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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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HunterOfEvil wrote:
[+] Part 1
One week after his show in Paris, Kevin returns to Germany. During the night he pays a visit to Geschichte Academy. Instead of seeking out Eloy as he normally would, Kevin knocks on Gazy's dorm. Ben answers the door and immediately scowls. "What? And.... what happened to your face?"
"Piper became a vampire hunter. He punched me with a fistful of garlic." Kevin answered. "Speaking of which. Youre brother and I need to have a talk about your cousins."
Ben seemed to have a thousand thoughts cross his mind, only visible through the tiny twitched in his stony expression. Finally he narrowed his eyes and stepped aside, opening in the door. "Come... in..." he said slowly, tensely.
Kevin entered the room. "Don't tell my niece and nephew I'm here. They'll want to know about my scars."
Ben nodded. "Good idea." Gazy was on his computer, coding. When Ben shut the door behind Kevin, he barked, "Gaz, take Angel and go find Vanessa. Stay with her 'till I come find you. We gotta have a private conversation."
Gazy looked up in surprise. "Kevin? What--"
"Now, Gazy."
Gazy paused, looked between Kevin and Ben, then stood up. He seemed to sense Ben's heightened seriousness.
"C'mon, Angel!"
"Actually I'd like Gazy's input." Kevin said.
"No," was Ben's curt reply. Gazy was throwing his stuff into a backpack and was hurrying out the door, not daring to test Ben's temper. Angel bounded out behind him. Ben opened the door as Gazy left. He shut it again, adding, "This is staying between you and me."
"You're stubborn like your cousins," Kevin commented. "Mistletoe is going to kill her father, even if she dies in the process. You know this, I presume?"
"Yup," Ben replied curtly. He sat down in the desk chair and motioned for Kevin to sit on one of the beds, and Kevin did so gratefully.
"Then I'm here to ask you if you, like your cousins, can't find a use for a vampire Prince with loads of magic and money."
Ben paused. He thought for a second, staring at Kevin, then replied, "Nope."
"This is why I came to speak to Gazy," Kevin muttered. "Why are you so fixated on a singular solution? Has it never occurred to you that someone might actually be able to help?"
"Gazy doesn't know about Mistletoe's plan," Ben deadpanned. "And I don't intend for him to, not right now. And," Ben added as an afterthought. "Gazy would never agree to something without consulting me first."
"I've had this conversation already," Kevin said. "I risked my life finding your cousins, Dont think you can deter me." Kevin opened the door to find Gazy.
Ben got up, crossed the room in a few long strides, and stuck his arm out in front of Kevin to stop him. His face had gone stony, more than it usually was, if that was possible. "You've had this conversation because we all think the same way. If you think talking to Gazy will help you, you're wrong." He looked up, suddenly incredibly sincere. "I can't stop you from being stupid, so I'm not even going to threaten you. I'm going to ask you a favor... as an... acquaintance..... Don't bring Gazy into this. He's barely eleven; poor kid doesn't know a thing about what's happening behind the scenes. If you say a word to him, not only will it crush his entire view on the world, but it'll pretty much seal your doom. I suggest just going home, or odds are you'll run into Eloy and.... well.... you know."
"And Eloy will dislike Piper for punching me in the face? Or will Eloy be appalled at my clumsiness that some horrible stage accident scarred me? If you're going to allow your cousin to die that's fine, but there exists a world outside your family, and people in it. I wont tell Gazy about all this, but I will equip him."
Ben's eyes flared, but otherwise his expression didn't change. "Gazy has enough PTSD. You will not add to his pain." With that, Ben firmly - yet gently - moved Kevin out of his room, locked his door, and headed briskly down the hall. "Go home, Kevin." he snapped over his shoulder.
"My home burned down." Kevin said. "The day after Christmas. Beatrice with it."
Ben stopped mid-step. He paused, chuckled darkly, and growled, "So much for Merry Christmas." Even so, Kevin could catch a hint of sympathy hidden in Ben's comment.
"I have some things to deliver to Gazy," Kevin said.
Ben looked over his shoulder. He crossed his arms, leaned against the wall, and eyed Kevin with a dirty expression that read, I am so done right now.
"You have my word that I will not tell him of Missy's plan." Kevin insisted.
Ben's eyes narrowed and he eyed Kevin harshly. He gritted his teeth and didn't move. Kevin resolved to find Gazy himself. He turned into a bat and flew past Ben, through the halls, and outside to find Gazy. Ben shook his head and headed down the elevator and outside into the night.
Kevin re-morphed into human form outside. "Gazy?" He called.
There was no answer.
Kevin hurried to Gazy's dorm and phased through. He knew he'd have to add some... anti-Ben precautions. He pulled from his pockets an envelope that said "To Gazy" inside was a second envelope, and a letter that explained that opening the second envelope would allow Kevin to pass through a portal to Gazy. Kevin also produced from his pocket what looked like a nail polish bottle full of translucent blue liquid. He scribbled on a piece of scratch paper instructions telling Gazy that the bottle contained truth potion, that would force the drinker to tell the truth. Kevin finished this note with the words "I wont tell you to use this on your brother, but if he drinks it, you won't be kept in the dark." Kevin opened a drawer of Gazy's, put the items inside, closed it, and began placing an enchantment on it. He gave the drawer a rule only people who ate Christmas dinner with Kevin can open this drawer. That magic rule would exclude Ben, but allow Gazy to open the drawer. If he found these items, the trip would be worth it.

[+] part 2
Kevin got a text the next morning from Gazy. Thnx 4 the stuff. Rly appriciate it.
I forgot to mention this, but I spoke with Missy, and during our conversation whenever she'd get really mad, her eyes would turn red.
Huh? But, M doesnt have magic
well she did. I think something's wrong with her.
but what would b wrong with her?
no one in my family has magic

I dont see how, but she could be cursed. or she couldve drank some potion, or she couldve gone through a genetic mutation, gotta say, not a lot of good possibilities come to mind
cursed by who? Got the potion from where? What kind of mutation?
i dunno kid. I promised Ben I wouldnt telly you what Missy was planning but I didnt promise him I wouldnt tell you she wasnt planning something, and she is, I also didnt promise I wouldnt tell you that I tracked your cousins down to have a chat. They werent exactly happy to have a discussion with me so I couldnt ask her about it. The thing is something's wrong with Missy. Let Ben know.
he's gonna get angry
why didn't you tell Ben?

because hes as stubborn as your cousins
so r u
did u ever notice that? u r just as stubborn as us

i dont deny that
ima talk to my teacher now
thnx again for the stuffs. those could save my life one day

Uh, didn't Ben actually come down from hermit mode during that time and eat Christmas Dinner?
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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He did, but the spell specifically excluded Ben, just because Ben.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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Full GA Recap
(With a Biased Focus)

All characters enrolled in the north branch of Geschichte Academy, Eloy discovers a legend about a magical princess who's soul rests at the academy from over a hundred years ago. This soul possesses Maya Rogue, and monsters from the mythical world of Dodgia attack GA so they can consume the spirit and gain it's power. Eloy fights these monsters and develops a crush on Maya, which he does not confess. Alexander Archfield takes Maya on a date, where Angels attack, because Lucy and Eloy are a demon and vampire, and angels are racist. Alex then develops a rivalry with Eloy and Lucy begins to disdain him. There is later a murder in the school, causing the students to be moved to the south branch of GA, where Eloy and Alex become roommates. This can be played in the form of a demo for the GA game, (which may or may not become a full game) here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-_v- ... lF0SEdmUzQ

Eloy met Aizlin, and he developed a small crush on her. Students attend a fall dance, which is suddenly attacked by terrorists. The terrorists plant several gas bombs in the school, but no fear, comic book hero, Captain Purple is on the scene to save the day! Captain Purple eliminates two gas bomb, but accidentally covers the campus in poisonous gas for a small period of time. This causes Nazo to hate him, because Nazo is mean, and Captain Purple (AKA Alfonso Grey) is doing his best. Poor Alfonso. Eloy prepares to fight the terrorists, but a young boy comes to his room. He introduces himself as Piper, Holly Grove's younger brother. Eloy trusts Piper, but this leads to his demise as Piper stabs Eloy in the heart with a wooden steak, shoves garlic in his mouth, and pushes him out the window. Eloy is left as a corpse, and Alex, who was actually beginning to like his roommate, tries to save him, both because he likes Eloy now, and Lucy threatened him. Lucy is scary. Alex is able to reach Eloy, who's in purgatory, and helps him make a deal with death to get extra time, under the condition that they exorcise a spirit named Mai. Death also takes Eloy's vampirism. Eloy gets a re-spawn for the time being and the gang heads to take out the last bomb. They run into Piper again, who, turns out, actually is Holly's brother. and claims that the terrorists threatened him for killing Eloy. Eloy smacks him with a fire extinguisher but trusts him nonetheless. They find the last bomb but the gang is running out of time. Alfonso makes a last minute decision to cut a specific wire, but apparently it was the wrong one because gas puts everyone to sleep.
The gang wakes up in the terrorist base where they find out that Holly was a liar. She's actually named Missy, which is a way prissier name. Piper also taunts Eloy, who tries to commit suicide, but fails. Eloy loses all trust in humans and descends to a point of insanity. The terrorists ask for the students help fighting a rival terrorist organization. Everyone reluctantly agrees except for Alfonso, (AKA Captain Purple) who's taken into solitary confinement while everyone else is taken to not-solitary confinement. Alfonso breaks out of solitary with the power of SCIENCE! and the terrorists torture him because his brains would be a useful asset. The hero still refuses to help and is taken to differently-solitary confinement. Eloy asks Noah to teach him magic, and Eloy learns one spell, Heal. everyone else is preparing for the fight. Eloy confronts Missy and asks her if everything really was a lie. Eloy then sees that Missy really does regret what she's doing, but he doesn't mention it because he still holds a grudge. he also discovered that Piper and Gazy (Piper's cousin) are Captain Purple fanboys. Alfonso breaks out of Solitary again and a terrorist named Speala shoots him with sleepy darts. Alfonso breaks out of solitary a third time because he's super cool and they don't bother putting him back in because it's clearly pointless. Terrorists attack and the students fight them off with the help of Shinigami, who's actually Mai, but Piper and Speala are dying. Eloy decides to forgive Piper one last time and use his newly learned magic to save his life. He's a noob at magic though and he can't save Speala. Or her mom. Did I mention Speala's mom was dying? Anyways they drive to the hospital but Alex goes super-Alex for some reason and he and Nazo have an anime fight. Alex dies and leaves his angel power with Gazy. Gazy is taken to the hospital and Eloy's Uncle Kevin shows up outta nowhere. how'd he do that? Eloy and Kevin offer Missy an escape from her life but she declines. Then they call the cops on the terrorists, and everyone goes home. buuuut the cops didn't catch them. darn. Wait a second... Eloy's birthday was in October. awe man, he missed it.

Kevin shows up at school before winter break and offers everyone a vacation to the mythical kingdom of Dodgia, where he happens to be royalty. They get there with a magical key that Kevin has. Guess thats how he reached the middle of nowhere. Gazy shows up at school too and sneaks into Eloy's room because the voices in his head told him too. Eloy beats him up and drags him to the group, who decides to trust him. Because trusting terrorists has worked out so well for them so far. Eloy decides to trust gazy, because he's a sad child and it's been so long since he's trusted anyone. then Gazy steals some evidence Kevin was gonna use to incriminate his family. Also Kevin tells Eloy that shinigami is Mai and he gets Mai to agree to not killing Eloy until Kevin can figure out how to get him outta this contract with death. They all go on vacation and meet Eloy's mom and sister who he ran away from after a night of abuse. Kevin bites Eloy so he can be a vampire again but apparently that's against the rules. Maya reveals herself as Death's granddaughter and she takes Eloy and Lucy to go meet with Death. Lucy makes a deal that she'd contract with Eloy to take the responsibility away from the grim reaper. Death agrees and Eloy contracts with Lucy. Eloy is Lucy's cousin-servant now, but Lucy agreed to make the terrorists pay. Turns out Dodgia is in a rough state and there's riots in the streets. Gazy also nearly kills everyone a few times because he's got Alex's magic angel powers and can't control it. Noah's dad, who's Kevin's brother, tries to kill Gazy and Eloy helps. Then Gazy summons Alex and they catch up as old friends. The throne of Dodgia is also contested because the old queen, Owl mom, died, and she adopted all her children so no one's got royal blood. A minor civil war breaks out, and Kevin's house is nearly destroyed, but it's quelled when Noah marries his cousin, Eloy's sister Erika. As it turns out there was a villian named the Dragon Knight (who Parklea had a run in with) orchestrating the quarreling. Everyone goes home and Eloy never had to try to kill Mai. The kingdom still isn't in great shape now. Come to think of it... it might've fallen by now.

When everyone gets home, Parklea is immediately kidnapped and the kidnapper uses information collected from her to make clones. the students get attacked by clones of themselves. They win of course though. Mai was kidnapped with Parklea, but she never turned up.... no one seems too concerned though. I dint think they're in a hurry to find her.

A UFO Crashes and inside is an alien child, who Eloy and Lucy agree to raise as their daughter after reading a message from her birth father, who's fighting a war in their home galaxy of andromeda. Welcome to the family Sophia. Sophia posseses alien powers such as changing her hair, skin, and eye color, and having extreme acrobatic skills. Lucy goes on a date with Nazo and meets a girl named Pheobe. Eloy takes her shopping for clothes and happens to see a news story in which his mother is being interviewed... apparently she and Kevin started a magic troupe, in order to become famous enough to get on TV so they can send a message to Missy. I wonder how that turned out... The astronomy teacher, Proffesor Chambers, tries to bust her for being an alien, and recruits his students to gather evidence. Once he has proof, he calls the government. but the students form a master plan to make it all look like an elaborate magic trick. Inspired by his Kevin's new career, Eloy decides to make it look like an act. Lucina and her uncle help Eloy pull off the trick, Lucy and Maya make Chambers look like a perv. The plan emds up working, and Chambers, who's image has been ruined, steppes down from the position of proffessor.

Lucy's half brother from hell visits and throws a wild party. Then he kidnaps a bunch of students and holds them in Hell so they'll give him their souls. The other students are going to rescue them.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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Heroes Of The Past

Ash sat in his dorm. It had been a month since they got back from America. He stared down at his Gamer Driver and Gashats, pondering 'why'. Why did he fight? Honestly, he fought for fun. Life is boring. Most games don't excite him anymore. But something in him... Something in him wanted a bigger reason to fight. He remembered the words of the belt.


"I've only heard of them in passing... Maybe I should look into them." The gamer spun around in his chair, and loaded up his computer. Typing, he began to watch as google loaded up what he wanted. His cursor moved to a youtube video.

Ash's eyes went wide as he watched various warriors in armor, some looking insects, others like cars, another in orange samurai armor, and yet another with a rocket for a head, all fought monsterous beings. Most people passed it off as a tv show, he knew that. But looking down at his Gamer Driver, he knew that this was reality. His eyes went back to the screen just as a man in nostly black, with large, 6 part green torso armor and a grasshopper themed helmet began to speak.

"Riders... Are heroes of justice, born from tragedy."

The gamer's eyes went wider than before.

"...Born from tragedy? What tragedy have i experienced?" He asked himself. Then he thought about it. The entire fiasco last month could definitely count. But really... He had only just kinda been there. Did it really count? He closed out of his web browser and laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

A man in a white suit walked around the city outside the academy. In his hands was a briefcase with an X marked on the front. His eyes hidden by a pair of sunglasses, the man inspected everyone around him. Seems they were paying no mind to him. He entered a building nearby, and knocked on a door inside.

"Password?" Came a voice from behind the door. The man took off his sunglasses, revealing purple eyes.

"X is the unknown." Came the man's response, his voice deep. The door opened, and he walked in.

"Welcome, Agent Suri." The man nodded and continued walking, carious others in similar white suits stopping to salute him. Suri entered a room, where a man in a far more normal suit sat. Suri sat down in a chair across from the man, and set the briefcase on the table. He opened it, revealing a strange gun with A and B buttons on the side of it. "I've brought the Driver, as requested. Where are the Gashats?" The man across from Suri pulled up his own briefcase, marked with a logo that read GENM. He placed it on the table, revealing 8 Gashats, colored red, yellow, orange, black, and neon green. The remaining three sat on a bottom row, one colored red and black, another crimson and light blue, and the ladt was red and a pale gold.

"You remember the deal, correct?" The man asked. "Does your prototype function?" Suri nodded, and pulled out a black and white Gashat, labeled as "Virus X". "Prove it." Suri nodded, and ushered the man into another room, where he held up the Gashat to a slot on the gun. Pushing it in, he took a stance, and raised the gun into the air. He pulled the trigger, as the man watched with wide eyes.

A flash, and then Suri had been replaced by an armored warrior. The man nodded, and handed over the briefcase of Gashats. Suri's armor faded as the man walked off. He looked down at the Gashat labels, and for the first time, a smirk crossed his face.

Gekitotsu Robots. Doremifa Beat. Jet Combat. Giri Giri Chambara. Shakariki Sports. Magic The Wizard. Insect Wars Kabuto. Adventure Guy Kuuga. 8 Gashats straight from Genm Corp, without the president's knowledge. Soon, they'd have Germany in their hands.

Afterall, Riders were able to take out cyborg filled terrorist organizations. One rider vs an army of simple humans was far easier.

"Everyone is searching for a world where they belong. A place of light, free of falsehood. We are on a never ending journey to reach that world." -Tsukasa Kadoya

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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

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Dark Soldier

Several years passed. Mai, now 17, sat near the older Hiiro and Ken, watching them play a fighting game, occasionally looking down at a history book in her lap. Their caretaker, Ms.Yamikaze, smiled as she watched them enjoy themselves. The children had a rough past 10 years, but it seems things were looking up. They had finally acquired an actual place to stay, a small apartment near a decent school. It was much better than their old place in the back of a store. Mai had taken a great interest in historical figures, such as Thomas Edison and Nobunaga Oda. On a desk nearby, a mountians of paper were piled up, all research on said historical figures.

A knock on the door signalled the 3 teens to look up. Ken took advantage of the situation, quickly pressing combos on his controller, and finishing his brother off. "Oh come on!" Was the only response the laughing Ken got out of his brother. Ms.Yamikaze stood up and walked to the door.

Opening it, she was met face to face with men in white suits. Each faces potrayed no emotion. "Yukina Yamikaze." Said a deep voice. "Or rather... Agent Geist." Yukina's eyes narrowed in distaste.

"Mai. Hiiro. Ken. Get upstairs. Don't come out until i tell you to. Please." Hearing their caretaker's orders, the three slowly nodded and left, Mai taking her book and notes with her. As soon as the 3 were out of sight, Yukina glared daggers at her current company. "What does the Foundation want with me now? You know I quit."

"That would have been acceptable... Had you not taken top secret research with you. We would like the Eyecons and Drivers back, Agent Geist." The man held out his hand, as if expecting the items in question to just be handed over. Yukina was silent for a moment.

Then, she punched him in the face. The other 4 behind him lept into action, pulling out strange ribbed USB drives, and stabbed them into their necks, their faces morphing into masks of some kind, with a skeletal design to them. Yukina jumped back, grabbing a near desk drawer and opening it, producing a strange black object and a mechanical eyeball. Placing the object to her wrist, 2 straps extended and wrapped around her forearm. She raised the eyeball, and pressed a button on it's side, before loading it into the brace.

[LOADING.] A discorded riff sounded off, and Yukina was replaced by a figure in an all black armor and bodysuit, with a black and grey hoodie with short sleeves descending on her, forming a grey mask with black eyes on her helmeted face. She rushed toward the monsters in front of her. A fist impacted against one's face, sending it flying. Another began to sneak up on her, but a spinning kick knocked it back.

The curious teens sent to their room peeked out from behind a wall, watching their caretaker fight off the men as some kind of armored super hero. Mai's eyes were practically filled with sparkles as she watched Ms. Yamikaze fight, throwing punches and kicks. The two boys walked away, retreating to a room behind them. A room they had previously been told not to enter.

They hadn't even meant to.

But what they found inside would change the lives of all 3 teens.

The walls of the room were lined with papers, and manual, and blue prints for a variety of items. Hiiro walked over and found 3 eyeball devices like Ms. Yamikaze's, but they were entirely white with black etchings and pink marks splattered around them. He tried pushing it's button, only for nothing to happen. Ken opened another drawer, finding 2 strange belts. They were identical, featuring a creepy smile beneath a somewhat see through blue sheet, and a single eye, with a handle sticking out the right side. Mai walked into the room, and looked down at some papers. She picked them up, and read aloud.

"Eyecon System...?" A thought crossed her mind. The men out there asked for 'The Eyecons' back, right? Maybe... Maybe those were the Eyecons they desperately wanted. And if they were important enough for violence to get involved... And for them to be hidden away... then...

"Ken, Hiiro. Give me one of those. Please." The teenage girl asked, turning to her friends. Hiiro nodded in confusion, and handed one over. It flashed in her hand briefly, an S appearing for a split second, then returned to it's previous state. Hiiro handed ome to Ken as well, which flashed a G before returning to normal. The final one flashed an I. The two boys took the belts, and hid them in their jackets, before rushing out to see a hole in the wall, and all 6 fighters gone. They rushed over to see Yukina fighting down below, and a new fighter, wearing a similar armor to their caretaker, only with a yellow coat, 2 horns, and lightning bolts all over him, approached. Ken stared down at the belt on his waist, which was the same as the one they had taken from the room.

His armor lit up as he rushed over to her, and punched her square in the jaw, cracking her helmet a bit. Yukina pushed a button on her wrist device, and a large eye symbol appeared behind her, grey energy flowing into her fist. She rushed over to the new fighter, and with a jump, punched him as hard as she could, sending him spiraling back. Electricity began to spark around her body, and the suit flickered.

"You see, Agent Geist... That's what you get for using an early prototype. The suit can't handle the Omega Drive functions. Mine however... Can." The man in yellow said. Reaching down to his belt, he pulled the level out, causing a large eye symbol to appesr behind his own back, and send rainbow colored energy to his foot. He jumped, and descended onto the teens' caretaker, who screamed in pain.

"MISS YAMIKAZE!!!" Came the shout of one Mai. The man in yellow looked up to see the three teens watching in horror. He made a motion to the 4 monsters behind him, and they rushed off to deal with the children.

Yukina, now devoid of her suit, struggled to get up. She was bleeding in several places, and she definitely had a gash in her head. Blood ran down her face as she stared up at thw man in yellow. He grabbed her by the wrist, and removed the Eyecon from her wrist device.

"The Geist Eyecon... The first Eyecon developed by Foundation X. It's drawbacks include nausea, weakness in the joints, and the user's soul being trapped inside of it. So if the Eyecon is broken..." He began to squeeze it, cracks forming. "The user dies." He turned his attention to foot steps behind him, and turned to see the 4 monsters walking toward him, with the 3 teens in front of them, beaten and bruised. The man in yellow chuckled. "I wonder... Agent Geist. Would they despair if they watched you die?"

"DON'T! SHE'S ALL WE HAVE!" Mai cried, tears running down her cheeks. Hiiro glared daggers at the man, while Ken just closed his eyes in terror. The man laughed harder.

"Then even more reason to do it!" He laughed, and turned to show them the Eyecon. He squeezed harder, and crushed it. He opened his hand.

And pieces of the broken device fell to the ground as Yukina screamed bloody murder. Her body began to glow, and disintegrate.

"No.. No! Nonononono! Not yet!" Yukina cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. Reality set in. She was going to die. Realizing this, she looked to the 3 she had taken care of for years. "Mai... Ken... Hiiro... I didn't want to involve you all... I wanted you all to live peaceful lives... But now you know... Please... stay strong... Protect each other... Live... Live til the end... Let your lives burn brightly..." Her eyes and up were all that was left now. "Don't give up hope..."

Yukina's body vanished.

She was gone.

Mai screamed in rage, and sadness. Tears began to flow from Ken's eyes. Hiiro roared.

And the man in yellow continued to laugh.

"Kill them all. All who see us must perish. No evidence left behind." He declared, and turned away. The 4 nodded, and tool out daggers of a sort. The 3 wept. They had just lost everything... And now they were about to die too.

A stab. A scream of pain. Followed by another. Mai looked to her left, and saw Hiiro and Ken's bodies bleeding out. She screamed, cried. She felt a pain in her chest. Looking down, she discovered a blade going through it. As it was pulled out, she fell to the ground, her body shutting down.

I... I can't die yet... I can't! If I do... Then everything Miss Yamikaze said was worthless! I DON'T WANNA DIE!

The same thought ran through the heads of all 3 there.

All 4 intact Eyecons on the scene began to glow.

The man in yellow turned around, shocked. "No... They had them!?"

As the final breathes of all 3 were drawn, their bodies turned into golden light.

Mai opened her eyes to a field of green, with a waterfall nearby. Looking around, she wondered to herself.

"Is this... Heaven?"

A laugh echoed behind her. "Not quite, child." Swinging around, Mai soon met face to face with a hooded figure. Cloaked in yellow and black. "This is more a space between Heaven and Hell... Kinda like purgatory, but not. Sorry, where are my manners? My name is Yurei."

Mai nodded slowly, confused. What was going on? Hadn't she died?

"As you can see... You're dead!" He exclaimed. "But! That can be fixed! You died while in possession of an Eyecon, did you not?" Again, Mai nodded, and pulled it out. "Ah, so you did! Well, you're in luck! You can come back to life!" The girl's head shot up at this news. "...Kinda. You'll be brought back as a ghost. The main problem with this, is that you'll also be on limited time. 15 years at most." Mai's eyes returned to sadness.

"...So I only get 15 more years, huh? And even then, I'm not actually alive..." She sat down on a nearby rock.

"Woah, woah! Don't get all mopey on me, young lady! There's an upside!" She looked to him, waiting. "If you can collect 15 Eyecons of legendary men and women of history, you can get 1 wish! Any wish at all! You can wish to be a god, for unlimited wealth... or even for the life of yourself and others to be restored."

Mai looked down at the Eyecon in her hand. "These things hold that much power...?"

"Indeed! But! Only if you accept the contract. Once you do, your soul will be bound to that Eyecon until you're either brought back, or your time runs out. So! Do you accept the contract?" He asked eith a florish.

Mai stared down at it. If she accepted... She could bring back herself... Ken... Hiiro... and Miss Yamikaze...

She stood, and turned to Yurei. Determination filled her eyes.

"I'll do it. I accept the contract." She declared. He laughed.

"Wow! Without even reading it!" His hands glowed yelloe and orange. "Then... I wish you luck... Shinigami." He held put his hand, and blue flames enveloped Mai. A belt, identical to the ones found by Hiiro and Ken, and to the one present on the man in yellow's waist, appeared on her. The eyecon in her hand flashed, and it's colors changed. It now sported a black casing, with a white scalera and iris. The top changed to show two crossed, upside down scythes, with teeth below them. The word 'Shinigami' appeared below the symbol. Her spirit turned into motes of light, and she vanished. Yurei looked on for a moment longer, and laughed.

"Well... This'll be interesting data."

Back in the real world, the man in yellow was frantically searching. "Find them!"

They would not leave that complex.

Darkness enveloped the whole area, and Yurei's lines on his suit, as well as his helmet's face, began to glow to let him see better. He looked to where he had dropped the pieces of the Geist Eyecon, only to see them gone, and a gloved hand be holding them.

"Well... Looks like the playing field has been evened, wouldn't you say?" A female voice sounded out. The darkness cleared.

Standing there was a female in a near identical armor to the man in yellow's and Yukina's, with white bone patterns spread throughout. A red eye sat in the center of her chest, and a long coat with a hood, short sleeves, and a rib cage design on the lapels sat over the armor. A red gem sat in the middle of the figure's forehead region, and two crossed, upside down scythes formed pitch black eyes, with teeth and a nasal cavity below the blades. Her lines and silver of her face glowed softly. The Eyecon pieces in her hand vanished. "...Miss Yamikaze... I'll avenge you. And then I'll get that wish... So i can bring you back."

[KAIGAN! SHINIGAMI!] (Awaken, grim reaper!)

A large sycthe with several hinges appeared in her hand.

[NAKI TAMASHII! YAMI NO SENSHI! G-G-G-GHOST!] (A lost soul, a soldier of darkness! G-g-g-Ghost!)

As a call that sang doom fkr the enemy rang out, Mai lifted her now helmeted face. A wave of killing intent flew off of her, and the 5 beings in front of her, those responsible for the death of her friends and herself, took a step back. Mai spun her scythe as if she had trained with one for years, and, dragging it's blade along the ground, she walked toward them.

"Well... I-I can see you're angry... So how about we just talk things out? Alright?" The man in yellow asked, nervous, and frightened. Beneath his helmet, sweat practically poured down his face. He hadn't accounted for this!'

"You didn't talk it out with us when you let them kill me or my friends, did you? Or with Ms. Yamikaze? No. You didn't. The time for talk is long over... Now, is the time for reaping. Punishment. The time to send you all directly to hell." Mai broke out into a run, and the man in yellow backed up further.

"Well... I know when I'm beaten... I leave the rest to you 4! Ciao!" The man in yellow flew up, and then vanished. Mai clicked her tongue in annoyance, a habit that she would be doing a LOT. She focused her sights on the 4 in front of her... the 4 who killed herself, Hiiro, and Ken. She rushed forward again, pulling a trigger on her scythe, firing a bullet that boosted her forward.

Spinning, Mai clashed against the monsters in front of her. She slashed directly through one, cutting through him, but not bisecting him. Sparks flew instead, and the monster cried out in pain. She hit a button, and the weapon shifted into a sniper rifle, which she pressed against his head. He began to object, clesrly filled with fear.

She pulled the trigger.

The USB from before flew out of his neck, and he fell unconscious. She stabbed the USB, and a scream of pain came from his mouth, before his chest stopped moving.

Her first human kill. But in her eyes, it was alright. They weren't human to her. Not anymore.

The other 3 backed up. Mai turned her sights on them, and began to float. She flew higher into the air, and took aim. She fired off 4 rounds. 2 to knock the strange USBs out of them, and 2 to kill. All 4 hit their mark, and the last one got up snd began to run.

"You can not escape death..." She quipped, pulling out the lever of her belt. A large black and silver eye appeared behind her, and rainbow colored energy gathered around her left foot. She pushed the lever back in, and began to descend upon the final monster, who had become frozen in fear.

[DAI-KAIGAN! SHINIGAMI! OMEGA DRIVE!] (Grand awakening: Shinigami Omega Drive!)

Her foot connected seconds later, and the remaining monster was engulfed in flames, and then exploded. His USB flew out of the explosion, and then shattered to pieces.

When the explosion cleared, the only thing remaining was Mai, standing in a smoking crater.

And behind her, two shining lights. One red, and one brown. They reformed into the forms of Hiiro and Ken Kiseki. Mai turned around, her armor and coat vanishing into motes of light. Tears fell down her cheeks as her eyes fell upon them. They were fine... Or rather, almost. Ghosts, like her, on limited time.

This was only the beginning. What awaited them was far more horrible than what they had witnessed that day. A path of darkness, destruction, hate, and sorrow awaited these 3 friends.


"Everyone is searching for a world where they belong. A place of light, free of falsehood. We are on a never ending journey to reach that world." -Tsukasa Kadoya

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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

Post#26 » 09 Aug 2017 23:27

Galant Exit
Alfonso and Walter Grey met from opposite sides of bulletproof glass. “Dad always wanted us to be heroes.” Alfonso said. “He drilled ideals like bravery and heroism into us.”
“Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with that.” Walter said. Alfonso broke a short silence.
“You just made yourself out to be a villain to make me a hero.” Walter laughed.
“Finally figured that out? yeah I knew you were passionate about following our father so I made a persona to oppose you, let you take me down. worked perfectly.”
“No. It didn't.” Alfonso countered. “You're serving a life sentence because of that plan.”
“I don't mind.” Walter insisted.
“I'm going to help you out. You made me a hero, it's time I repaid you. I’m gonna break you out of here.”
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

Post#27 » 10 Aug 2017 00:11

Val's Story Part 1: Exiled

Val fought because it was in her blood, she held a rebellious streak, and she was an outcast. Her mother and father rulers of an island hidden from the world. Their daughter talked about constantly, considered a menace. Val was six years old the first time she got in a fight. An older boy pushed her off the swing and took it. She broke his nose and bloodied his lip resulting in a five day suspension. She was friends with an older boy just as unruly as she was, his name was Kota. As the years went by the two grew closer and practiced fighting together everyday until IT happened...

Val was 15 and on her island this was plenty old enough to be married off to any of the Lords on the island. Her parents were the King and Queen, but the Lords helped rule the large island. The island was divided into six realms; one in the center where the King and Queen ruled and five more surrounding to protect the main realm. Her father summoned her and as she entered the main all there stood the five Lords. Each one was given a chance to look her over and then offer her a gift in exchange for her hand. She denied each gift and stated that she was not ready to marry anyone for she already cared for another. One of the Lords gripped her wrist tightly and insisted she must marry one of them or her parents will choose and she will have no say. She broke his arm as her response before stating that she will not marry unless she has a say in who. The Lords turned to her parents and demanded something be done about her actions. Normally the punishment for harming a Lord was death, but the King and Queen loved their daughter too much. Instead she was exiled, given her whip and GodKiller she was to leave the island and never return.

That night she prepared a boat, packed some food and fresh water, and prepared to leave. Before she could push off a hand grabbed her arm to stop her. She looked back to see Kota with more supplies and his own weapons.
"I cannot let you go alone..." was all he said as he climbed in the boat and took over the oars. Together they sailed away from the island they once called home...
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

Post#28 » 10 Aug 2017 00:48

These are just short stories to set up the next few arcs of mine.

Bone and Steel

Location: Vivinaut Tech Labs, Country: Cardiff, England, Universe: 23 Delta 4
Characters: Protocol Q, Protocol W, Doctor Edmund Greystain, Intern Flint Cell

Two men stood at a table, admiring a body on a slab. The body looked human in nature, though it had green hair, and only one eye. "I think it shall work!" The older man said. He was balding, and had a thick beard. He wore a white lab coat that said Doctor Greystain on the nametag. The younger man shook his head, he too wore a lab coat, but didn't have a nametag. "I don't know Doc, seems hopeless. He's older than W over there, how is he supposed to work?" The younger man made a motion to another humanoid shape in a glass pod full of blue liquid, which was illuminated by dim LED lights. The humanoid looked to be in terrible shape, his left arm was a metal frame of an arm, with red wires strung in and around it. The right leg was in the same shape as the arm. His right arm was missing completely. He had only one eye, which was his left one, it didn't look like an eye, but more of a red LED light that was illuminated. The old man smacked the younger one on the back. "I told you to keep him covered up!" The younger man shook his head and walked over to the humanoid and covered it up with a white sheet. The older man was tinkering with the humanoid in front of him, which had a tattoo with the words "Protocol Q" on where the missing eye was supposed to be. "Protocol Q will be a fine test for the Dimensional Warrior project." He said, turning to the younger man. "Maybe if he had two eyes and a working voice box. Right now he's spare parts covered in synthetic flesh." The younger man answered back, staring at the now covered pod. Suddenly a metal frame hand broke through the pod and grabbed the man by the throat, lifted him off his feet, and threw him across the room. The man hit the other wall with a sickening crunch. With that the humanoid, which had a tattoo on his back labeling him as Protocol W, walked towards the wall, his red eye illuminating brightly, opening a portal-like hole in the wall, which he walked through. The older man hadn't moved from his spot, stiffened in fear.
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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

Post#29 » 23 Aug 2017 01:33

Hidden Dragon

A still young Nazo was walking down the street, 200 yen in hand (approximately 2 US dollars), on his way to his favorite candy store. A ringing entered his ears, and his hands shot up to cover them.

"What... is that?" He asked. He kneeled down in pain. People passing by gave him strange looks. "Can... no one else... hear this?" He muttered in pain.

The ringing stopped. But the direction it had been coming from... His eues lingered to... a window? He blinked trying to make sure he wasn't imagining things.

Looking at it again, he saw shapes moving. One of them looked kinda like a human... but clad in a red suit with black and silver over it. A grilled visor hid two red eye lenses. In front of him, a large humanoid rhino was beating him back. Nazo stood slowly, quickly looking down to see if he scraped his knee. No scratches. He walked over to the window, trying to get a closer look.

A world on the other side of the mirror... This was exciting! The red, dragon themed warrior rushed at the rhino monster, reaching down tp his silver belt with a black buckle that held a gold dragon head design on it. A card came out of it, which he put into a dragon head shaped gauntlet.

[SWORD VENT.] A sword came out of nowhere, and flew into the warrior's hand. Slashing, the warrior sent the monster back. He pulled another card out of his belt, and put it into the gauntlet. [GUARD VENT.] Large, dragon body themed shields attached to his upper arms, and he reached down to his belt to grab one more card. [STRIKE VENT.]

A roar. That was what Nazo heard. Inside the mirror, a large, red, chinese dragon appeared, and breathed fire onto the warrior's free hand. A dragon head appeared over it, and he held his hand out, sending fire at the rhino monster.

The warrior, now fully equipped, rushed at the monster again, and slashed, the sword's blade igniting. The rhino monster made an inhuman sound of pain, just as another warrior appeared, clad in a black bodysuit and purple, cobra themed armor. He slid a card into a staff shaped like a cobra head, and 2 more monsters appeared; 1 a giant purple cobra, and the other a magenta stingray. The three monsters merged into a chimera of the 3, and it roared before striking the red warrior. He slid back, and reached down to his belt, just as the cobra warrior spied Nazo watching them.

A hand reached out and grabbed the boy, who barely had enough time to pocket his money before a sword was put to his neck. The boy looked up in fear at the red warrior.

"Asakura! What are you doing!? Leave innocents out of this!" The red warrior shouted, pulling out a card which displayed a gold wing with a red orb near the top. The more notable part however, was that the card had a background made of moving flames, as if the fires of battle were trapped inside that single card.

The purple warrior, now known as Asakura, laughed. "Oh please! It just makes this war more fun! But... are you willing to strike me while i have this kid hostage... Ryuki?" The red warrior, now known as Ryuki, flinched. "Hand over the Survive card, and I'll let him go." Ryuki hesitated for a moment. "Come on! Or do you want MORE blood to be spilt because you're too slow?"

Ryuki sighed, and threw the card to Asakura who caught it in his fingers. The cobra themed warrior laughed, and pushed Nazo forward, who rammed right into Ryuki, sending them both tumbling to the ground. Ryuki watched his foe put the card near his staff, changing it into a large, cobra themed shield of some kind attached to his arm. He slid the card into the cobra's mouth and shut it, and was engulfed in flames.


The announcement rang out, and multiple black and white images flew around him, before finally all colliding with his body. His armor changed to be spikier, and sported a cobra face on his chest, with golden accents, gauntlets and greaves replacing his once plain purple ones. His helmet morphed to have a long, draping golden hood reminiscent of a pharoh's headpiece. A large whip appeared in his free hand, and the purple deck once present in his belt now darkened a bit. His malicious laughter filled the air of the mirrored world, and the monster near his side screamed in pain as it's body too, began to change. It grew much larger, and several other monsters flew toward it, fusing with it's already hidious visage. It was now an algamation of several monsters, and let out a pained roar.

Ryuki stared up in terror at the monster, known simply as Genosurvivor. Nazo was on the verge of tears. "That's too scary! All I wanted to do was buy some candy!" The young boy cried. Ryuki's focus shifted to the young boy, and he stood up. He drew his sword again, and stared down the algamation in front of him.

"Oh? The idiot suddenly grew some balls! How funny!" Asakura laughed.

"This child is crying... I won't let his tears fall anymore! And I won't let you get away again, Ouja!" Ryuki's voice shouted. He jumped at the creature, yelling out in anger. Alas, his sword made contact, and shattered on impact. Refusing to give in, he pointed his dragon gauntlet at the creature and let a stream of flames out at it. It seemed to not phase it at all, and it lashed out with a giant crab claw. It caught the poor red warrior in it's grasp, who let out a scream of pain. Nazo looked up in despair. Was there nothing he could do?

"You have great potential inside of you. When the time finally comes for it to show itself, embrace it. Don't push it away."

The words of that waiter rang in his mind again. A glow appeared on his waist, and the small boy stood up as a belt made itself known. His amber eyes changed to bright green, and he let out a yell before charging at the purple warrior. Caught off guard, Asakura fell to the ground as the boy rammed into him. A fist impacted against his helmet, cracking it slightly.

"W-what!?" Came the cry of Asakura. Nazo reached down to the cobra shield and opened it's mouth, removing the Survive card. The armor reverted to it's original form, causing the monster to scream as it shrank and seperated. Ryuki fell from it's grasp, and the small boy threw him the card.

"Thank you!" He shouted, and placed it near his dragon gauntlet. It morphed into a dragon themed gun, and he placed it into the weapon's mouth. [SURVIVE.]

When he landed, he was now clad in a black bodysuit wuth red and gold dragonic armor over it. He stared at over at Asakura as his dragon appeared nearby, morphing into a larger and bulkier dragon, flames blazing behind the two. Asakura stood up and charged at the dragon knight, just as he slid another card into the back of the gun.

[FINAL VENT.] Echoed out loud, and reverberated several times. The dragon transformed, bending in odd ways before becoming a motorcycle, which Ryuki hopped onto. The dragon rider drove at full speed toward the purple snake warrior, and crashed directly into him, engulfing both in an explosion. The young boy covered his face as debris flew past.

When it faded, the young boy blinked and uncovered his face as Ryuki stepped out, a fallen Asakura, now armorless and dressed in black pants and a snakeskin jacket, was lying on the ground. The body seemed to be dissolving. Ryuki rushed over to Nazo, and pushed him toward a window. "Small children like yourself don't need to see what happens next... Go on. Go get that candy. Oh!" Reaching behind himself, he pulled another couple bills out. "Go get some extra, actually. You deserve it." He pushed the boy through the window, and the mirror world faded away.

Nazo stood up and brushed himself off. He looked down at his knee, which finally sported a scrape.

Not bothered by this, the boy went on his way. When he got home, he told his surrogate parents everything.

Sakurako only scolded him for not sharing the candy he bought. They fully believed everything. Because when you're friends with a man who can transform into a beetle-man that can kick things and make then explode, anything's possible at that point.

"Everyone is searching for a world where they belong. A place of light, free of falsehood. We are on a never ending journey to reach that world." -Tsukasa Kadoya

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Geschichte Academy: Side Stories

Post#30 » 24 Aug 2017 17:12


Guards crowded around a wall decked out in bulletproof gear and assault rifles. The stone wall in front of them blasted open and the guards opened fire. A man dressed in purple and black covered his face with his forearms as he was pelted with armor piercing bullets. "Clear out!" Someone yelled. A man dressed much like the one in purple, though instead bearing green, leaped overtop the purple man from behind. The one in green landed directly in front of an officer, and landed a kick right in his gut. The green man wasted no time grabbing the officer by the arms and throwing him against some of his comrades. The purple one took the opening and speed through the gap at superhuman speed, his green ally matching his pace.

Captain Purple was assisting the escape of Commander Green.

"You do realize what your sacrificing by helping me here right?" Asked Walter, the man garbed in green.
"Less than you think brother." Alfonso responded.
"You won't be able to return to the academy, you'll be pegged a criminal like me, and your status as a hero will go down the drain." Walter said.
"I was never a hero. I only thought I was because you made me out to be one." Alfonso countered. The two ran towards the penitentiary exit where armored vehicles stood waiting. Guards opened fire upon them once they were in range. "Going up!" Alfonso yelled. His brother and him flew into the air high above the cars and, instead of heading through the gate, soared over the wall. "Lives of heroes and villains aren't for us brother." Alfonso said.
"Well I'm glad you finally have some conviction." Walter said. "I just hope you're prepared to live as renegades."
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