Prisoner's Dilemma

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Prisoner's Dilemma

Post#11 » 13 Dec 2016 04:38

Yessir I'll try it again!
I'm with stupider

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Prisoner's Dilemma

Post#12 » 13 Dec 2016 19:50

We never had a game in the first place. Xp I'm ready though.
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Prisoner's Dilemma

Post#13 » 13 Dec 2016 20:57

Alright going to reset the list :P

Hopefully mroe people are going to come.

Its not exactly a roleplay but maybe if a admin moved it to the roleplay section it would get more responses?

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Prisoner's Dilemma

Post#14 » 14 Dec 2016 21:55

It might. That's a good idea. Of course, I'm always up for the game.
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