Rap Battle

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Rap Battle

Post#1 » 07 Mar 2017 22:24

Lay down your words and show everyone whos boss.

Your all fools
Simple tools.
You've no style or swag
Im da king
Hear me sing
And though I hate to brag
Im the best
Your all less
So just give it a rest.

(I think you get the idea. Insult each other in rhyme)
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Rap Battle

Post#2 » 08 Mar 2017 02:53

The big boss that beats you down and never lets up
They call him Guzma, boy he thinks he's tough!
But Guzma a losa. Devon, you follow?
You and Guzma, bosses alike, both will be swallowed by defeat and be filled with sorrow.
The defeat, it will repeat, because I got this rap thing and I think it's sweet! So don't try to borrow.
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