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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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Val's Story Part 2: A Promise

It didn't take Val and Kota long to find a use for themselves in the outside world. Lots of people had monster problems or demon problems. They were more than willing to pay someone for the disposal of these problems and by the age of 16 Val happened to be quite skilled at the disposal of demons. One day they set out on separate contracts and Val arrived home much sooner than Kota. The days ticked by with no sign of Kota and Val began to panic. However the agreement was not to go after the other until a week had passed. Once the week had passed Val began to pack a small bag so she could go find Kota. As she walked towards the door it burst open and in stumbled Kota, badly cut and bleeding. His shirt was soaked in his own blood and in ribbons.

Val rushed Kota into the bathroom, working quickly and carefully to remove his tattered shirt. She worked quickly to stitch up the gashes and cuts. It would take days for him to recover, probably several weeks for everything to fully heal. She cleaned him up and gently took him to his bed. As she turned to leave the room Kota grabbed her arm.
"Please don't go..." He whispered. Val smiled and crawled into the bed beside him. He wrapped an arm around her and quickly fell asleep, she watched him for a bit before falling asleep herself.

Four months later, when Kota's injuries were nothing but faint scars, the two resumed taking contracts together. One day they were offered two contracts, one for each, and Val insisted on doing both. Kota fought with her for days until finally she silenced him.
"You can't go alone! I cannot lose you, last time we went separate you almost didn't come home to me and then you almost died!" She screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. That's when Kota removed the chain from around his neck and the ring from his finger.
"Take this as a promise that I will always come home to you, last time I was careless. I promise to be more careful and if I'm not back in two days then you can come find me. Okay, love?" Kota spoke softly, placing the ring on the chain and hanging it around Val's neck. He wiped away her tears and kissed her nose. Val just nodded, to weak to speak. She hugged him tightly before going to pack for her own contract. From that point on he never broke his promise, until two months before her accidental descent into the circles of Hell....
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Geschichte Academy/Starlight Hotel: Side Stories

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The 3rd Agent

A week had passed. Ash was in a game shop, looking at the old, retro game carts sitting on a shelf. He blanched at the prices on some of them. "Man... Why are these so expensive?" He grabbed a couple older (and MUCH cheaper) carts. As he began to walk towards the counter, a voice echoed behind him.

"Excuse me, you look familiar... Are you... Genius Gamer A?" Turning around, Ash came face to face with a man in a white suit, carrying a briefcase in his left hand.

"Oh! Yeah, I am. Are you by chance... a fan?" The young gamer asked.

"Indeed I am! May I get your autograph?" Looking up, Ash noticed the man's slicked back black hair, but shook his head. He looked suspicious, but that might just be his nerves acting up. After all, he had been kidnapped by terrorists a month prior, he has every right to be paranoid.

"Sure!" The man opened a bag he had behind the briefcase, taking out an old Megaman cartridge. Ash quickly signed it with a nearby black sharpie.

"Thank you very much! Have a great day, sir." The man walked away, and Ash was left smiling. The young gamer walked up to the counter, and payed for his game.

Leaving the store with 2 new games in hand, Ash began his walk back to the academy. A shot landed at his feet, sending the gamer backwards as he narrowly avoided it. "Who the hell!?" Looking where the shot had come from, he spotted a figure carrying a large, rather strange gun. He looked the figure over.

Clad in a black and blue bodysuit that looks eerily similar in design to Ash's own Scroller armor, it possesed white sleeve and legs cuffs. Blue hair with a metallic blue crest rested on the top of the helmet, and two dark purple eyes rested just below that. The most strking feature was his different chestplate, which lacked a health bar and the buttons of the normal one, and instead held only a black X. Taking another look at the gun, the gamer noticed a black and blue gashat sticking out of where the hammer of it would normally be, and also took notice of the red and yellow A and B buttons present on the side.

"Beginning the mission." The enemy spoke, and charged at Ash. Having only a moment to move, Ash threw aside his game carts, reaching into his coat and pulling out his Gamer Driver. Placing it on his waist, he spun his Gashat around, before pressing the button.

[KANPEKI PLATFORM BOUKEN!] The numerous blocks made themselves known, and Ash held the gashat over his belt.

"Onto the 2nd level! Henshin!" Rolling out of the way of another shot, Ash flipped open the belt's lever, running through the belt's projection. Knife clashed against... blade? Indeed, it seemed that the Gun had become a sword in the few seconds when Ash was transforming. "Who are you!?"

"...Suri." The man's voice was heavily distorted, not allowing Ash any indictation of his identity. He reached behind him, kicked Ash back, and held up a new Gashat, colored red with a picture of a robot on the front. He pressed the button on it, and a new game screen made itself known.

[GEKITOTSU ROBOTS!] (Gekitotsu means "to clash") Removing the Gashat from his weapon, he placed the new one in, turning the sword back into a gun with a press of the A button. [GASHAT!]

"Explosive operation." Pointing the gun into the air, a hologram projection came down onto Suri.

[GACCHAN! BOOSTED LEVEL UP! GEKITOTSU ROBOTS... GEKITOTSU ROBOTS!] As the hologram passed over the enemy, the lines on his suit changed to silver, and the white turned red. The image on his chestplate changed to a robot's chest, and a bulky red helmet covered his originally blue hair and crest. Bulky red and silver shoulderpads replaced his previously slim blue ones. A large robot fist appeared on his left arm.

"Wait... Level up!? What the hell!?" Ash got out, just before being slammed into a wall. Staring directly ahead at his foe, Ash kicked out, sending Suri tumbling back. He switched his Gashacon Striker into it's knuckle duster mode, and rushed at his foe, punching quickly. Ducking under another punch, Suri quickly punched him in the gut, and pulled out another Gashat. "Wait how many of those do you have!?"

[SHAKARIKI SPORTS!] (Shakariki = an onomatopoeia meaning something close to "overly enthusiastic" or extreme.) Another game scream appeared behind Suri, who swapped the Gashats out.

"Extreme Operation." Uttering those words, he fired, a green hologram screen passing over his body, turning any hint of silver neon green, and any red into a hot pink color. The bulky helmet vanished, replaced by neon pink hair above a neon green mask with sharp points. His bulky shoulderpads were replaced by flatter, more streamlined ones with a bicycle wheel symbol on the front. His chestplate flashed, and now displayed various splotches of color with a simple bicycle design over them.

[BOOSTED LEVEL UP! SHAKARIKI! SHAKARIKI SPORTS! SHAKARIKI! SHAKARIKI SPORTS~!] (Extreme! Shakariki Sports! Extreme! Shakariki Sports~!) Jumping into the air, Suri delivered a bicycle kick to Ash's chest, causing the gamer to cry out in pain.

"Boosted Level system running at optimal performance. Moving onto test 3." Suri muttered. Ash tilted his head in co fusion as the man lifted another Gashat, this time yellow with a DJ on the label.

[DOREMIFA BEAT!] A small tune played as the new game screen appeared. Repeating his previous motions, he fired into the air, passing a yellow screen overhimself. [BOOSTED LEVEL UP! BEAT! BEAT-BEAT-BEAT! DOREMIFA BEAT!] The Neon green of his suit turned black, and the hot pink turned yellow. A yellow hat and black headphones replaced the giant pink hair and green goggles, and his shoulderpads and chestplate now featured speakers. He pressed the B button on his gun, and fired at the now running away Ash. Instantly, high powered sound waves echoed out from his armor, sending the poor gamer to the ground in pain. His armor vanished into motes of light.

"Target is neutralized. Tests of Robots, Beat, Sports and Virus Gamer are successful. Returning to base." Ash, from his place on the ground, watched the Rider known as Suri return to the blue and white form before walking away.

"I... have to tell... Nazo..." Taking out his phone, he dialed the number of his friend.

"Ash? Ash what happened?"

"Nazo... There's another... Gashat user in the city..." Were the final words of the gamer before passing out.

"Ash? Ash!? Ash, answer me! Damnit!"

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Geschichte Academy/Starlight Hotel: Side Stories

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I've decided to include Starlight Hotel in this thread, since they take place on the same earth.
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Geschichte Academy/Starlight Hotel: Side Stories

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Val’s Story Part 3: Captured, Broken, Destroyed...

Two months before Val got dragged into the Circles of Hell, she and Kota received a terribly dangerous contract. The capture of a demon named Myron... a contract requesting the impossible. However the two were determined and certain they could complete the contract and finally be able to stop hunting demons. The two went home, packed, went over their plan, and got some rest. The next morning they set out for Myron’s rock. Myron’s rock was a series of large boulders with a gaping hole in the middle. Val being slightly bolder than Kota was quick to disappear into the empty darkness, shortly after Kota slowly followed and they soon arrived in a large cavern lit by a trench of flames that surrounded the perimeter of the room. Val held GodKiller firmly in her hand and stepped forward towards the center of the cavern.

“Myron we know you’re there, enough games. We can do this two ways; willingly or forced.” Val growled, pulling out the chains capable of binding a demon. She searched the room for any trace of Myron.
“Hmmm how about..... my way?” Myron chuckled from the shadows, appearing behind Val and throwing her into a large boulder. Kota lunged for Myron, but his sword swung through mist as Myron vanished from the spot.
“You little cheat! Fight like you have some honor and dignity.” Kota growled, heading for Val who laid in the floor.
“Oh please, I steal people’s souls and you want me to have honor. I must say your friend is far more interesting than you.” Myron seemed amused by Kota’s anger. He pushed Kota clear across the cavern from Val and appeared next to Val. Picking her up Myron chained her using the chains she’d intended for him and secured her to the boulder.
“What kind of game are you playing?! Are you threatened by one lone demon hunter?!” Kota growled, unable to pass Myron’s barrier.
“No but the game will be more fun once she’s awake.” Myron laughed and disappeared once more, leaving Kota separated from Val and Val chained to a rock.

****Several Hours Later****

When Val awoke Myron’s game began. He went back and forth torturing Val and Kota, but most of his entertainment stemmed from Val’s struggles at any point that he harmed Kota. It was her determination to protect him and her love for him that led Myron to decide he only needed to mess with Kota to win his game.
"Leave him alone!" Val screamed, tugging at the chains around her wrists and ankles. Myron just laughed as he threw several more punches at Kota's face and inflicted cuts and bruises upon his body. Val struggled desperately but, GodKiller laid on the floor across the room with her whip. She tugged again at the chains, from sheer strength and luck she was finally able to snap the one attached to her left hand. She lunged forward and grabbed the back of her Myron’s shirt throwing him to the ground beside her she turned and delivered a kick straight to his ribs.
"Enough of this game!” He growled, getting to his feet he threw Val to the ground before walking over to Kota.
"NO LEAVE HIM ALONE PLEASE!!" Val cried, tears streaming down her cheeks as Myron summoned his blade. She couldn't look away as the blade pierced Kota's heart and she sank to her knees. Myron laughed as Val seemed to give up, but his mistake was in the taunt that followed.
“Your precious little lover boy is dead and it’s YOUR fault. You brought him with you and now his death is for nothing.” Myron boasted, clearly proud of himself.
Val rose to her feet and in one swift movement snapped the remaining three chains. Myron’s expression changed to shock and then fear as within seconds of snapping the chain she stood on the other side of the room with GodKiller in her hands.
“You think you win? You think I'll let him die in vain? Let me show you the true meaning of Hell and let's see how well you like it." Val snarled, an anger overtook her that did not exist before and she rushed toward Myron with incredible speed. Myron attempted to defend himself, but even he knew better. In that moment he realized, the sword was not the GodKiller... she was. Val made certain her strikes caused more pain that damage and for ten agonizing minutes Myron felt all the pain he had inflicted upon Kota and Val. In one final slash Myron collapsed to the floor, his blood pooling around him slowly. He glared up at Val who stood over him, no prideful expression just a blank and emotionless stare.
“You dug your grave when you hurt him the first time and I promise that if you ever find a way to come back I will hunt you down and I will end you for good. I have granted you mercy when you do not deserve it, keep that in mind.” Val’s tone was cold and after she was done she swung her sword and ended Myron’s existence in this World, sending him back to the Circles of Hell.

****Back At Home****

Val prepared the funeral Pyre and calmly placed Kota’s body upon the wood. She had cleaned him up and placed his possessions under the pyre. She spoke a few words and kissed his forehead before setting it all ablaze. She sat and watched until finally the fire died and the only things left of Kota was the ring that hung from her neck and the memories she held. Valeria packed her things and walked away from her home with one solemn vow; To never again allow someone to get close enough to destroy her...
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Geschichte Academy/Starlight Hotel: Side Stories

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Living Ghost

1 week had passed since that faithful day. The day when everything changed for the trio. They now found themselves in a museum, where an original copy of Sun Tzu's Art of War was being displayed.

"Mai... How much longer are we gonna have to walk?" Ken complained behind the purple cloaked girl. His brother stood nearby, sighing.

"Ken, we're dead, remember? We don't get tired." Hiiro said, turning around to look his brother in the eyes. Mai just stared ahead, walking toward their prize.

"This is it, right? The Art of War by the legendary Sun Tzu?" She whispered. "...How do we make an Eyecon out of it?" She looked back at her companions, who just shrugged in response. They hadn't been told how to make Eyecons.

"Well... I can help with that." A voice said behind the group. Swinging around, Mai's Ghost Driver materialized. "Woah! Woah! Don't hurt me!" The voice had been coming from a strange creature with an entirely black body, and silver boots and gloves. two oddly shaped, entirely blue eyes sat on it's face.

"Who... Or what are you?" Hiiro asked apprehensively, reaching into his pocket.

"I am a Ganma. It seems we have a common goal, you three and I... We both need Eyecons. And I know how to make them!" The creature, called Ganma said. Mai slowly nodded in understanding, but didn't dismiss her belt.

"Ok... Well, I would appreciate you telling us right now please. We need to get 15 of these things, and soon." Pointing his finger at the Ganma, Ken glared while speaking.

"Well first, you need the object in question to have a strong connection to the legendary spirit! 2nd, you need someone to have a strong connection to that spirit! And 3rd, and SUPER IMPORTANT, you need to draw an Eye Seal when the item and person begin to glow. Do you understand?" The Ganma's body language was that of a teacher teaching small children. Hiiro looked around, taking note that no one seemed to notice the Ganma at all. Nor them...

"Yeah, I understand." Mai said, looking towards a man who seemed to be drooling over a display showing... a Gameboy?

"The original prototype for the first Gameboy... I can't believe they have it on display here!" The man said with excitement in his voice. "Yokoi-san... If only I could be as great as you!" Hiiro seemed to notice the man glowing.

"Yeah, like that guy. He's an examp- WAIT!" The Ganma began to say, before finally realizing what the glow implied. "Quick, somebody make an Eyecon!" Hiiro nodded and got closer, his own belt materializing.

"Ok... So he said 'Make an Eye Seal'... Does that mean just draw an eye in the air or something?" He muttered. He lifted his right hand, and drew an oval in the air with his finger. Instantly, a large eye appeared where the drawing had been, possessing 3 horns near the iris. It passed through the man and over the Gameboy. Everyone watched with anticipation as a silverish smoke cloud appeared, before it reformed into a large, sleeveless hoodie resembling a Gameboy.

"Who calls upon me?" A voice echoed from the coat's hood, where two neon green eyes sat. It looked down at Hiiro. "Was it you, young man?"

"Are you... Gunpei Yokoi?" Hiiro asked after a moment.

"Indeed I am! Why have you called upon me?" Yokoi asked, floating down to eye level.

"...We need your help. We need to gather 15 Eyecons so we can come back to life... And avenge our mother." Mai said, stepping forward. Ken walked forward as well, nodding.

"I see... Very well! I shall lend you my power!" With that, the coat flew into Hiiro's belt, and an Eyecon with a neon green casing fell out of the eye. Almost instantly, it was snatched out of his hands by the Ganma.

"Perfect... It's perfect!" It said inbetween laughs. Hiiro instantly turned around.

"Hey! That's ours, you jerk!" The young man shouted. He lunged for it, only to get a kick to the face.

"Not anymore it's not!" The Ganma said. "I must thank you three. You did well getting me this... Sadly, Now I'll just dispose of you and take your belts for myself." He lifted the Eyecon, which glowed purple for a second, before pressing the button on the side. The red iris changed to one showing a 24, and it was absorbed into the Ganma a second later. Instantly it began to mutate, gaining a warped version of the Yokoi coat from earlier. It's face changed to be more boxy in shape, with a green visor over the blue eyes. "This power... It's incredible! Hehe... I can definitely demolish you three with this!"

Swinging it's arm, it collided with a display, which came crumbling down. However, aside from the 3 ghosts, none could see what caused it, and began to run away in fear as other things came crashing down. Hiiro looked up in anger.

"Lying to us... Tricking us... You're just... evil. I had a feeling we shouldn't have trusted you... But now I KNOW we shouldn't have." Reaching down to his belt, he pressed the button on top of it, causing it to pop open. He reached into his pocket, and removed an Eyecon with a black casing and a red iris, which he held out to the side. "I'll take you down myself, and reclaim that Eyecon!" He pushed the button of his Eyecon, causing it's iris to change to one showing an I. He swung his arm in a full circle, before dropping the Eyecon into his belt, and shutting it with his free hand.

[EYE!] From the eye of the belt came a black, short sleeved hoodie with red trim. Pulling out the orange handle, Hiiro held out his right hand in front of him, palm facing the Ganma. His wrist turned, and his hand clenched into a fist. [BACHIRI-IKEI! BACHIRI-IKEI!] (Watch in awe! Watch in awe!)

"Henshin!" Pushing the handle back in, the eye of the belt blinked as red lines spread out over Hiiro's body. A large blue eye symbol made itself known in front of his chest, and motes of lights collided into his body, forming into a black, armored bodysuit. The coat flew over and slid onto him.

[KAIGAN! IKIRYO! INOCHI NO SUKUU! USHINATTA EIYU! HOGO GHOST!] (Awaken! Ikiryo! Save the lives! The lost hero! The Protective ghost!)

A red faceplate with two, fang like black eyepieces flipped up onto Hiiro's new helmet, his brow adorned by 3 sharp horns. Pushing down his hood, the one now known as Ikiryo stood. He held his hand out in front of his belt, and a broadsword with an eye symbol on the crossguard appeared from it. Taking a battle stance honed by years of Kendo practice, he readied himself for the Ganma. It charged, and so did he.

A clash of a pixalated sword like hand and sword blade rang out to all who could see the fight. Mai summoned her belt and got her own Eyecon out, inserting it into the belt and transforming. As she was about to charge in, she spotted the knocked over display of Sun Tzu's Art of War. Walking over to it, she examined the now ruined copy. "A piece of history... Ruined by battle. Ironic, given what it is..." She said, looking out of the corner of her eye as her friend ducked under a slash and kicked at his foe. Her eyes trailed back to the book, written entirely in Chinese. "The first great man I learned about... I've always wanted to see this... But not like this."

Ken had gone about trying to hold things up from falling, and saw Mai out of the corner of his eye. "Wait... Mai... You're glowing." He pointed out. The girl blinked and looked down at her hands, which were indeed glowing. Her eyes drifted back to the book, which had a similar glow.

"Wait... Then that means..." She held out her hand and drew an eye symbol in front of the book, which passed over her hands and then the book. A green cloud of smoke brought forth a bright green coat with gold trim and paint brushes hanging off it's short sleeves.

"Hmm? Awakened from my long slumber, I have been, to a sight of battle." The spirit of Sun Tzu spoke in a wise voice. "Tell me, was it you who summoned me, young woman?" Looking down at Mai in her Shinigami armor, he questioned, green eyes shimmering.

"Yes, it was. I need your help. Please, lend me your wisdom, so that I may help my friends!" Mai answered. The spirit thought for a moment, and then, with a nod, flew into her belt. Out came an Eyecon with a white iris, and a bright green shell. Mai's eyes flashed over to the battle, where the Ganma has gotten the upperhand, and was beating back Hiiro. "Hold on Hiiro..." She muttered, and pressed the button on the new Eyecon. Opening her belt back up, Mai removed her Shinigami Eyecon, and replaced it with the new Sun Tzu Eyecon. She slammed the lid shut and began to walk over.

[EYE! BACHIRIKYOFU...] With a pull and push of the lever, the coat of Sun Tzu flew out of her belt and descended onto her form. [KAIGAN! SUN TZU! TAISEN NO GEIJUTSU! WRITER NO DENSETSU!] (Awaken, Sun Tzu! The art of war! A legendary writer!) The coat replaced her Shinigami coat, which vanished into motes of light. The paintbrush arms folded up onto the sides of the sleeves, and a new faceplate depicting two,crossed green swords with a paintbrush in the middle clicked into place. The blade of her scythe adjusted itself, becoming a curved glaive. She spun, hitting the Ganma directly across the chest. Black blood flowed from it's wound as she landed beside Hiiro. The Ganma fell to his knees in pain, a glare showing itself from behind his green visor.

"I'll kill you... I'll kill all three of you!" It shouted. It stood and charged at the 2 in front of it, aiming to pierce right through their chests. Moving aside, Mai shifted her glaive into a rifle and fired several rounds at her foe, while Hiiro pushed a button on his sword, which split into two seperate daggers. Rushing in, the young man slashed several times across the Ganma's body.

"What do you say we finish him off?" Mai asked, holding her weapon, now a glaive once more, near the eye of her belt.

"Yeah." Hiiro responded, placing the eye symbol of his daggers in front of his own belt's eye.

[DAIKAGAIN!] A shout rang out, black mist appearing to hold the weakened Ganma down. The lines on both ghosts' suits began to glow in the darkness as two chants rang out, energy gathering around their weapons.

[GANGANKYOFU... GANGANKYOFU...] (Look on fearfully... Look on fearfully...)

[GANGANIKEI! GANGANIKEI!] (Look on in awe! Look on in awe!)

With a press of a button, the two began to run towards their weakened foe.

[OMEGA CLEAVE!] [OMEGA STAB!] Hiiro went first, stabbing numerous times into the Ganma at high speed, black blood shooting out from it's wounds. A couple slashed later, he rolled out of the way as Mai jumped up and came crashing down, her glaive slices right through his body like butter.

"Fall into darkness, and sleep for eternity..." Mai said under her breath. The Ganma screamed as his body exploded, sending the Yokoi Eyecon flying. It landed near Ken's foot, who reached down and grabbed it after he finished putting a pedestal back in place.

"That was so cool!" He shouted. The two reached down to their belts, removed the Eyecons, and closed them back up, causing their armors to vanish into thin air. Sirens came from outside, and, going invisible, the 3 checked from a window. Outside were numerous police and ambulances, as well as news crews.

"...We should leave." Mai said quickly. The three phased through a wall, moving past the barricade set up. A later news report would claim everything had been a terrorist attack, but only 3 knew the truth. 2 Eyecons now in their possession, the 3 friends continued their journey.

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Geschichte Academy/Starlight Hotel: Side Stories

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Well, here is a long overdue side story that I worked on with Ace (along with some assistance from Hunter of evil). I will probably end up making some formatting corrections in the next few days. hope you enjoy.

Location: Camelot Theme Park, UK

Jon Hunten was standing idle nearby the entrance of the formally-known Knightmare roller coaster. He and his associate decided on this location, because of Dr. Takahashi's preferences regarding overgrown and eroded environments. At this point, Jon's associate and Dr. Tanahashi have not arrived thus far. This meeting is (to Jon) meant to solidify the Forbidden Strike's partnership with Dr. Tanahashi.

Tanahashi, followed by a girl in her late teens with long black hair and cyan eyes, entered the park. The scientist looked around, eyeing up the entire facility, searching for Jon for a few minutes until finding him standing by the entrance of the Knightmare roller coaster.

"Ah, there he is. Come along, ma'am." Dr. Tanahashi said, walking a bit faster. The girl kept her eyes trained ahead as the doctor shout "Hello!".
Jon Hunten waved in response and walked towards them. "It's nice to see that you arrived, Dr. Tanahashi. Once my associate arrives, we can get started," Jon said, glancing at the girl next to Tanahashi. "And who is your guest?".

"A representative from the organization I'm apart of," the doctor answered. "She'll be overseeing me today during our meeting, as per the higher ups' orders." The girl gave a slight bow, but the cold, bored look on her face never left. Jon simply replied with a nod to the representative.

Just then, a small rift manifested itself on the ground nearby The head of a large monstrous snake emerges, opening its jaw to reveal a figure, then retreating back into the rift. The rift disappeared as fast as it came. The figure in question is dressed in a similar manner to Jon, with the only noticeable differences being the figure’s more lean build, his solid black mask with a small scope-like device attachment, and a katana hanging on the left side of his hip. He took a look around and sauntered towards Jon.

"Having trouble with the whistle I'm assuming?" Jon asked.

"There is always some sort of issue relating to that snake of ours," The figure spoke with a serious yet untroubled state of mind.
Jon turned back to Dr.Tanahashi. "He will also be overseeing the meeting as a representative for the Forbidden Strike."
"I see. Very well, shall we begin?" Tanahashi said, nodding to the girl, who produced a silver briefcase from an unknown source. The front was marked with a large black X.

Jon nodded and the girl opened the case, revealing mountains of files and papers.
Dr.Tanahashi explained, "Inside this case is every bit of information I have collected over the years on Rider systems. There are also small samples of what I was able to recreate with what materials I have." Indeed, the case contained what looked to be a blank Lockseed, a completely white Eyecon, and a single switch of sorts, marked with an X on the front.
"How successful were you at creating those replicas?" Jon asked as his associate continued to spectate."All of these should work, sans perhaps the Eyecon. It's blank at the moment. You kinda need a dead guy to use those." Tanahashi explained. "Any of the unsuccessful ones are now in pieces or in the trash." Jon took a look at the rider items before asking, "Do you need anything else in exchange for access to your research?"

"Hmmm... I don’t know, what do you have that you can exchange?" The scientist asked with a smirk. The girl stayed silent, staring in the direction of the representative.

"Besides my continued service, we could provide you with a handful or two of trick weapons for you to examine." He said "...Do you happen to know anything about Gaia memories?" In response, Tanahashi's eyes widened considerably. "...Indeed we do. The organization I'm apart of helped fund them."

"Really? A bit of an unexpected turn.” Jon said “Gaia memories where the only rider items that we had some what sufficient data on before my arrival to Germany. It was also the only kind that we attempted to recreate with...varying degrees of success." His associate remains his attention on the conversation.

Tanahashi eyes narrowed. Replicating Gaia Memories? Near impossible. These people could be either powerful allies, or even more powerful enemies.
"Interesting. Well, those replicas could be stronger, with our research." He suggested, pulling out one of the folders from the case. It was marked with the words 'USB' on it, with a single image of a book. "After all, there's a specific way to make them as strong as ours are."
Jon's associate sighs in with annoyance.

"The varying degrees of success that Jon Hunten mentioned are far and few in between the larger number of failures." He proceeded to go through his cloak before taking out what looks to resemble a desktop hard drive colored dark blue with an illustration on the top showing a neon blue flame. The girl looked over at the Drive in the associate's hand. It looked eerily similar to an existing Gaia Memory used by a detective... She shook her head, brushing it off.

"Instead of creating something that resembles a Gaia memory, we ended up with these...dives as we decided to call them. 13 were made, but only three work as traditional rider items; the other 10 would end up turning the user into a monstrosity of a creature. We were close, but we'll fell short when it came to our lack of experience when it comes to how they operate."

"See, that's the thing. Those other 10 aren't failures then... Because most of the real Gaia Memories turn people into monsters. Monsters we call Dopants. The refined Memories are the ones Riders use, which are far less in number than the Dopant Memories." Tanahashi said, showing a couple pages detailing Dopants. "The thing about Riders is, their power source is usually the same as the monsters they fight."

"So I'm also going to assume that you can help with the side effects of our drivers?". Jon briefly interrupted "As much as I would like to see that project revived, we should probably get back to present matters. So about the deal Dr.Tanahashi, would you consider it fair." he inquired

"Yes i would indeed consider that a fair deal." Tanahashi said after a moment, looking to the girl who nodded. He held out a hand for a handshake, to seal the deal. "I look forward to more business opportunities between our groups."
Jon proceeds to shake Dr.Tanahashi's hand.

"I am looking forward to that. " Jon acknowledged as he seals the deal with Tanahashi.
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Geschichte Academy/Starlight Hotel: Side Stories

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After (finally) reading through the side stories, I think it's time I added some Lo-related stuff!


1 year ago...

It was a busy night. It always was in the streets of the city, but perched atop a skyscraper, mere whispers of the hustle and bustle below reached the ears of the figure. He was covered in a grey metal suit, precision-crafted metal plates shifted over each other when he moved, exposing nothing of whoever was underneath. Not that he was moving. He just waited, watching from behind a black face-plate. It was opaque and there were no eye holes, but anyone who saw him would feel his eyes burning info them. Fourty minutes later, he moved. "There" His gravelly voice spoke, reaching behind and taking a rectangular object, the width of a torso and the length of an arm, from his back. Motors feintly whirred as he moved. The object unfolded, doubling it's length and halving it's width. It further unfolded, a barrel extending forward, and a stock at the opposite side. An enormous scope rose , and was placed against the faceplate, where the left eye should be. "Who is he?" He spoke.
A second, femenine voice spoke to him through an earpeice. "Just another magic-weilder." She said. "You know how dangerous they are, do the right thing."
"Of course"
He reached to a metal pouch on his waist, and took out a metal cylinder, slightly longer than a soda can. Thin, angled slits ran down it's side, a blue light cascading through. He lowered the rifle, it snapped in two, vertically, on a hinge. He carefully inserted the canister, then shut the rifle and raised it again.
"Target distance, 2.7 miles. 7th floor." He muttered. Using infrared light, he could occasionally see the target's arm peek out of the window as he moved around his dark apartment. "Are you sure of the schedule?"
"1:55 every night, he closes the window" she said. It was 11:53.
"Commencing projectile charge." He said, without even pressing anything a sphere embedded behind the trigger in the rifle, the pivot point where it broke and where the canister was stored, began to spin. A blue light began to glow from it's angled slits, just like the canister.
A circle was drawing itself on the scope around the crosshair . Just a little longer. The circle finished itself and shrank slightly, indicating the weapon was charged. The trigger quickly extended from the weapon. It was disabled for safety when the weapon wasn't ready.
He pressed the trigger.

A man stepped out, yawning as he reached to close the window, but stopped. He was momentarily mesmerised by a glowing light that was streaking accross the city, before it ended it's 2.7 mile journey into his chest.

"Nobody appreciates what you're doing now." The woman's voice spoke as the rifle folded back up. "But once the world is safe, you will be a hero. Have patience."
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Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

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A Visit From Andromeda
[+] Story
Liam loved going places he wasn't supposed to. One such place was the crash site for a UFO that'd just crashed on the Manhattan Beach. The area, normally a public beach, had been closed off as researchers tried to study the large metal orb that'd dropped from the sky. It was about ten yards in diameter, it looked just like one that'd been found in Germany earlier that year. Liam found it quite unfair that the government wouldn't let anyone see the orb. It'd come from space, it didn't belong to the US government or anything. He knew it'd be difficult to get close enough during the day so he snuck by in the cover of the night. It was still being watched of course as no one had been able to move it yet, but security was noticeably thinner, and the darkness provided adequate cover. Liam soon however, found he was not the only one who wanted to see it. Two woman approached from the west of the beach, Liam was hiding in the parking lot, which gave him good view of the happenings, One of the woman had dark, almost black hair. She was wearing a purple coat and black skirt. Accompanying her was a shorter girl. her hair was blond with magenta highlights, and went only down to her shoulders. She was considerably younger than the first woman, and wore a black leather coat. Immediately once they were spotted they were stopped by security. The older woman spoke with him for a bit and pointed toward the parking lot where Liam was hiding, to Liam's shock and surprise the security guards began making their way over to him. Liam crawled under a truck letting the security guards pass him. They kept going deeper into the parking lot, the other guards followed them, leaving the orb unguarded. Liam closed in. He could overhear the women's conversation in bits an pieces at first, phrases like "-Just like the one at the academy." "-Another Child." "The Andromeda Galaxy." Liam recognized that phrase, Andromeda was the closest galaxy to the milky way, was that where this thing had come from. Liam could hear full sentances, He was hiding behind some porta-pottys. "My brother told me there should be a hidden control panel on the side, about a square foot, look for it." The older woman said to the younger.
"Miss Lana... if you don't mind me asking... um..."
"Go ahead." The older woman, presumably Miss Lana, said.
"Why is your brother so curious about this craft?"
"Oh that's simple, the one in Germany was found by..." there was a short pause "My son. There was a girl inside from andromeda. Kevin thinks this craft may have clues about her homeworld." That was a tasty bit of information. The women searched the spear for this panel but their searching was cut off when the waves started acting up.
"I sense magic." The younger woman said. they both faced the waves, there was one point where they were behaving very abnormal for no foreseeable reason, the water crashed together and stretched apart before it froze in an instant. The waves were still standing up when they froze, and someone walked out of a tunnel of ice created in the sea. A man with long white hair and a fur coat, adorning a silver crown with a sapphire embedded in the middle. He was accompanied by two humanoid figures composed of snow.
"Austin Caldron. What brings you here?" Miss Lana inquired,
"That's quite a way to address a king, princess." The man replied. This was getting complicated. Liam thought.
"Well excuse me for being so informal, but I do know what brings you here you rotten swine. You're here to claim my life." Liam took a look around, the security guards were still nowhere to be seen. When Liam looked back the three were already fighting, but not by fists, Liam could only describe the scene in front of him as a wizard battle.
"A wizard battle between a king and princess in front of a UFO from andromeda." Liam said aloud to myself. "Sounds like something from a bad movie." Liam noticed something about the king, most of his attacks were ice based. The beings who'd accompanied him, which after seeing magic at work, Liam conceded to calling 'snow golems' had already fallen. Miss Lana did a move that Liam questioned at first, she caused the king's crown to fly off his head and land behind Liam in the parkinglot. but once she'd done so, the kings ice magic ceased. Liam was quick to put it together, he went over to where the crown landed to find it shattered. It was made of Ice, not silver. The Sapphire however, was just fine. Liam picked up the gem. It felt cold, but he felt something strange aswell. Liam closed his eyes and visions of Ice, snow, blizzards, and hail flooded his mind. Liam opened his eyes and saw what seemed to be a miracle. His skin was covered in frost, but he wasn't the slightest bit cold. the hairs on his arms had turned a perfect white. Liam pulled out his phone and examined his reflection. His hair had also become white, and his eyes, a crystal blue. The king lost his power upon losing the gem, so did that mean... Liam touched the pavement and watched as it gained a layer of this ice. He heard footsteps. The king to reclaim claim his crown!? Liam looked for a place to hide but it was too late.
"Seems we've had a spectator." the voice belonged to the older woman. Her accomplice stood next to her. Liam stood up and gazed at the beach, to see the king dead.
"Well it was quite a show." Liam said doning a grin. When things got bad, it was important to look confident. "Princess." He added.
"Eavesdropping were you?"
"Got a problem?" Liam challenged.
"Christine, have you ever given someone amnesia?" Lana asked the younger girl.
"I don't think witchcraft will be necessary." Liam insisted. "I think we can make a deal."
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Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

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A Morning Jog (On Water)
[+] Story
Liam was spending an awful lot of time snooping around the beach now. From his eavesdropping he gleamed a few key points of information. The investigation of the spacecraft was being led by a man from Germany named "Mr Chambers" (Liam hadn't learned his first name. Liam was spying when the craft was finally opened. Chambers had discovered the panel that Lana and Christine had been looking for. After some codebreaking the door was opened. The investigators needed to use a stepladder to get in as the craft seemed to have landed a bit lopsided. It just looked like a big metal orb from the outside so no one had realized this before. Chambers entered the craft first, an investigator attempted to follow after but was stopped by some sort of barrier. Why did it let chambers in? Liam pondered this from his hiding place in the park that wrapped around the beach. The park hadn't technically been closed off, but Liam doubted the government would take kindly to his eavesdropping. Eventually the investigators, and by extension Liam, discovered that only one person could be inside the craft at a time. Unfortunately, Liam couldn't see inside the craft from his point of view. Time to move in closer.
Liam grabbed the saphire from his pocket. He'd attached to to a leather string to wear around his neck. As Liam equipped the pendant his form changed, just like before. His hair turned an icy white, his eyes a bright blue. His skin took on a layer of frost, and his clothes changed to a blue tunic and fur cape. Liam sprinted towards the craft. He hadn't really thought out what he'd do once he reached the stepladder full of researchers, but it never actually came to that. Once Liam had gotten within twenty feet of the craft, and security had taken old of him, Chambers re-emerged from the craft with someone else.
The newcomer had skin and hair of pure white. His eyes were an unnatural purple. All he was wearing was what resembled a hospital gown, though definitely wasn't one. The alien looked by human ears to be about fourteen at most. Had this kid been the only one in there? Even the security guards holding Liam stopped to stare at the alien. Liam noticed this before they did, and slipped out of their grasp, quite literally, as the frost on his arms made him fairly slippery. This was some solid information. The security guards doubled back to chase after Liam. He made for the sea. Hopefully this plan would work, it was a trick Liam had tested out on his own, but he'd never before used his powers in such a high stress situation as this. When Liam reached the seashore, the water froze beneath his feet. At first this just caused him to slip, but then he got his balance, and kept running. Liam did his best to make the ice rough enough to run on but he was still getting used to his powers. One of the security guards pointed a gun at Liam.
"Freeze!" He yelled. Liam grinned.
"If you insist." Liam struck the ice at his feet with his fist. The icy platform expanded and a wall of ice formed in between him and the shore. Only places with this much water allowed him to have this much fun. The security guards would probably give a call to the real police, then Liam would have an issue on his hands. He needed a plan. Brighton Beach was fairly close. Less than half a mile. Liam sprinted toward there. His pursuers would be slowed down by a rock beach to chase him on foot, and Brighton Beach hadn't been closed down, so it'd have a full crowd to disappear into. Brighton Beach came into view. It wasn't as busy as Liam had hoped, and of course his ice form attracted a fair amount of attention, but hopefully people would just back away if he sprinted toward them at full speed. Liam was correct in this assumption and the crowd split just in time for Liam to run past them and toward a collection of mobile homes The second he was out of view of the crowd he pulled off the sapphire and slowed to a walk. Liam walked toward Brighton 15th street at a pace that he hoped would convey that he hadn't seen any ice wizards lately. Liam learned a long time ago that a great way to get people to leave you alone was to pretend to be on the phone. He had to call Lana anyway so he made the call.
That was their deal. Liam gathered information on the UFO, and reported back to Lana. It's how he convinced her to leave his memory in tact and let him keep The Frost King's Crown, the sapphire he'd taken after Lana had killed Austin Caldron. Liam didn't particularly like or dislike Lana but whatever kept him off his back was fine with him. When he started his spying he figured he'd just feed her information less and less frequently until she forgot about the whole thing, but todays events intrigued Liam. He wanted to know about that alien, and he had a feeling hat the US government wouldn't be handing out that information willingly.
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Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

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Dial 555

2 years passed. Nazo had just left school, and was on his way home. He heard a growl behind him, and slowly turned his head to see a grey monster with claws, and themed after some kind of plant. Letting out a scream, the young child began running full speed ahead, the monster in pursuit. Ducking under a bench, he watched as the monster ran past, before breathing a sigh of relief.


Words suddenly rang out, spoken in a semi robotic tone. Nazo's ears go pick up a pulsing sound, coming directly from his right.


A male's voice shouted, speaking a word Nazo had become all too familiar with at this point. He poked his head out, seeing a man in a jean jacket, with medium length brown-black hair, holding a flip phone above his head, a silver belt around his abdomen. The man placed the phone into the belt's buckle, before pushing it down into a sideways position.

[COMPLETE.] As the semi-robotic voice rang out once more, red energy lines began to form over the man's body, before a light engulfed him. Nazo shielded his eyes, as did the monster. When it faded, the man had been replaced by a warrior in a black bodysuit, with the red lines still present. Silver armor adorned his chest, knees, ankles and wrists. A helmet with two red antenna connected to a red circle which sort of looked like the greet symbol Phi, sat upon his head, with two large, yellow eye lenses. The man flicked his wrist, and rushed at the grey monster. It quickly retaliated by sending vines at him, which he swatted away, before pulling the phone out of his belt, and pressing 3 keys on it, then the enter key.

[SINGLE MODE.] The man bent the phone's top screen to the side, turning it into a gun. Pushing a trigger on the side, he fired off 3 shots, each of which made the monster scream out in pain. The man reached down to the sid eof his belt, where he pulled off what looked like a lazer pointer. He removed something from the front of the phone, and pushed it back into his belt, before putting the thing he removed from the phone onto the lazer pointer. The front of it extended, and the man attached it to his right ankle.

[READY.] Opening the phone on his belt, the man pushed the enter key, and got into a ready pose. [EXCEED CHARGE.] Leaping into the air and extending his right leg, a red energy cone fired out, trapping the monster in place. He descended, landing a drop kick directly on the monster's chest. As he landed behind him, the monster was engulfed in an explosion, where a large Phi symbol briefly appeared.

"Oi. I know you're there. You can come out now." The man said, taking out the phone and pushing the 'End Call' button. Nazo walked out as the man's armor faded away.

"H...Hello?" The child's voice was filled with fear and curiosity. The man walked over and helped him up. "Are... Are you a Rider?" The man raised an eyebrow, and an amused smirk appeared on his lips.

"A Rider?" He chuckled slightly, and sat down on the bench. "I suppose some would call me that. I personally prefer to only be called Faiz. None of that fancy title stuff." Nazo walked over and hoisted himself up onto the bench. "You know, you should be more careful. Monsters seem to be coming out of the woodwork more often than they used to. And people like me won't always be around to save you."

Nazo nodded. "I know... But seeing heroes like you... It's one of my dreams to be like you!" The man smiled at the boy's words.

"Heh... Dreams. Such fickle things." He leaned back against the bench. "Never really had one of those myself." He could see the boy's look of confusion. "I may not have a dream, but you know, that won't stop me from protecting them." A laugh escaped the man's lips.

"I... don't get it." Nazo said with a raised eyebrow. Faiz smiled and ruffled the boy's hair before standing.

"You will someday. Now, you should be getting home, kid." With a wave, the man began to walk away, as Nazo stood and made his way home.

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