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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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The Mighty Warrior

Burning. That was all the small child knew. Running through his little section of town, a small japanese child, covered in burns. A strange humanoid creature resembling a bat speaking an unknown tongue rushed after him. The boy tripped over a body as other civilains ran by. Falling to his knees, the child began to try shaking the two bodies below him awake.

"Okaa-san! Otou-san!" (Mom! Dad!) The young boy shouted. The bodies below him were charred by the flames, and almost unrecognizable, if not for the bracelets he had made them weeks earlier. "Please, don't go!" Tears streamed down the boy's cheeks as he tried to shake them awake. The monster grew ever closer to the boy, making a gesture with it's hands, and said something else in it's ancient language. It stood just behind the boy, and raised a clawed hand. The boy, accepting his fate, closed his eyes.

It was not meant to be.

A black and red arm came out of nowhere, and punched the monster away. The boy opened his eyes, seeing his savior. A black body, with pale gold knee pads, anklets, and wrist cuffs, with red armor on the torso, shoulders and lower arms. A beetle like face was on his head, with a pale golden stag beetle horn rising from his brow, and two red bug eyes. The most prominent feature was his belt, which was mostly a silver color with ancient runes on it, and a single red orb in the center.

"Kuuga..." The monster uttered, eyeing the strange bugman. The boy watched as his savior, apparently named Kuuga, punched the creature again, sending it flying back.

The red and gold warrior known as Kuuga walked towards where the monster landed, and held his hands over his buckle, causing the center to change to blue. A whirring sound rang out as the boy watched his savior make a movement with his arms.

"Cho Henshin!" (Super Transformation!) Shouted the voice of Kuuga. Instantly his body changed in a flash, the red of his body changing to blue, and gaining a more plain chestplate. His shoulder pads vanished, leaving behind bare black shoulders. The eyes of helmet changed to blue as well. Grabbing a nearby pole from a destroyed house, the warrior readied himself for combat. The pole morphed into a long pole arm, mainly blue in color, with gold orbs at the ends. Kuuga spun it around a few times, then struck, the beast not even getting a chance to retaliate.

The boy was awe struck. Despite the flames, despite the death... A hero had arrived to save the people still alive! His awestruck eyes caught sight of the beetle warrior performing a new holds barred beatdown on the beast, using just a pole arm. It was amazing!

Kuuga held his hands over his belt again, the orb shifting back to red. "Cho Henshin!" Doing his hand motion once more, his body changed back to it's previous form.

The beast was now on the ground, bleeding and in serious pain. It said something in it's tongue, to which the warrior did not react. Instead, flames began to gather around his right leg. Getting a position, he took off running, each step of his right foot gathering more and more fire and energy to it. The flames and energy flew down to his foot as he lept into the air, and then descended down onto the beast. The attack connected, and a symbol was left on the monster. Said symbol began to glow, and the monster said something that sounded like he was cursing the warrior.

The monster was then engulfed by a rather sizable explosion as the warrior landed back on the ground, the ground beneath him cracking slightly. Turning around, he stood, then spotted the boy, and gave a thumbs up.

The boy grinned widely. It was such an amazing display of power and finesse! He got up and ran to the warrior, and hugged his leg. "Thank you for saving me, mister!" The warrior leaned down and pat the boy on the head. "But... who are you?"

A chuckle could be heard as Kuuga's body turned transparent, then started to shrink into a human body hidden beneath it. The man had black hair that reached his chin, and brown eyes. He wore a heavy coat and pants with sneakers. "I'm Yuusuke Godai! Kamem Rider Kuuga!" He struck a pose, and the boy let out an awestruck sound. Yuusuke chuckled again.

"I'm sorry about not getting here sooner..." He apologized with a bow. "I truly am! I was dealing with another one in the next town over... but... protecting some smiles in this town... Is preferable to having them all fade." He went on, smiling down at the boy. The boy smiled back. "Come on, let's give the fallen here a proper burial." The man held out a hand, which the boy took, and he was hoisted to his feet. "You never told me your name, kid. What it is?"

The boy smiled again and looked up at Yuusuke.

"Nazo. Nazo Michi!"


Ending theme: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=you ... QgpujcH25A
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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[+] Part 1 of the conversation
Saika and Lance looked at the kids. "You deal with this. I've got to take care of Scales." Saika claimed.
"S-sorry, Mr.Clyde... cant see you right now." Lance explained. "Only certain VIP's are allowed."
The taller boy's expression set and he explained, "Considering who we're here to represent, I think we count as VIP." The little boy suddenly calmed down. Lance seemed to take the hint.
"Give me a name," He said. "Mr. Clyde told me who I'm supposed to be looking for."
The tall boy sighed leaned in. "Mistletoe," he muttered. He was obviously irritated now. Lance smiled.
"I have to check." He shrugged. "Follow me." Lance lead the two backstage to Kevin's dressing room and knocked on the door. "Its Lance. You have visitors," He said. "Is it Mistletoe?"
"Close enough." Kevin said, opening the door. "Thank you Lance." Kevin, still wearing his grey vest, black cape, and hat from the show examined the boys. "Refresh my memory.I think I've seen you before..."
"Jean, Michel," The tall boy introduced, first pointing to himself and then to his little brother. "We're her messenger boys."
"Eloy never said anything about a Jean or a Michel." Kevin said.
"They like to be secretive," Lance explained. As Kevin let the boys in the room, they noticed it filled with stuff. There were different props for the show, including swords, scepters and other odds and ends. The right side of the room featured a long table lined with mirrors for makeup. The table was also full of cosmetics, more so than any male performer should have. The back of the room had a clothes rack filled with clothes, and the back left corner had a tall wall-mounted mirror. Through all the mirrors in the room, the boys could see Kevin's empty clothes walking around the room. "So if Eloy never met a Jean or Michel when he was being held captive in Nebraska, does that put you boys in one of there other branches?" asked Kevin.
Jean gave the simple answer, "Whatever you want to believe."
"You must understand. If I wanted to send just any kind of message to young Missy, I could've said it on TV." Kevin told the kids.
"Doing that could start a war," Michel pointed out.
"You Groves and your wars, so violent! And yes I know your last name isn't truly Grove," Kevin snapped.
Jean slid in, "Where do you think we get it from?"
Michel suddenly looked contemplative. "What.... IS our last name?" Jean shrugged.
Kevin sighed and demanded, "Shall we cut the act or must the show go on? Ursa gets mad if I try to perform without her."
The boys paused after Kevin's last line. Jean stated flatly, "I think you know who we are, but you never know who might be listening. What do you want from Mistletoe?"
"Well, I see you're the type to get straight to the point at least. I didn't even get to show you a card trick. Lance, return to your post." He ordered. Lance saluted and closed the door, leaving the three inside alone. Kevin took a seat in the dressing room's best chair, and pointed to Piper.
"I remember you because you were injured and Eloy saved you. That makes you Piper." He pointed to Piper's companion. "I remember you from the hospital as well but your name slips my mind. I just know you were the one who somehow weaseled his way out of the cops I called. How'd you pull that off by the way? I was impressed." He didn't wait for an answer, "Wait! I know how to find out."
As he pulled a comic book from a duffel bag and showed it to the boys, Jean answered coolly, "I have my ways."
The comic was a certain issue of Captain Purple. Kevin opened it to a later page and read, "Cato! That's it." He set the comic down. "Now that your cumbersome introductions are through with, I hope you enjoyed the show!" He held his grin.
"Yeah, I did," chirped Piper. "I also enjoyed listening to Missy criticize your grammar the other day! Do you have any idea how much she grumbled about your illiteracy? It was hilarious!"
Kevin's smile widened. "What, you mean that line, 'Eloy will never not want to look for her?' I said exactly what I meant, exactly how I meant it. Whats wrong with that?"
Piper guffawed. He started talking in a perfect imitation of Mistletoe's voice, pacing back and forth. "Look at this! Is he a five year old or a grown man on a mission? I see several spelling errors and typos, he's got commas where they shouldn't be and periods where there should be commas. Did he use a lowercase 'i'? Why am I wasting my time with this?" The boy suddenly burst out laughing, backing against a wall to steady himself as he giggled uncontrollably, dropping the accent entirely.
"That is kinda funny..." Kevin admitted, trying to stifle his laughter. "Anyways, as much as I enjoy your company I was really hoping to speak with Mistletoe in person. Could she not bear to drag herself into a conversation with someone as illiterate as myself, or is there another reason?"
Cato held up a finger to pause Kevin and gave Piper a dirty look. The boy caught his brother's glance and took a few deep breaths, then stood up straight and coughed to compose himself.
"Ah, I get it," Kevin sighed. "Don't trust me right?"
"Mistletoe has enough on her plate than to fly all the way out to France just to talk to you," Cato explained. "She's under surveillance as it is, and trying to get out here to talk to what everyone else considers our enemy? She would never get clearance. I still don't know how we got here unquestioned." He paused, then added coldly, "I don't believe she quite trusts your 'accomplice' either. Where is she, anyway? Lana, correct?"
"Dear sister Lana," The man said, lying back in his chair. "Her retainer, Saika, is dealing with Scales, Lana is probably either tending to Ursa or herself. We have the area booked for a few more hours anyways. Mistletoe is right not to trust her, but she agreed to play nice so I could get an audience." He looked at Piper, continuing, "Few things you should remember kid. I've read this whole Captain Purple series by now, and the Eloy I read about is not the one I raised. I'm afraid you bring out the worst in him. Eloy’s never going to not want to see Holly again, but believe me when I say he'd much rather never see you in his life. The one thing that Eloy and Lana have in common is their disliking towards you. Sorry to break it to you."
He winked at Piper, but Piper didn't seem fazed. In fact, he grinned at Kevin's wink and said confidently, "Well, that means I'm doing my job well." Cato snarled at Piper, and the boy got defensive. "What? It's true!"
"How can you take this so nonchalantly?" Cato asked in annoyed amazement.
Piper shrugged and made wide gestures with his hands. "What's to be stressed about? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, we're in Paris, we're not dead. What could go wrong?" Kevin was suddenly reminded at how young Piper really was.
"Nevertheless I'm glad at least you arrived," Kevin continued. "Mistletoe is planning her father's murder. Is this correct?"
Cato growled again and turned his attention back to Kevin, his patience thinning. "Stop stalling. We're not here to give YOU information. We're here so YOU can talk to US. So talk! What do you want from us that is so damn important that you had to go public with it? Why does Eloy care so much about Missy?" Piper's smile suddenly faded, and he crossed his arms, now very serious.
"Keep it down if you dont want Lana to hear you," Kevin remarked. "Cato, did Ben and Gazy tell you I hosted them for Christmas?"
Cato narrowed his eyes, but shook his head. "I haven't heard from my cousins since they left." Piper looked intrigued.
"It was great. We all spent few weeks in the mansion. Gazy was having a blast it seemed, almost killed us once, but that was a mistake. Anyways, if I was on a murder spree to kill every Grove I could come across, I wouldn't have given your cousins Christmas presents. So tell me, whats happening in April?"
Piper opened his mouth but Cato cut him off. "What happens then doesn't concern you. This is now, and right now we flew all the way to France because you wanted to talk in person. Do you have something worthwhile to pitch us or should we just leave?"
"You make me cry, Cato." Kevin decided. "Listen, in case you haven't noticed, I'm as stubborn as a mule. From what Mistletoe has told me, I've deduced that she plans on killing her father in April, and she thinks she needs to be all noble and do it by herself to protect other people. However, I've resolved to preventing your organization from taking more innocent lives and I'm including Mistletoe in that list. Like it or not, you've got me like gum on your shoe. So tell me, how does Mistletoe think she's going to save the day?"
Cato and Piper both leaned against the wall, clenched their jaws, and crossed their arms. Cato looked like a tiger getting poked with a stick, while Piper seemed rather smug and proud of himself for staying silent this time.
Kevin scowled and demanded, "Don't give me that look."
Cato didn't respond. Kevin got the feeling that he might need to take a different approach.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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WARNING: a couple instance of strong language ahead.

Game Start

A young man with brown hair ran through the halls of Geschichte Academy's male dorm, excited to see a friend he hadn't talked to in years. He looked down at the note that showed the dorm he should be going to. He stopped in front of a door, and knocked. Waiting a minute, he frowned as no one answered. He felt a bump beneath his feet, and kneeled down.

"Hello, what is this~?" He asked no one, Curiously. He listed the welcome mat, and beneath it was a key. The young man stood up again, and placed the key in the lock, and turned. The door clicked open, and the man grinned. "Well... Let's see what Nazo has been up to recently~."

Opening the door, the young man looked to the desk that had been placed nearly dead center in the room. He walked towards it, looking to his left, then his right, then finally looking down at the desk. He went through the drawers, inspecting each one. He sighed as he found nothing, and then sat down on the desk.

A panel clicked open behind him as he did so, and he turned around, startled. He narrowed his eyes, then lifted the panel up further, revealing a strange device and game cartridge. The device was mostly neon green with hot pink over the middle, and a handle that jutted outwards, and the words "Gamer Driver" written in the center piece. Two slots sat on the top of the left side. The cartridge was a strange shape, being mostly a dark blue with a black handle, and a clear part at the bottom. The front had a label that said "Kanpeki Platform Bouken", which made the man confused. He pulled out a sheet of paper that had been stuck underneath the device.

"Gamer Driver and Rider Gashat... Huh? It just looks like a big fancy belt..." He read the paper, and put the device to his waist, and instantly, a black strap wrapped itself around his waist, clicking into place. "Woah!"

The young man picked up the game cartridge, apparently called a Rider Gashat. He spun it on his finger, then noticed a button on it. "Maybe... Nah. I'll figure it out later." He pocketed the Gashat, and then tried to take the belt off. "...How do I get it off."

Fumbling around, he found a switch, and the belt straps returned to the device, which he found he could just hide in his coat, regardless of pockets.

"...You know what? I'm keeping these." He said. He pulled out a piece of paper from one of the other drawers, and began to write a note.

"Your old friend... Genius Gamer A... Done!" He signed the note, and then hid it in the compartment, which he closed back up.

"He'll know his good friend Ash took it." The young man, Ash, said with a grin. He left the dorm room, locking it back up before hiding the key again. He strolled off, spinning the Gashat on his finger.

A few hours later, Ash found himself in the alleys of the city. He sighed as he looked down at the Gashat. "Man... What am I gonna do with you?"

A click sounded out from behind the gamer. "Don't make any sudden moves kid... Or I'll shank you til you die." Ash sighed. His hand went to his coat, where he produced the belt, which he clicked on.

"Man... I knew today couldn't be all fun and games, but come on!" Ash said, throwing his arms into the air. He slowly turned around, coming face to face with his attacker. "Well? What do you want?"

"Anything valuable... Give it all here, and you might walk out of here alive!" Came the mugger's gruff response.

"Well... That's a problem. I have nothing of value to you." Ash began. "But... I've been rather bored with regular games recently. So, how about I show you a fun new game?" His hand reached into his pocket, where he had stored the Gashat.

"What the hell are you talking about, kid? I said don't make any sudden movements! I mean it! I'll kill you!" The mugger seemed to be getting nervous for some reason.

"Well, see, that would scare me more if i wasn't so bored with reality... Now... Let the games begin." Holding up the Gashat, the young man pressed the button on it.

[KANPEKI PLATFORM BOUKEN!] (Perfect Platform Adventure!) A screen showing a man in a red and blue outfit with a baseball cap appeared behind him, and numerous blocks flew out of it, landing in both the air and on the ground. The mugger's eyes shot open, confused by this new development.

"W-what the fuck!? What's going on!?" The mugger shouted. Ash's face looked to the area around him, which had been briefly digitized by everything.

"Ooh... Interesting. This will surely be a fun game!" He spun the gashat on his finger, then held it over the first slot on the belt. "Game... start." He placed the Gashat in.

[GASHAT!] (This comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a game cartridge being slid into a game console, Gashatto).

A character select screen appeared out of nowhere, showing several portraits of masked warriors, each with the same body, but different faces.

[LET'S GAME! MECCHA GAME! MUCCHA GAME! WHAT'S YA NAME!?] (Meccha and Muccha are interchangable words for very) Ash stared at the wheel as it spun around him, before spotting one with a likeness to the character on the Gashat. He kicked it, and the wheel stopped spinning, stopping on the portrait he kicked. It flew towards his body, and he was engulfed in light before his body changed.

[I'M A KAMEN RIDER!] His body had shrunk a bit, now being bulky and stubby, like a chibi character. It was mostly black, with white armor on the shoulders, arms, and legs. A chestplate showing a healthbar, two symbols of weapons, and a weird insignia of green, red, yellow and blue buttons over a silver circle glowed briefly. His head was now large and seemingly stuck in one position. It was mostly blue with a pale green pair of goggles over two green anime like eyes. A blue cap with a red bill sat atop his head. "Well... this is slightly uncomfortable." A screen inside the helmet showed words to Ash.

'Scroller Armor System'

"W-what the hell are you!?" The mugger shouted, falling onto his rear.

"Didn't you hear the belt? I'm a Kamen Rider!" Ash declared. The mugger shook his head and grabbed his knife again.

"I don't care what you are! All you are to me is dead!" He rushed at the newly transformed Ash, who swiftly dodged the strike.

"Woah! Watch where you're pointing that thing!" He exclaimed, narrowly dodging another slash. "Well... I sure could use some better mobility..." a new screen made itself known to him, and he read it's contents as quickly as he could. "Level... 2?" He reached down to the handle of the belt.

"Well, looks like it's onto the second level!" With a shout, Ash opened the belt up by it's handle, revealing a blue screen beneath it. A projection flew out, and Ash ran through it, dodging another slash.

[GATCHAN! LEVEL UP!] (Gatchan is something along the lines of a compartment being opened i believe. Could be wrong.)

Ash soon found himself in a field, where numerous platforms began to spawn. He jumped onto each one, his level 1 body beginning to glow. Another jump, and the level 1 armor flew off, leaving just the large helmet behind. A body spawned from, being mostly blue in color.


Left in the Level 1's place was the much more agile Level 2 armor. Ash was now clad in a mostly blue spandex like suit with red lines throughout the suit. His arms and legs were mostly a dark grey or black in color, with red rings around his wrists and ankles. It had silver leg guards, gauntlets and knee pads, and sneaker like shoes. His hands were blue in color, with silver backings to protect his knuckles and such, strapped on by red straps. His chestplate resembled a game controller, with a button layout consisting of a red, yellow, blue, and green circle buttons on his right side, and a health bar looking design on the left, all framed in a silver case. Two blue shoulder pads sat where they should, with a single black line running through both. A red collar rose up and protected the sides of his neck. His face was obscured by a helmet with anime like eyes colored green, guarded by a goggle like piece that stretched out into two spikes on the sides. His mouth was protected by a mouth guard with vent like protrusions on it, and a part resembling a red and blue baseball cap sat on his head. Sitting on his back was the face of Level 1, now missing the eyes.

The mugger screamed and rushed at Ash. He struck with his knife.

The blade broke on impact. "W-what!?" The gamer sighed as his opponent was too busy being confused.

"This was over before it began." He sighed. He reared his fist back, and punch, knocking the mugger out. He heard sirens in the background, and decided he wasn't ready for the world to know he existed.

Later, still donned in the Level 2 armor, Ash found himself atop a building looking down on the city below him. It was raining, and the helmet's eyes glowed in the darkness presented by the rain clouds. The media had assumed Captain Purple took out the mugger. "The stage has been selected... All that's left, is to finish the level." He quipped. He jumped off the rooftop, vanishing into the dark alleys below.

Ending theme: https://youtu.be/mvc6nic1KYM
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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[+] Part 2 of the conversation
Kevin sighed. "If you're going to make me do all the talking, then I will. Here's a plan. Tell your pops that I've captured one of you for information. You can use Gazy for that role if you want, or one of you." He stood up and began pacing the room. "Obviously you'll send a rescue team, just make sure that team is composed of some combination of you two and Missy. That's when your pops discovers that, surprise, I built an organization equal to yours! This'll force another gang war like you had in Nebraska with your rival terrorists, the only difference being the only one who's going to die is him." He stopped pacing, expecting them to poke holes in his plan. Or maybe I was completely off, and they are about to pull guns on me for challenging their beloved father, Kevin thought.
Cato and Piper paused, exchanged a look, and suddenly the two of them burst out laughing. Piper had to sit down on the ground, and rolled onto his back as tears started welling up in his eyes. "Th-that... that is the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard!" Cato tried unsuccessfully to calm himself, only to gasp or breath and laugh even harder. It all sounded quite genuine.
Kevin sighed. "I figured you'd say something along those lines, so enlighten me. What's the situation? What kinda guard does he keep?"
It took a minute for the boys to calm down, and when they did, Cato took some deep breaths while Piper criticized, "I don't think you get the gravity of what you're asking. There are so many things wrong, and so many more things that could go wrong, that its not even worth trying to explain it to you." He chuckled again and sat up, wiping tears from his eyes.
"That felt good," Cato muttered. "Haven't had a good laugh like that in a while."
"Oh for crying out loud! I just quelled the rebellion of a country and got in a fight with a dragon knight! I can handle terrorists." Kevin declared, finally starting to lose patience. He opened the comic book again and read aloud, "There's a fun quote in here from our dear friend, Alfonso. 'Everyone who ever thought themselves invincible has always been proven wrong.'" Kevin tossed the book to the boys and headed to a mini-fridge under the makeup desk. He pulled out a jar and a glass, pouring a deep red liquid into the glass. "Lana and I are putting the assets of a nation on the line for this job. You'd do well not to discount us for ignorant fools." He raised the glass to his lips and downed the bittersweet taste of blood.
Cato sighed as he finally composed himself again. "Is that everything? Or do you have another way to force me to loose my composure?" he asked cheekily.
"Stubborn as ever are you?" Kevin asked. "Very well. I'd prepared for a logical discussion with Missy, not a pathetic attempt to try and talk sense into a brick wall." He paused, looking rather surprised with himself. "Disregard that statement," he pulled out a piece of paper and began writing as he continued, "I'll leave you with this; pride will kill you far sooner than Lana will." Kevin spent a moment longer writing before tearing the page out and folding it in an envelope, enclosing it, addressing it to "Holly Grove" and casting a spell on it, which made it glow briefly. "Give this to Missy. Don't bother reading it -- I enchanted it to be opened only by her. If you've run out of logic for the day, then we've nothing less to discuss."
"Not stubborn," chuckled Cato, taking the note and slipping it into his pocket. "We just can't spare the time to explain why your plan sucks,"
"And for the record," Piper added, opening the door for his brother, "Missy would have reacted the same way." He winked, and with the click of a shut door, the brothers were gone.

Kevin explained the meeting to Lana, who crossed her arms in disbelief.
"So is that it then? You're letting them just walk out?" Lana asked.
Kevin paused, then answered, "If Missy gets my note, it'll have been worth it."

Cato and Piper were home late the next day. Mistletoe was waiting for them in the front room. "What did he say?"
Cato pulled out the note and said, "Careful, its enchanted."
Missy examined it closely, then muttered, "Lets talk outside. You can never be too careful. Piper, stay here."
"Why?" Piper stomped his foot indigently. "I went to go get it, I should get to see it opened!"
Cato nodded in agreement, and reluctantly Mistletoe nodded to the door and the three headed out into the world.
A few minutes later, they were standing in an open field of dying grass, their dirt-bikes sitting off to one side. Missy hesitated, turning the letter around in her hand. Gritting her teeth, she finally opened it. The letter seemed normal at first, but then the note started shining, and something black shot out from the page. It fell to the ground, it was a small black bat that was squirming in the light. Quickly, it grew into the form of Kevin, who was holding a black parasol. "I did not expect you to open the portal outside," He said. His face was clearly singed. "Regardless, ta-da!"
Cato and Piper both drew pistols from their belts and readied to fire. Missy gripped the paper with a white-knuckled fist, though her face remained emotionless, and tore it in half.
"Didn't you see the trick where I made Lana's sword pass through me?" Kevin asked when they drew their pistols.
As a test, Piper suddenly dropped his aim to Kevin's knee and fired a silver bullet, hoping to do some damage. Missy didn't stop him, and instead took a couple calm steps back, regarding Kevin carefully. The bullet passed through Kevin's knee. He didn't flinch.
"Told you." He said. "Out of curiosity, did you use that gun to kill Eloy?"
"I stabbed him in the back with a wooden stake, stuffed a whole clove of garlic in his mouth, and then threw him out of the window into the burning sun. And I would do it again!" Piper snarled, obviously pissed off that he couldn't hurt Kevin.
"Will you set aside your pride for a fleeting moment? I told you, you're stuck with me like gum on your shoe," He told Missy. "Your brothers are too rude to have a progressive conversation with, and I have words for your ears alone."
Mistletoe set her jaw, eyes flaming. Kevin could've sworn they turned red. "I don't give a damn about what you have to say anymore, hotshot. I don't want your help, I don't need your help, and I don't want to associate with you in any way, anymore. Get the hell away from me and my family and don't you dare come back, or I swear on all things good and evil that I will find every possibly way to cause you pain and I will do all of it." She had taken a step closer now. Her eyes were definitely red.
Kevin sighed. "Mistletoe, you're a confusing creature. If I was looking for a battle, I would've brought knights and mages." He pointed out. He looked around, examining his surroundings to try and discern their location. "And, if I wanted a fight, I may as well pick it with someone I actually want to kill."
The three didn't answer. Piper pulled something out of his pocket and tossed it to Missy, who caught it without looking. She swung upward, but instead of attacking Kevin, she pulled his parasol off of his head and away from him, exposing his flesh to the sun once more. Kevin's skin began to sizzle and he screamed in agony. He raised his sizzling hand in the air and the grass around them grew into a thatch roof above their heads. Kevin coughed and said, trying to apply his hypnosis power, "Drop everything."
The three of them blinked, then shook their heads to clear them. Missy stepped forward again and swung, cutting down the grass around them.
"When you play with fire, you're going to get burned!" She snapped.
A hot breeze picked up and blew away the loose grass, exposing them again. Her long black hair fanned out and framed her face, bringing out the red of her eyes and the pale of her complexion. She looked almost demonic.
Kevin remembers Mistletoe's eyes are usually green.....
Something was wrong with Missy. Kevin figured he had to snap her out of it. He shrunk down into the firm of a bat and immediately dashed towards Cato. Cato was just fast enough to drop his gun and grab the bat with both hands. Missy scooped him up in the parasol and held the edges together to form a bag.
She hissed to him, her words dripping with fury,
"Alright, Dracula, I'm going to give you one chance to redeem yourself. I'm going to put you on the ground and hold your parasol over your head. You're going to explain what you want with me, but if you try anything, you're turning into the dust under my boot. Capeesh?" Without waiting for an answer, she dumped the little bat onto the ground and held the parasol high over it to shade it from the sun.
Kevin returned to his human form, his body dry and burnt and he was missing some hair now. He opened my mouth to speak but that ensued a fit of coughing. When he recovered, he finally croaked out, "I don't- COUGH I was hoping to make this a private conversation but i suppose Ill take what i can get." he stood up. Mistletoe was only a small bit shorter than him, but she still had to tilt her head up to look him in the eye. "When April comes, you plan to murder your father, even if that means you'll lose your life." he stated. This is what I've gathered from you so far, but as I told your... rather rude brothers, I wont allow you to die. 'Eloy will never not want to look for you.' That's not my poor grammar, that's what I meant. Eloy needs to see you again, not for revenge but for himself." he paused, letting Missy soak in what he was saying. "You told him Holly was dead, but he discovered that wasn't true, and I've just discovered the same for myself. My nephew and I vowed your father would take no more innocent lives, and as far as we're concerned, that includes your own." I smiled. "So, I'm here to help you."
Mistletoe paused and regarded him very closely, and when she blinked her eyes were green again. She handed the parasol to Cato, who was much taller than Kevin, and picked up his gun. She snarled, "I'm no innocent. Never have been, never will be. I have more blood on my hands than you will ever know or could ever imagine. I could kill you right now. I will kill you if you provoke me again. Why are you so determined to get in my way?" she raised her voice, nearly shouting now. "Why do you care what happens to me?"
"Oh, I've been waiting for this question," Kevin explained. "Mistletoe, the soldier of her father, is not innocent, but Holly, the girl who's tortured by her sins, is. Why am I so determined to, as you say, 'get in your way'? Because even if there is nothing I can do, which is always only an illusion, I'd never forgive myself for not trying. Why do we care so much about what happens to you? That matter is even simpler." Kevin paused for a breath. Missy's jaw clenched. "I believe in you every bit as much as I believe in Gazy. Eloy's resolve is stronger still. He's a fragile and conflicted boy. He once loathed 'Mistletoe', but he never stopped loving 'Holly.' My poor nephew screams with flashbacks. Horrid memories of what happened, but still he searches diligently for signs of the group that plagued his PTSD induced nightmares, all so he could meet Holly, and bring her back."
Mistletoe searched Kevin's face with hawk-like eyes, an unbelieving look on her face. She snorted as Kevin finished. "You speak as if you know me," she said, a smile playing on her lips. Her expression was far from kind; she looked almost sadistic. "Yes, it's true, I am going to kill my father, but not for the reason you might think. You're not dead right now because I am savoring the feel of being in absolute control. It's like someone once said, 'Everyone who ever thought themselves invincible has always been proven wrong.'" Her face split into an evil grin. "When I kill my father, Cato is next in line to lead, like a monarchy. I believe you are familiar with those. However, my dear brother agreed to let me lead instead, so I may sit upon a chair stained in my father's blood and rain havoc upon the world. Holly is dead. She burned like you burn. Never again will I be the weak, sniveling child I was at the Academy." She paused, curious to see Kevin's reaction.
"That's a lie," Kevin said calmly. "You know it. There's a girl inside you who's calm and caring, like young Gazy."
Mistletoe scoffed and stuck her hands in her pockets, still regarding Kevin in disbelieving awe. "It seems I fooled you all too well." She shook her head slowly, then gave a curt nod to Piper. The boy pulled out a fistful of something in his pocket, while Cato tossed the parasol to Missy and trapped Kevin's hands behind his back. Missy let Cato be Kevin's shade and stepped back. Piper sauntered forward, sized Kevin up, and socked him in the face with his fist of garlic powder.
Kevin growled as the garlic burned his face. He used the same spell he used in the magic show, to escape Cato's grasp. "I agree your acting skills were often prime." He said, backing away. "But today I'm afraid they're quite lacking. Adieu!" In a puff of smoke, he disappeared.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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Home of Lana Curtis, 2011 (six years before Eloy's enrollment of GA)
Eloy’s Departure

It was late and I was in my room on my computer. Eloy had spent all day in his own bedroom. In fact he rarely hung out anywhere else when he didnt have too unless cousin Lucy or Uncle Kevin was visiting. I couldnt find anything to entertain myself with on the internet. I checked the clock. It was only 10pm but mummy had already gone to bed. Since I couldn't find anything to do online maybe I could find something to do in town... mummy wouldnt like it if I found out but since she was already in bed, and I knew I could keep Eloy's mouth shut I decided I'd be alright. I was only ten years old at the time but I also figured if I brought Eloy with me I could abuse his vampire powers to keep me safe. Eloy was only a half vampire, not a full one like Uncle Kevin, but he'd do. I skipped into Eloy's room. He was reading a book uncle Kevin lent him on his last (uninvited) visit. "Hey Eloy!" Eloy mustve been super engaged in that book because he dropped it, startled by my entrance.
"W-what?" He asked.
"Eloy c'mon let's sneak out!" I said.
"N-no thanks I don't-"
"Oh come on I know you sneak out just as much if not more than I do." Eloy stopped talking.
"O-ok... well... I know you sneak out all the time without me... why do you want me to come with you?"
"Because I want to hang out with you!" I saw Eloy hold in a laugh and look at me doubtfully.
"I-I also want to go downtown." I said.
"Well... I'm really into this book right now so..."
If you don't do what i say Ill tell cousin Lucy you still wet the bed!" I threatened. Eloy looked at me blushing from embarrassment.
"Er... ok fine." He agreed. Eloy got out if his bed. He was still wearing the jeans and the button up shirt he was wearing during the day. Probably because most of his clothes consisted of hand-me-downs from me. Not only did Eloy and I look incredibly similar (except he had gold eyes and I had blue ones). We also wore all the se sizes of clothes. Eloy put he shoes on. "Where are we going?" He asked. I considered the matter. "Let's go to the mall and try on clothes!" I said eagerly.
"I don't want to." Eloy said.
"If you don't I'll-"
Alright fine princess." He said annoyed. princess was the nicknamed mummy used for me but Eloy said it with distain. He pushed the window open. "Let's just go."

Most people would think a ten and a twelve year old walking through the city in the middle of the night was strange, but whenever someone asked about it Eloy just said "w-we're alright..." and stopped asking questions. Uncle Kevin taught Eloy how to use his vampiric powers. He was still working on hypnosis, he could only really hypnotize stranger right now, and he couldn't make them do much, the most useful thing he could do was divert their attention like he was doing now.

Eloy didn't do much when we got their, he just watched me try on different clothes and gave me his opinion.
"Eloy you should try something." I told him.
"Er...." he started. "Um... ok." Eloy took a look around and brought some stuff into the dressing room. He came out wearing a jacket that might look cool on someone who actually was cool. maybe it was just the fact that he looked so much like me that he looked strange in it.
"Eloy if you're going to try to dress cool at least take the hair clip out of your hair." I said tearing the clip from his hair. Eloy squealed as a few strands of hair came out with the clip. "Oh... sorry..." I said.
"I can't see with my hair over my face." He said.
"Well if you'd let mummy cut it that wouldn't be a problem." I scolded him.
"Last time she curled it without telling me."
"Oh come on Eloy, you looked cute!" Eloy looked annoyed as he tried to get his mess of hair out of his face.

Eloy didn't say much on the way home. Then again that was totally the norm, but he was the only person for me to talk to so I asked him about it. "Eloy why do you always keep to yourself?" Eloy didn't answer at first but then I suppose he actually had a lit he needed to get off his chest because he started venting.
"Ughh! Mom's always so unfair... she treats me like garbage all the time! She wont even talk to me about my dad, even though he died before I was even born. She keeps saying he was a bad man but she just doesn't like boys in general so I don't even know what kind of person he was!" Eloy clearly wasn't done. "I asked her about him today and she scolded me for half an hour about it! She kept saying Ive ask about him way too often but she's never even told me a thing about him! All I know is that he was a vampire and that she doesn't like him anymore!" Eloy took a minute to catch his breath. "Then again, she doesn't like me either, so maybe my dad was just like me." I could tell Eloy'd had that on his chest all day. It was true Eloy and I were actually half siblings. Eloy's dad died months before he was born but we don't even know how. Eloy was a half vampire, which meant his father was a vampire and his mother was human, this is what allowed him to age as time passed. Uncle Kevin says as long as Eloy doesn't drink human blood he'd age at the natural rate just like me. "Erika," Eloy said. I looked up,
"Do you think mom... killed my dad?"
"W-what?! No! Of course not! Look Eloy I know you don't like mom all that much but even you have to realize she'd never... kill anybody!" I was shocked at the suggestion. Eloy couldn't really believe that could he?
"Yeah...." he said. "I guess you're right." Neither of us said anything the rest of the way home. And for a few days everything was back to normal. Until Eloy got in trouble with mom again four days later. He was yelling at her. Something like "why should I listen to everything you say? You don't even live me!" They engaged in a yelling contest as I watched from around the corner. Mummy was yelling something to him about disrespect, she had her horse whip in her hands and when she was done yelling she swung it at Eloy’s wrist. Eloy squealed when it made contact and ran towards the hallway I was hiding in. Quickly I rushed back into my room. I heard Eloy sprint into his own room and open his closet. He pulled something out and dragged it across his room. I could hear mummy's footsteps from the hall. Then there was a thud outside. I peered out the window and saw that Eloy had thrown a suitcase out his window and jumped out after it. He dragged the suitcase with him and ran off into the night. Mummy was yelling at him from his room. She left Eloy's room and headed towards the front door but I watched Eloy disappear in between some of the neighbors houses before she reached there. Mummy ran down the street from the front door but assumed he'd gone all the way to the end of the street and turned the corner to chase him. I opened my own window and leaned out to get a better look, in awe of what was going in. From the neighbors' yards I saw some winged creature fly into the sky dragging the suitcase behind it. I'd never seen Eloy fly before... Eloy passed directly over our house so I ran to the backyard to see where he was headed. I got there just in time to see Eloy’s flying figure disappear into the night sky.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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"May be offensive/gruesome to some people. Read at your own risk.

The Amazonian Purge

Location : Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil
Date: 988 AD
Operatives: Emperor Thornshower (Veer) Empress Rosestorm (Hope)

Veer and Hope were perched atop a cliff, their wings drapped over their backs. "Well, are we gonna do this or not?" Hope asked Veer, who for the longest time was just watching a bird fly in circles. "Yes. Let's move." Veer stood up, bent down, and launched himself forwards, using his wings to coast down towards their target, a small indigenous village, which had been dabbling in voodoo magic, and had recently learned how to raise the dead back to life in the form of zombies. Veer landed in the trees just before the village, Hope landing beside him. "Be careful. You are new to this, so just stay behind me. I can't lose you too." Veer said, wiping a tear from his eye as he went into his Wolfen form, his body being covered in white hair. He then rushed into the village, being met with angry villagers with sharpened stone spears. No village could land a hit on Veer as he cut through them before they could. Meanwhile Hope was using magic to cause the vines and wood to attack the women and children. Wooden spikes suddenly emerged from the ground where the children were playing, impaling them, some children still moving. Meanwhile Veer had moved on from all of the villages that he had left huge bit marks and claw gashes on to the village leader, a indigenous male that had named himself "Shamana" Veer had made his way to him, and swiftly grabbed Shamama's arms before he could cast another one of his voodoo spells to raise the dead, and then ripped Shamama in half, straight down the middle of his body. Afterwards Veer and Hope had met up in the now devastated village, both of them covered in blood, and where Veer had been wearing a fur skirt, he no longer was, and was stark nude. "Let's go. HE will want to hear our report." Veer said to Hope, and the next moment they were gone.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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The kind woman

Mai, Hiiro, and Ken walked down a slightly busy street, the smallest of the 3 having wrapped herself in the purple blanket she had been given the night before, like a cloak. Hiiro adjusted his red shirt, the small boy feeling slightly chilly. The 3 approached a building.

"In here." Instructed Ken. The 3 children entered through the back door. The inside of the building was stocked well with food, clothes, and quite a few other necessities. An adult woman sat at the end, reading a book.

"Oh, Hiiro, Ken, you're back! I was beginning to get worried!" The woman said with a smile. Closing the book and setting it down, the woman walked over and kneeled down to look Mai in the eyes. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Mai. Seems her parents abandoned her." Ken explained. The woman gained a shocked look.

"How horrid!" She enveloped the small girl in a hug, which she quickly squirmed out of. "...No hugs, huh."

Mai shook her head. She glanced up from underneath her blanket, giving the woman a small smile. "I understand. Like Hiiro and Ken, you're free to use this place as shelter for as long as you wish."

"...Thank you..." Came the small of the girl. She walked over to a mat, which had been laid out on the floor. The woman's eyes widened.

"Oh! I need to go buy another mat! I'll be back soon. For now, rest on that one." The woman picked up a bag and walked out the door, locking it behind her. Mai walked over to the mat, and laid down on it, covering herself with her blanket-cloak. Ken smiled, and Hiiro sat down in a chair, picking up a nearby children's book.

An hour passed. Mai had fallen asleep, and Ken sat nearby, fiddling with a yoyo. A knock at the door snapped him out of his concentration. Walking to the door, the young boy opened it to see the woman, now carrying a bedroll under her arm. "I'm back! Sorry, the store was busier than it usually is." She laid the roll out on the ground next to the one Mai was currently asleep on. "...Awwww I don't have the heart to wake her..." The woman pouted. Ken smiled.

Maybe... Maybe things would work out after all.

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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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Warning! Slight sexual implications.


Adam was thirteen, scrawny, and wearing a lush green suit. He was at a party in Italy, celebrating his father's World Cup winning kick. But while he was setting by the bar playing his DS, his father was on the dancefloor, giving a poor speech that sounded more like judgment of his team. Adam knew his father must have already drinking, and must have been late in it. The only thing Adam was hoping was that he wouldn't get the call from a woman asking for child support. But, today he had decided he was done, he didn't want to carry his Dad up to his room, or worse, walk in on his father with yet another woman.

Later that night...

Adam was sitting in his ajointed room from his father, and a methodical thumping was coming from his father's room. Adam got up, and went to look out his window, and saw the glare from the street. "COD GAMING TOURNAMENT! ANYONE WELCOME!" Adam took it upon himself to sneak from his window and go. Winning first place, and from there, he decided to go to every tournament he could, win every game, and break from the Locke name.

Perfection Chapter 1: Complete.

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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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The Evolving Hero

A couple years later, Nazo was with a man and woman, both of whom appeared to be her 20's or 30's. His hero had put him in their care after he had been rescued. The 3 were seated at a table at a restaurant, the young Nazo sipping at his lemonade. A man with brown hair and an enormous, genuine smile appeared to them.

"Are we all ready to order?" He asked. The older man nodded. As the man took their orders, Nazo felt something. A strange kinship with the waiter. He couldn't quite explain it. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't hear the man talking to him

"Nazo-kun? It's your turn to order." The young boy blinked.

"Ah! Sorry!" Quickly apologizing, the young one looked over his menu, and then held it out and pointed at what he wanted. "I'll have that!"

The waiter nodded, and Nazo took the time to read his nametag. Something about the name written on it made him think. Even as the man left, the young boy kept thinking.

A scream could be heard outside, and the man's hand shot to his hip, where he produced a pistol. "Nazo-Kun, stay here. Sakurako, keep watch of him. I'm gonna go check it out." The woman nodded and huddled closer to the young boy.

"Be careful, Ichijo-san." Sakurako said. Ichigko nodded, and ran to the window, quickly flashing the restraunt a police badge to calm them a bit.

Looking outside, the man saw a strange humanoid creature, resembling a cat in appearence. It's body was aflame, and it walked toward a girl, who was crawling back. With a leap, Ichijo broke the window open, and fired at the creature. The bullets had little to no effect, as it turned it's attention to Ichijo.

"No... You are not one of them." It spoke. "However... All who get in the way of the Overlord of Darkness' wishes shall perish." The beast lunged at the officer, who rolled out of the way. The waiter came bursting through the door of the restraunt, a determined look on his face.

"Wait, get back inside! This is my job!" Ichijo cried. The young Nazo had moved to the window, Sakurako still holding him. He wanted to watch!

The waiter made movements with his arms, and the creature looked at him darkly. A belt formed on his waist, the buckle being mostly black with silver trim and a gold spiral in the middle, framing a single orb in the center. Two red straps lead into silver buttons on the side.

"...Wait... Is that..." The police officer got out. The creature growled and lunged at him.

The man made some more movements, and then shouted a word that reminded the young child of those of his savior.

"HENSHIN!" With a mighty shout, the waiter pressed both hands on the side buttons. His body blurred for a moment, and then were he was once standing was a new figure, covered in pitch black skin with gold and silver armor on his chest, a single black stone in the center. Golden gauntlets and ankle braces adornes his arms and legs. Two gold kneepads sat on his... well, his knees. His head had two golden horns rising from the brow, framing crimson, compound eyes, and underneath those, a silver insectoid mouthpiece. The new figure let out a breath as he took a battle stance.

"Seems you Lords..." It said, it's voice that of the waiter's. "...can't leave us alone, even after the Overlord of Darkness admitted defeat and left."

"I have received no news of that occuring, Shouichi... I shall continue my mission to eliminate every last Agito on this planet." The creature growled out. It lunged at Shouichi.

As the battle began, Nazo looked on in awe. The belt he was wearing was... oddly familiar. The young child couldn't put his finger on where he had seen it. Unbeknownst to him, a near perfect replica of the belt had appeared on his own waist. The creature sensed this, and kicked Shouichi away.

"There you are... Agito!" It shouted. It ran towards the broken window where the young boy was staring out, causing him to fall backwards in shock. Sakurako moved in front of him. "I have no business with you, woman. Move, and you shall be spared."

"Never! I won't let you harm this child anymore than he already has been!" She shouted. The creature raised it's fist to kill, but never got the chance to swing. Bullets impacted aginst it's back, and it turned to see Ichijo helping Shouichi up.

Shouichi nodded to the cop, who moved away. A white ring with red claws appeared on his belt, and he slammed his hands down again. His armor shone as he absorbed sunlight, and changed. It had become a blinding white with various markings on the chest plate and ankle braces, and the gauntlets gained 3 silver rings on them. His silver leg armor, shoulders, and parts of his chest became bright red. His horns had spread out, now having 6 points instead of 2, and were also red. His eyes shifted to orange, just as the stone in the center of his chest did the same. Nazo's eyes widened in further awe as the new form summoned a strange wheel weapon, adorned with two blades. He clicked them apart, turning them into dual swords, and the battle resumed. The Lord jumped back as Shouichi slashed, but was caught by a kick, courtesy of Sakuroko.

"Go... Kamen Rider!" She shouted. He nodded, and slashed again, this time connecting. Sparks flew from the creature, and he fell to the ground outside again. A few more slashes went his way, the Lord being unable to block.

Shouichi exhaled as a large, red symbol resembling his current face appeared beneath his feet. Standing another stance, he jumped into the air, and descended upon the Lord with a mighty cry. The creature let out a scream as a green halo appeared above it's head briefly, and then exploded.

Nazo was amazed! This man... He was as strong as Yuusuke was! It was so COOL! He watched Shouichi approach him, and smiled. "THAT WAS SO AWESOME!" He shouted. The hero chuckled as his body blurred again, and he was left in his human form.

"Thank you!" He said with a smile. "Listen... You have great potential inside of you. When the time finally comes for it to show itself, embrace it. Don't push it away." He said. A look of confusion crossed Nazo's face. The man patted his shoulder. "You'll understand what I mean someday. For now..." He stood up from where he was kneeling and looked to the people in his restraunt. "Apologies for the commotion! For today, all of your meals are on the house!" The people cheered, and Ichijo made his way inside, a slight limp in his step. Shouichi helped him to his seat, and food was brought to them a few minutes later, along with a little sunday for the child, a little sugar candy in the shape of Shouichi's transformed state head, sitting on top alongside a cherry.


Ending theme (Yes i'm going to do this everytime.) https://youtu.be/4QgpujcH25A
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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[+] Part 1
One week after his show in Paris, Kevin returns to Germany. During the night he pays a visit to Geschichte Academy. Instead of seeking out Eloy as he normally would, Kevin knocks on Gazy's dorm. Ben answers the door and immediately scowls. "What? And.... what happened to your face?"
"Piper became a vampire hunter. He punched me with a fistful of garlic." Kevin answered. "Speaking of which. Youre brother and I need to have a talk about your cousins."
Ben seemed to have a thousand thoughts cross his mind, only visible through the tiny twitched in his stony expression. Finally he narrowed his eyes and stepped aside, opening in the door. "Come... in..." he said slowly, tensely.
Kevin entered the room. "Don't tell my niece and nephew I'm here. They'll want to know about my scars."
Ben nodded. "Good idea." Gazy was on his computer, coding. When Ben shut the door behind Kevin, he barked, "Gaz, take Angel and go find Vanessa. Stay with her 'till I come find you. We gotta have a private conversation."
Gazy looked up in surprise. "Kevin? What--"
"Now, Gazy."
Gazy paused, looked between Kevin and Ben, then stood up. He seemed to sense Ben's heightened seriousness.
"C'mon, Angel!"
"Actually I'd like Gazy's input." Kevin said.
"No," was Ben's curt reply. Gazy was throwing his stuff into a backpack and was hurrying out the door, not daring to test Ben's temper. Angel bounded out behind him. Ben opened the door as Gazy left. He shut it again, adding, "This is staying between you and me."
"You're stubborn like your cousins," Kevin commented. "Mistletoe is going to kill her father, even if she dies in the process. You know this, I presume?"
"Yup," Ben replied curtly. He sat down in the desk chair and motioned for Kevin to sit on one of the beds, and Kevin did so gratefully.
"Then I'm here to ask you if you, like your cousins, can't find a use for a vampire Prince with loads of magic and money."
Ben paused. He thought for a second, staring at Kevin, then replied, "Nope."
"This is why I came to speak to Gazy," Kevin muttered. "Why are you so fixated on a singular solution? Has it never occurred to you that someone might actually be able to help?"
"Gazy doesn't know about Mistletoe's plan," Ben deadpanned. "And I don't intend for him to, not right now. And," Ben added as an afterthought. "Gazy would never agree to something without consulting me first."
"I've had this conversation already," Kevin said. "I risked my life finding your cousins, Dont think you can deter me." Kevin opened the door to find Gazy.
Ben got up, crossed the room in a few long strides, and stuck his arm out in front of Kevin to stop him. His face had gone stony, more than it usually was, if that was possible. "You've had this conversation because we all think the same way. If you think talking to Gazy will help you, you're wrong." He looked up, suddenly incredibly sincere. "I can't stop you from being stupid, so I'm not even going to threaten you. I'm going to ask you a favor... as an... acquaintance..... Don't bring Gazy into this. He's barely eleven; poor kid doesn't know a thing about what's happening behind the scenes. If you say a word to him, not only will it crush his entire view on the world, but it'll pretty much seal your doom. I suggest just going home, or odds are you'll run into Eloy and.... well.... you know."
"And Eloy will dislike Piper for punching me in the face? Or will Eloy be appalled at my clumsiness that some horrible stage accident scarred me? If you're going to allow your cousin to die that's fine, but there exists a world outside your family, and people in it. I wont tell Gazy about all this, but I will equip him."
Ben's eyes flared, but otherwise his expression didn't change. "Gazy has enough PTSD. You will not add to his pain." With that, Ben firmly - yet gently - moved Kevin out of his room, locked his door, and headed briskly down the hall. "Go home, Kevin." he snapped over his shoulder.
"My home burned down." Kevin said. "The day after Christmas. Beatrice with it."
Ben stopped mid-step. He paused, chuckled darkly, and growled, "So much for Merry Christmas." Even so, Kevin could catch a hint of sympathy hidden in Ben's comment.
"I have some things to deliver to Gazy," Kevin said.
Ben looked over his shoulder. He crossed his arms, leaned against the wall, and eyed Kevin with a dirty expression that read, I am so done right now.
"You have my word that I will not tell him of Missy's plan." Kevin insisted.
Ben's eyes narrowed and he eyed Kevin harshly. He gritted his teeth and didn't move. Kevin resolved to find Gazy himself. He turned into a bat and flew past Ben, through the halls, and outside to find Gazy. Ben shook his head and headed down the elevator and outside into the night.
Kevin re-morphed into human form outside. "Gazy?" He called.
There was no answer.
Kevin hurried to Gazy's dorm and phased through. He knew he'd have to add some... anti-Ben precautions. He pulled from his pockets an envelope that said "To Gazy" inside was a second envelope, and a letter that explained that opening the second envelope would allow Kevin to pass through a portal to Gazy. Kevin also produced from his pocket what looked like a nail polish bottle full of translucent blue liquid. He scribbled on a piece of scratch paper instructions telling Gazy that the bottle contained truth potion, that would force the drinker to tell the truth. Kevin finished this note with the words "I wont tell you to use this on your brother, but if he drinks it, you won't be kept in the dark." Kevin opened a drawer of Gazy's, put the items inside, closed it, and began placing an enchantment on it. He gave the drawer a rule only people who ate Christmas dinner with Kevin can open this drawer. That magic rule would exclude Ben, but allow Gazy to open the drawer. If he found these items, the trip would be worth it.

[+] part 2
Kevin got a text the next morning from Gazy. Thnx 4 the stuff. Rly appriciate it.
I forgot to mention this, but I spoke with Missy, and during our conversation whenever she'd get really mad, her eyes would turn red.
Huh? But, M doesnt have magic
well she did. I think something's wrong with her.
but what would b wrong with her?
no one in my family has magic

I dont see how, but she could be cursed. or she couldve drank some potion, or she couldve gone through a genetic mutation, gotta say, not a lot of good possibilities come to mind
cursed by who? Got the potion from where? What kind of mutation?
i dunno kid. I promised Ben I wouldnt telly you what Missy was planning but I didnt promise him I wouldnt tell you she wasnt planning something, and she is, I also didnt promise I wouldnt tell you that I tracked your cousins down to have a chat. They werent exactly happy to have a discussion with me so I couldnt ask her about it. The thing is something's wrong with Missy. Let Ben know.
he's gonna get angry
why didn't you tell Ben?

because hes as stubborn as your cousins
so r u
did u ever notice that? u r just as stubborn as us

i dont deny that
ima talk to my teacher now
thnx again for the stuffs. those could save my life one day
I am not brave, I am only just, for fear knows no man's name better than the one called "fearless", but there is no fear in love.

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