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Post#31 » 06 May 2017 16:48

smartdevon wrote:Oh yeah, well you see this griend of mine was on a mission trip in new mexico for our church. The mission president asked if he and his companion wanted to see a witches cult. Ill compress the details but bassically they saw some witches worshipping the devil (and almost got caught) and later when they were teaching someone he mebtioned he was a wa.rlock. The warlock showed them this vodoo doll he made of his neighbor because she let her chickens walk on his lawn. So he poked her in the back with needles whenever he wanted. Later they ended up teaching his neighbor who mentioned that she was plaugued with this back pain that doctors couldnt find the cause of.

That story alone probably isn't enough to make me beleive in witchcraft but Ive considered the logical probability that witches might exist, I know that there are things mankind doesn't know about. And Ive come to the conclusion that the existence of witchcraft is a likely possibility. I think the thing that made me decide to hold this oppinion was asking myself why witchcraft couldnt exist. I couldnt come up with a logical answer. I have evidence that it does exist, and no evidence taht it doesnt

Interesting story, still not convinced bit it was a interesting story. I knew a few friends back at New York who whure apparently delay with some sort of which craft. I can't remember all of the exact details but it had something to do with a evil eye.
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Post#32 » 07 Nov 2017 04:23

I find its just more fun to beleive in witchcraft anyway.
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Post#33 » 16 Nov 2017 13:17

I find it frightening to, but okay :-P
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