Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

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Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

Post#41 » 27 Jan 2018 03:50

Development Hell

Ash's eyes opened to find himself in his dorm, Nazo nearby, texting on his phone. "Oh, good. You're awake." The evolved human said, turning to him. "What were you saying before you passed out? You mentioned another Gashat user, but that shouldn't be possible. All the others are in Tokyo, dealing with the Bugster Virus outbreak."

"Like I said... Another Gashat user is in the city. Calls himself Suri... He used some weird sword gun thing to transform. He kept switching forms on a whim." Ash explained.

"Do you remember the names of the Gashats?" Nazo asked, pulling out a pad from his coat and a pencil.

"Gekitotsu Robots... Doremifa Beat... And Shakariki Sports. There was another form, but I never got the name of the Gashat." Writing all of this down, Nazo nodded.

"Well, those are all Gashats that should currently be in Japan... So either they somehow got here... or someone has copies." He explained, dialing a number.

"Who're you calling?" Sitting up, the Gamer reached for his Driver, holding it in his hands.

"A contact at Genm Corp. I want answers." With that response, Nazo put his phone to his ear. "Yuya? It's Nazo. I need a favor." A moment of silence followed. "Do you happen to know if any Gashats have been copied recently?" Another silent moment came and went, as Ash stared on in confusion. "Let's just say a bunch of Gashat are currently in Germany that shouldn't be..." Nazo looked over at Ash, before lowering the phone and putting it on speaker. "Ash, may I introduce you to head of development at Genm Corp, Yuya Ishida."

"Nice to meet you, Ash Kirby. I have heard much about you and your ability." Came a heavily accented voice.

"N-nice to meet you..." Ash got out.

"Let's cut to the chase, Mr.Kirby... Can you describe Suri for me? Ash began to describe his opponent in detail, several 'hmm's and 'I see...'s coming from the other end.

"He was strong... Stronger than me..." Ash finished, curling up.

"It almost sounds like he's using Proto Gashats... But given you described the suit as being any other color than black and white, he has to be artifically boosting the Gashats power through his Driver." That was the only explanation.

"...He'll be back. I'm sure of it. And I need to beat him then. Is there anything you guys can do to power me up? Right now... I'm too weak." Ash asked, looking over at his Gashats.

"...There is one thing. A game that was stuck in development before the entire Kanpeki series was canned. It was based on the level creator used for Kanpeki Platform's own levels. Kanpeki Builder 3D was it's working title. A Gashat based on it could be incredibly powerful, but it would also take a while to make. A week or two at minimum."

"...Please. I'm certain he's still in the city. Take as long as you need... Just give the power to fight back against him."

"...Very well. I'll see what I can do. I can't give you any guarantees i'll be able to make it though, and there's no telling how long the Gashat itself will last."

"Thank you very much!" Ash said with wide eyes. Nazo nodded.

"We'll talk later, Yuya." He said after a moment.

"Very well. See ya, Nazo." The call hung up, and Nazo left soon after, telling Ash to get some rest.

Elsewhere, Suri stood in an orange and pale brown themed form, with wings on his back and gatling guns attached to them. All around him were beaten foes. Holding up his gun, he flipped a switch, and the guns began to rotate, heating up as energy formed around the barrels.

[KIMEWAZA! JET... CRITICAL FINISH!] With a shout, energy began to rapid fire out of the barrels, causing the enemies to be engulfed in explosions. [KAISHIN NO IPPATSU!] Nothing remained of the people killed before him, and he removed the Gashat from his gun, changing back.

"Jet Gamer test complete." He reported into a mic. "Returning to base." He turned around, hiding the gun inside his coat.

The world would soon feel his wrath. All that was left before then was to test the other 4 Gashats...

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Re: Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

Post#42 » 27 Mar 2018 16:28

The Truth

Eloy met with Kevin late at night. on the roof pf the Academy where they could talk on private. The blood moon had occurred the night before, and theyd both been driven mad with bloodlust, but Eloy discovered immense power he'd never expirienced.
"Why did that happen to me?" Eloy said after a long pause.
"Its about your father." Kevin answered. Kevin didnt look as joyful and adventurous as he normally did. his pale complexion highlighted the large scar on his face that Kevin claimed resulted from an accident with the sun. he was clearly worn out. He hadnt had any blood like Eloy did last night and it clearly made him weak. Eloy was dead silent when kevin mentiomed his father. Kevin NEVER talked about Eloys father. in facy, eloy knew almost nothing of him. "Eloy I need to tell you something. You're father was not a good man." Kevin declared. "almost two decades ago there was a vampire named Lord Darius who yook over much of Dodgia. In an attempt to stop him, I got bit, and became his slave." Kevin had told eloy he'd been bitten by a vamire around two decades ago but he never mentioned it was Eloys father. "Your mother was a victim to Darius aswell, but in a different sense."
"what do you mean?" Eloy interjected quickly. Kevin sighed.
"Your mother was raped by Lord Darius. thats how you were conceived. Luckily your uncle Noah was able to break your father's spell on me and we defeated him together." Kevin paused. "I lamded the killing blow. I killed him myself." Eloy's face went pure white. he'd always pictured his father as a brave man full of love and compassion... If what kevin said was true... he was a monster. Those were nothing but fantasies. "Nothing excuses your mother's treatment of you, but you reminded her of Darius, thats why she was abusive. she was afraid of you."
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Re: Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

Post#43 » 27 Mar 2018 18:31

The Whole Truth

meet me outside, come alone. Eloy didnt normally receive such ominous texts frim Kevin but he decided to trust him. He still wasnt ovee his shocm of finding out the truth but he didnt blame Kevin.
It was eloy's firat night in France. He was planning on meeting up with Kevin anyway. It was pretty late so he was careful not to wake Sppgia or the others up.
"What's going on?" Eloy asked when he gound kevin just outside.
"I need to tell you something. " Kevin confessed. This immediatly beought their recent conversatipn about Elpys dad to mind.
"Im listening." Eloy said.
"I met woth misstletoe." Kevin confessed. Eloys face became one of alarm. Kevin recounted how and when he'd met mistletoe giving some of the details. Eloy clenched his fist.
"You... you promised to tell me everything." He said. "You said you hadnt found anything... you lied!" Tears streamed down Eloys cheeks.
"Im sorry." Kevin said. "I just... I thought I was protecting you."
"I can take care of myself!" Eloy yelled.
"yeah well so can I and I nearly died!" Kevin retorted. Eloy was taken aback. "S-sorry... the scars on my face are from when Missy, Caito, and Piper attacked me." he explained. Eloy couldnt hold back a sob anymore.
"Stupid girl..." he muttered.
"Listen, your comtract wont technically be broken until either Lucy actually dies, or you do. since youre immortal-"
"I dont care about the stupid contract!" Eloy shouted. he calmed down after a few breaths. "I mean... I do... eternal suffering isnt on my to-do list, but..." Rloy was trying to sprt put his own feelings. "I dont know." He said. "I was useless, powerless to do anything. I couldnt even get in contact like you could." Eloy paused. "I should just die."
"No." Kevin ordered. "Are you telimg me you cant think of a single reason to live? you have a daughter Eloy!" Kevin shouted.
"And some dad Ive been." he said. "Im never aroumd and I dont know the first thing about raising a kid. shed be better off without me."
"No. she wouldnt." Kevin said firmly. "maybe youre a lousy dad, so was I, byt she loves you Eloy. if you killed yourself for her, shed never forgive you. or herself." Eloy looked up and made eye comtact with Kevin.
"Its the same for you and me right?" Kevin added. Eloy nodded. Kevin smiled and let out a sigh of releif. He approached Eloy for a hug but eloy held his hand out to stop him.
"Im still mad... Ill... see you later." Eloy turned and went back imside, leaving Kevin alone.
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Re: Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

Post#44 » 28 May 2018 22:22


Merrick felt as though hed been woken up from a hundred year nap. His whole body was sore so he began to stretch. As he opened his eyes he saw something very unusual. The sun gleamed through a large glass window. He was in the center of a large hall, adorned with statues. Merick had his armor and gear with him. That was good. He stepped forward but hit his face. Merick wws in a large glass box. The glass seemed impossibly clear. Howd he get here? What happened?
Merrick remembered the witch. Hed been petrified, but the spell had been broken. Was it Merlin? did the knights of Arthur find a way to free Merrick from his stone prison? Why the glass case? Merrick couldnt waot for answeres. He raosed his sheild and smashed it into the glass, sending shards flying in a loud crash. Merrick examined the room further. filled with old looking artifacts, but the room itself seemed impossibly clean, made of materials hed never seen. There was a placard belpw the pedestal Merrick woke up on.

Knights Statue
This recently unearthed statue was discovered in Britain and has been dated around the 5th century. Researchers arent sure why it was perserved so well.
Interestingly, the statue depicts a knight wearibg a cape, even though there is no other evidence to suggest Knights ever wore capes.

Statue... legends... How long had Merrick been petrified? Did the unusual materials of the room show some kind of advancement in architecture? Someone cane rushing into the room. It was a few gentlemen wearing strange clothes. o perhaps they looked normal. depending on how long merrick had been petrified, clothing styles could have changed.
"My name is Merrick, son of Olrick." Merrick declared. "I am a knight of King Arthur. Tell me, how long has it been since King Arthur was crowned?"

Merrick had expected that much time would have passed since his petrification. He wasnt prepared to find out that his time period had become legend. Merrick was overwhelmed by the world he found himself in, and fell into a coma from the shock.
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