 00:22

People take life way too seriously. Try not to base your identity on what you are, and more on what you do.
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Life Venting/Support/Ranting about frustrating topics in life.

Post#10 » 21 Oct 2016 00:29

Life story time ma dudes!

If you didn't know, over the past 4 years or so my anxiety and depression have really flared up. I am barely able to go to school (I currently go one hour a day), and I would consider myself lucky if I got a GED. I have autism, some sort of asburgers or however you spell it. My social skills are not the greatest. I often have to clarify what people are trying to tell me, but it is not a huge problem by any means. I have had bad thoughts, but I have dealt with them pretty well. Oh, and this entire post will not be very poetic in structure, so excuse me if this sounds really jumbled together. I have no intentions of going to college, I might not be able to even go at this rate. I have some sort of OCD. By the way, all the mental disorders have been told to me by a professional, not myself. My love life has not gone well (and when I say that I mean it doesn't exist. Haha to myself.) as I have an incredibly difficult time telling if a girl is making fun of me, flirting with me, or being friends with me. I still have my video games so that is good (Civilization 6 comes out tomorrow!!!!). I am not good at making friends, but I do have a nice group of friends that I hang out with. It amazes me how petty people can get at times. I have had a couple fights with two of my friends, but we went the guy way, letting things cool down and then making up and moving on. It just amazes me how people spread rumors and gossip about idiotic things and I really do not get it. I am almost always out of the loop which stinks. Overall though my life isn't bad. I could have it much worse. I hope everyone is doing well though.

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