Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay


Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay


The premise is simple. You’ve woken up in a strange high-school, alongside many other students you’ve never met before. On your person, you find a phone connected to the school’s network, and an envelope. Inside that, a letter, welcoming you to the school, hoping you’ll have a good time and asking only one thing of you…
Kill your fellow students.

Two targets among your new friends must fall victim to your knife. Or gun. Or spoon. Or whatever you want to kill them with. Do so, and you will be rewarded with untold riches, power and fame. Of course, killing them isn’t everything. You’ll also have to survive an investigation by the other students, in an attempt to prove who the killer really is…

If you’re someone who hates the idea of violence, worry not. This school, the Reaver Institute for Specialized Students, is home to many secrets and mysteries. No one knows what happened to the school, nor the people who used to inhabit it. Solve these mysteries, and you might be able to locate the Override Switch, the only means to disable the lock on the school.
So how will you play? Will you work with your fellow students to free yourself from this death trap? Or will you fall victim to your selfish desires and do whatever it takes to win this game?

Day/Night cycle:

During the day, the students are free to roam around the school and to do as they please. They can collect items, chat with their friends, participate in some hobbies or even relax in their room. Would-be murderers can kill during the day, though it’s fairly risky.

At 10pm, night time mode activates. Certain rooms, such as the kitchen, will be locked down during this time. All of the student bedrooms will also be locked, but can be unlocked at any time by the student residing inside.

If one wishes, you can explore the school at night time. As stated before, certain areas will be locked, so your exploration will be limited.

Murder mechanics of the game:

One player must follow or find another player, alone in any room. You cannot attempt to murder a player if two or more people are in the room.

The murderer may use a weapon (and in fact, probably should) found within the school. I’ll leave the weapon up to your imagination, but it needs to be something you can find in the building (I.E. a knife from the kitchen, a pencil from the supply closet or maybe a bow and arrows found at the archery range).

An RNG will be rolled to see whether or not the murderer can sneak up on the victim. If he succeeds, he can initiate a stealth kill. If this succeeds, the victim is murdered swiftly, quickly and without leaving too much of a trace. Sometimes sneaking up will be impossible, maybe because the victim is facing the only door into the room or for some other reason.

If the murderer is spotted, they can attempt to leave OR they can attack. As the victim is now aware of the murderer’s intent, a fight will begin. The result will be determined based on several factors, including who happens to be the stronger character, what weapons (if any) are used and other factors.

If the murderer succeeds in killing the victim after being spotted, they will succeed, but may leave behind some evidence or suffer some injury. If they fail, then the victim can either attempt to kill the murderer, or they can attempt to flee and find help.
After the murderer has killed the victim, they can attempt to move the corpse somewhere else if they so please. Whatever their decision, they can also attempt to dispose of the murder weapon. They can hide the weapon in any room they choose to. However, keep in mind that student rooms are locked at night, so you can only stash a weapon in a student’s room during the day. The murderer can also attempt to find any other evidence to dispose. They must be quick however, for the Headmaster will soon announce that a student has been murdered.

For the sake of fairness, other players will NOT hear another player being murdered unless they are in close proximity to the murder site.

Investigation mechanics of the game:

When a corpse is discovered, the investigation period of the game begins. The students, if they so wish, must comb the scene of the murder and attempt to find clues relating to the killer’s identity. A description of the murder scene will be provided, along with any rooms the players visit during the investigation.

First, they can attempt to analyse the corpse. This will often provide the method of murder (stabbing, strangulation, whatever it may be) and (in some instances), may provide some small clue, such as a hair fibre. There may be other clues nearby, especially if the victim was involved in a scuffle with the murderer.

The main piece of evidence is the murder weapon. If one stumbles upon the weapon, they may find fingerprints (if the killer did NOT use gloves and forgot to wipe the weapon down). You can test the fingerprints of any willing student, to see if they match those on the weapon. A matching student might not be the murderer, but it should be considered.

The security cameras can also be accessed, providing they weren’t turned off or the records weren’t erased. They’re not high-quality enough to provide a matching face, but they might help you narrow down your list of suspects.

Other means may also be used. Maybe you could set a recorder up in a room to catch someone in the act before it happens (must be done ahead of time of course, there’s no need to post directly about it but you must message me if you’ve done such an action). Don’t just limit yourself to tricks found here though. If you can think of a unique way of catching a murderer, then please contact me about it and we’ll see if it works.

If the murderer is careful, then they can get away with leaving little to no evidence. Just remember that killing someone and getting off scott free is not meant to be easy. You want all the fame and money the Headmaster promised? Earn it.

Trial mechanics of the game:

Once an ample amount of time to collect evidence and find clues has passed, a trial will begin. All students will be directed to the elevator on the ground floor, which will take them to the courtroom. Here is where all that Phoenix Wright training pays off. The students can ask questions amongst themselves, analyse evidence and attempt to figure out just who the murderer is. Anything goes at these trials, except for violence. Only the Headmaster may pass judgement on the players present.

If one student believes another is guilty of the murder, they can accuse that student. Once the accusation is made, the accused is given the chance to defend himself from questions asked by his classmates. He or she can use whatever means at their disposal to prove themselves innocent… or to hide their guilt.

After enough questions have been asked, the class will be asked to vote innocent or guilty. Any student may abstain from voting if they so wish. If the vote swings in favour of acquittal, then the accused is allowed to live. At no further point during the trial can they be accused once again (unless they downright admit they killed the person). If this happens, the students can continue to ask questions and, if they so wish, accuse someone else of being the murderer. If they can accuse no one else, the trial ends and no one is punished.

If the class votes in favour of guilt however, then judgement will be dealt. If the murderer was correctly accused, then they’ll be executed there and then. If the class turns out to be wrong however, then the accuser will be killed instead. Either way, the trial will end. It’s worth noting that everyone’s vote will be made public to the other students.

Solving the Puzzle – What happened at Reaver Institute for Specialized Students?

Hidden beneath this dark and depressing death game, is of course the ultimate mystery surrounding this school. Just what exactly happened here? Where are all the old students? Who is the Headmaster? And is there truly a way to escape the school without killing a single soul?

Sure there is. By searching for clues in each of the rooms, solving the riddles present and uncovering the history of the school, you’ll be led to the mythical override switch. The only means of opening the locked door on the 4th floor to leave the school without killing your classmates. The override switch will disable all security systems within the school for a few minutes, allowing for a quick getaway.

Just know that if you do decide to poke your nose where it doesn’t belong, you may find some things that were better left forgotten…

School Rules:

1. Standard role-play rules apply: No OP characters, no breaking of forum rules, etcetera…
2. Students may reside only within the school grounds. Leaving campus is an unacceptable use of time.
3. "Nighttime" is from 10 pm to 7 am. Some areas are off-limits at night, so please exercise caution.
4. Sleeping anywhere other than the dormitory will be seen as sleeping in class and punished accordingly.
5. With minimal restrictions, you are free to explore the school at your discretion.
o Most of the school will be sealed at the start of the game. After a murder trial OR a critical clue has been discovered, new areas will open up.
6. Violence against The Headmaster is strictly prohibited, as is destruction of surveillance cameras.
7. Anyone who successfully kills their two targets is permitted to leave the school and claim their reward.
8. After a murder, there is to be a forty-eight hour grace period AFTER the trial, during which no student may kill each other. Failure to abide by this restriction will result in immediate expulsion.
9. Additional school regulations may be added if necessary.

1. Please, please, PLEASE don’t all of you try to become murderers. It’d be best if the whole cast wasn’t slaughtered in mere minutes. If the first round works well, we can always restart and give others the chance to stab everything.
2. Everyone is allowed to try and kill someone, and everyone is allowed to help with an investigation. Keep in mind however, that some characters are better at other things than most. Don’t send the big brute to dust for fingerprints.
3. Enjoy yourself! The school has so much to offer, from swimming pools to a library and even an archery range. This isn’t all doom and gloom.

Public Application:
Age (18-24):
Height (short, medium, tall):
Weight (thin, normal, heavy):
Appearance (please provide details such as hair color, eye color and any notable features):
Personality (leave blank if you want to show this off in the RP):
Hobbies (if yes, what kind of hobbies?):
Skills (either one well-practiced skill or two average skills, please don’t pick fighting AND world’s best detective):
Brief History:

Private Application – Psychological Evaluation (message this bit to me):
Preferred choice of weapon?
If you had a motive to murder everyone in the school, what would it be?
You have a choice: save yourself and one other student or save everyone else. Which do you pick?
Money, power or fame? Why?
Looks, strength or intelligence? Why?
Have you ever had a run-in with the law?
Have you ever committed a crime WITHOUT being caught?
What word would you use to describe this little get-together?
You find a dangerous weapon that would give you a huge advantage over the other candidates. What do you do with it?
Are all lives equal?
Would you trust a stranger?
The thought of being trapped with strangers, possibly even being murdered, with only the slightest chance of escape… do you feel hope, despair or something else?

Age (18-24): Estimated to be in late 50s, early 60s.
Gender: M
Height (short, medium, tall): Tall.
Weight (thin, normal, heavy): Normal.
Appearance: ?
Personality: Oh you’ll see.
Clothing: Clad in a dark trenchcoat, along with a fedora and shades.
Hobbies: Getting students to murder other students.
Skills: Unknown, though attempting to attack The Headmaster is regarded as suicidal.
Brief History: The Headmaster of Reaver’s Institute for Specialized Students and instigator of the Death Game.

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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Name: Collin Crider
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height (short, medium, tall): Tall
Weight (thin, normal, heavy): Normal
Appearance: Image
Personality: Firm, Stern, Stubborn, Good speaker,
Clothing: White button up shirt & Jeans
Hobbies: Darts, Chess, Checkers, Arm Wrestling
Skills: Can lift heavy weights and is also good at calming people down from panic
Brief History: Collin was always the competitive type, he was often elected as captain of the sports teams he joined and was never bullied. He seemed to get along pretty well off for the most part. He had a good family and upbringing, and was a boy scout when he was younger.
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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Not all gloom and doom, just mostly.

Name: Valerius DuSoir
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: Medium, at about 5'10"
Weight: Normal
Desc.: Short-cropped jet-black hair, dark eyes, tan skin, three scars on his face that resemble the US Air Force Memorial with the longest scar running across his left eye.
Personality: He is quite stoic much of the time but retains a certain gentleness and elegance in his daily routine, whatever that may be.
Clothing: He has a dark trench coat, navy jeans, combat boots, and a white button-down shirt.
Hobbies: He likes to read quite a bit, enjoying all sorts of literature from a number of places in the world. He also has a taste in ballroom dancing.
Skills: Is proficient in martial arts just as much as he is in diplomacy.
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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Name: Julius Dexter
Age (18-24): 18
Gender: Male
Height: Medium
Weight: Thin
Appearance: Pale skin, short cropped black hair, large blue eyes. Quite lanky. Stands at around 5"8.
Personality: You'll see.
Clothing: A plain, crimson red hoodie above a white t-shirt bearing a black triangle facing downwards. Black jeans and black and white trainers. Wears an inexpensive looking watch.
Hobbies: Playing games on his mobile, heading out with members of his gang. Reading as well.
Brawler - Julius developed a knack for street fighting due to the intense gang culture where he came from.
Situational Awareness - Due to the high rate of violence around his home area, this young man has learned to be aware of his surroundings with an eye for dangerous situations.
Brief History: Julius lived in a fairly rough neighbourhood growing up. He's never been satisfied with his life, living on the bottom end of society. He prefers not to talk about his home life and spends little time there, rather being out on the streets with his comrades in a gang. His history is marked in detail in police records. What is perhaps a little surprising with all of that in mind is that Julius also finds time to read, something that he makes a point of doing whenever he can find a quiet moment.
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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Name: Yamato Davis
Age (18-24): 19
Gender: Male
Height (short, medium, tall): Tall, approx. 6'7
Weight (thin, normal, heavy): Normal
Appearance (please provide details such as hair color, eye color and any notable features): He has a fro-hawk hair style, where the sides of his head are black, and the stood up part is red. His eye color is hazel. He has a chunk missing in the top of his left ear.
Personality (leave blank if you want to show this off in the RP): Blank.
Clothing: Blue leather jacket, green dry-fit t-shirt, black cargo pants, red, white, and green sneakers.
Hobbies (if yes, what kind of hobbies?): Reading, Writing, and Hunting
Skills (either one well-practiced skill or two average skills, please don’t pick fighting AND world’s best detective): Great hearing.
Brief History: Yamato was originally American and had the name Matt. His mother and father both died in a plane crash when he was two, which left him an orphan. He was then adopted by a couple in Japan, and they renamed him Yamato.
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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Name: Asher Slade
Age (18-24):18
Gender: female
Height (short, medium, tall): short
Weight (thin, normal, heavy): thin
Appearance (please provide details such as hair color, eye color and any notable features): long, straight brown hair, light blue eyes
Personality (leave blank if you want to show this off in the RP):
Clothing: black jeans, an army jacket, faded black boots.
Hobbies (if yes, what kind of hobbies?): enjoys playing piano and taking pictures.
Skills (either one well-practiced skill or two average skills, please don’t pick fighting AND world’s best detective): she's a charmer.
Brief History: Asher grew up in a typical upper-middle class american home in a good neighbourhood with her parents and older brother. She got average grades, stayed out of trouble and avoided being the centre of attention. She seems like your average teenager.
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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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Name: Colm Liam
Age (18-24):18
Gender: Male
Height (short, medium, tall): medium
Weight (thin, normal, heavy): normal
Appearance (please provide details such as hair color, eye color and any notable features): short, spiky, black hair. Dark gray eyes.
Personality (leave blank if you want to show this off in the RP):
Clothing: black jeans, black and green shirt with a lowercase Delta on the back
Hobbies (if yes, what kind of hobbies?): enjoys reading, and playing chess
Skills: I am Conan Edowaga(jk)
Decent in self defense, good at hiding
Brief History: Colm was raised in a standard middle class family. He got most things he wanted and was content with his life. As a child he was a lively being who dreamed to be the world's best fighter. He took 3 years of karate and a year of jujitsu before becoming engrossed with books. As he grew older his spark from child slowly faded and he started blending in with the rest of the crowd
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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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is this still a thing? It's been a while with no replies.

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Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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OOC: Zaan, you forgot the species box.

Name: Makisig Santos
Age (18-24): 22
Gender: Male
Height (short, medium, tall): Short
Weight (thin, normal, heavy): Normal
Appearance (please provide details such as hair color, eye color and any notable features): Swarthy, with brown skin, brown eyes, and a face that could pass for dark Chinese if not for the eyes.
Personality (leave blank if you want to show this off in the RP): Yes.
Clothing: Loose-fitting tactical pants, with a belt holding in the end of an OD green t-shirt. Over this, a black motorcycle jacket.
Hobbies (if yes, what kind of hobbies?): The practice of Krav Maga.
Skills (either one well-practiced skill or two average skills, please don’t pick fighting AND world’s best detective): Well-practiced at improvised combat.
Brief History: A short but powerful Pinoy, Makisig took advantage of the US Military's quiet but long-standing recruitment in the barrios of Manilla and other cities. Discharged medically for a now-healed knee injury, Makisig gained quite a bit of expertise, though his gait is distinctive and it sometimes hurts to get out of bed in the morning. Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps., he joined the Reaver School, intending to pick up some skills that would be useful in the civilian world.


Graduation – The Danganronpa style murder-mystery roleplay

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smartdevon wrote:snip

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All apps have been accepted.

roterx2 wrote:is this still a thing? It's been a while with no replies.

It is, but we have a problem. I don't think we have enough characters for the RP in its current form. So unless everyone wants to make a second character, I'll have to change the rules so you only need to kill ONE person to graduate.

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