Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#1 » 27 Aug 2016 22:25

[+] So It Begins
Maya checked her map and then looked up at the grand building before her. Yup, this was the place. Geschichte Academy. Or at least, the Southern Branch. Maya put her map away and picked up her luggage, strolling to the front gate. “Hi, my name’s Maya Rogue. I’m transferring from the Eastern Branch of Geschichte Academy.” She said to the security guard, flashing her student ID and transfer papers. The security guard nodded and pointed her towards the main building. “There’s an orientation for transfers and new students in there.” He said Maya thanked the man, and headed towards the elegant building.
Welcome to Geschichte Academy! Geschichte Academy is a lovely school in Southern Germany. Most of it's students are average teens, except for a few outlandish students. Your characters are students, whether magic or not, who go through crazy events and situations all while trying to maintain a normal life at school. This roleplay is a very player-driven, with the main focus on characters going through player-created story-lines and relationships between character. So, anyone is welcome to create their own unique characters and storylines, provided they make sure to follow the rules below. As of now, the students have fought terrorist groups, explored a land called Dodgia and competed for its throne, and fought off clones of themselves. Who knows what will come next?

That’s all the back story and explanation I have. Now for everything else.

Current Story Line: Wraiths in Italy: Nine wraiths are terrorizing cities in Italy! After being called together by angel and fellow student Alex Archfiend, the students are headed to Italy. Can they defeat the wraiths before disaster strikes?
[+] School Map
School Grounds
Geschichte Academy Outside Map.jpg
The fountain in the middle of the square is a favored hang-out spot. The surrounding grassy areas are dotted with tables and benches for students to eat, work, or socialize on.

Dorm Rooms
Inside Dorm Rooms.jpg
The first floor is just one large common area, but the floors above have the dorm rooms as pictured above. The bathroom is a communal bathroom. There are two people per dorm room. The dorm numbers are the same on every floor, so rooms are identified by their level. Ex. Level 3 Room 5. The roof of both dorms is an accessible rooftop garden and students can go up there and enjoy the view.

Main Building
Inside Main Building.jpg
A multi-level library with a coffee shop on the first floor and a large computer area. This has all the reading material a student could ever need.

Athletics Building
This is the area for all things sport. There is a pool, open gym, basketball court, and more. Each sport/sport-like club gets it's own floor.

Behind the main building, are several sports fields and outdoor courts and pools. Surrounding the school is a forest. A bus stop at the front gate will bring students to Schmellingsburg, the nearest town.

A special thank you to leniphant for making all the lovely pictures.
[+] Rules
All normal Haven Station rules apply

No OP Character-I don’t mind strong characters. But everyone has limits. So don’t go around killing everyone with the flick of a finger.

No Metagaming-Your characters shouldn’t know things they never learned. Overhearing a secret when in the same room is one thing, but somehow knowing the answer to all of life’s mysteries is no fun and not allowed.

Creationism-Feel free to make and control your own NPC’s to interact with or further any plans you may have. Just try not to let them evolve into a secondary character.

Don’t be a Control Freak-You can’t control other people’s characters of NPCs without the explicit permission of their creator.

No Means No-If I say you can’t do something and ask you to change it, please do so. I have my reasons.
[+] Application




Personality (optional):


Backstory (optional):

[+] Notes
Please don’t make more than two characters. I don’t want things to get too crowded or confusing.

If you had your own storyline in the original Geschichte Academy, feel free to continue with it. I’d appreciate it if you could PM me the basics though.

If you’re new, then your character will have always been a student of the Southern Branch of Geschichte Academy

I would prefer if at all your characters were students, but if you have an idea or any questions just ask! This is a pretty flexible roleplay, so you have a lot of options.

Any questions? Just ask!
[+] My App
Name: Maya Rouge
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: Think stereotypical cheerleader. Long wavy blonde hair, clear blue eyes, jaw-dropping beauty. Wears the school uniform but with lots of feminine touches. Also has a necklace that is really just a thin chain with an onyx ring strung through it.
Personality: Peppy and enthusiastic. She really puts her all into whatever she’s doing and is determined to get what she wants. She’s loyal and trusting and loves hanging out with her friends
Scholarship: Ancient Civilizations/History
Backstory: Maya was born to a wealthy businessman and an Italian model, so she always led a fairly privileged life. However, she’s also the granddaughter of Death. This gives her the power to raise the dead, control the dead, communicate with the dead, and bake delicious skull-shaped cookies! Her dad trained her to use her powers and how to fight, cause a girl has to know how to defend herself. She later decided she wanted to see how normal, not-rich people live and enrolled in Geschichte Academy
Other: Has a preference for gourmet dark chocolate.
[+] Dorm Rooms
Level 2 Room 1: Parklea and Lo
Level 2 Room 4: Aizlin
Level 3 Room 7: Maya and Pheobe
Level 3 Room 8: Lucina and Valeria

Level 2 Room 6: Eloy and Alex
Level 3 Room 1: Nazo and Alexander
Level 3 Room 4: Adam and Gunter
Level 4 Room 5: Fred and Shuu
Level 4 Room 7: Ash and Silas
Level 5 Room 2: Ben and Gazy
[+] In Hiatus
You guys can still come back in whenever, you just haven't posted in a while. This just keeps the dorm listings shorter and gives everyone an active roommate.
Twilight (SlayerOfNight)
Vladimir (Overeptic)
Rupert (Oranje Maan)
Azrael (Wildcat)
Jaemin (Yoonie)
Adrian (Wildcat)
Kato (NitroMiyaz)
Rosaline (ThePheonixArrow)
Choro (Remy98)
Lucy (Leniphant)
We also now have a side thread, where you can post background stories, other events, and more info about your GA characters.
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#2 » 27 Aug 2016 22:29

OoC: So worst has come to worst and I can't find Lucy's application! However, I have one of my other character's app, so I'm just going to post that one. Once I find/redo Lucy then I'll just edit her app into this post as well. I FOUND IT!!! :D :D :D

Name: Lucy Morgenstern

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Lucy actually has two forms: her human form/disguise and her natural, or demonic form.
In her human form, Lucy has long, waist-length, slightly wavy, bright red hair. Always meticulously groomed, it is very soft and shiny, oftentimes seeming to float around her. Her ears are oddly pointed and her eyes are a sharp red surrounded by long black lashes. With full lips and high cheekbones, Lucy has a strikingly beautiful face, yet her beauty has a little bit of danger too it; the same beauty of a cobra coiled up to strike, or a leopard's lithe prowl. Lucy is a little taller than average height, though most of that height comes from her long legs. She is curvy and lithe, moving with a dancer's grace. She likes to wear thigh-high black boots with about 5-inch heels, and combined with her assortment of short skirts or shorts this really shows off her legs. Her tops vary, though she tends to wear things with open backs. A staple of her outfits is a supple black leather jacket with a motif of an emerald snake coiled around a blood-red apple on the back. Surprisingly, Lucy tends to avoid jewelry, though she will put on a small amount of make-up, mostly just lipstick and eyeliner.
[+] Human Form
Lucy (Human Form).jpg

In her demonic form, Lucy looks much the same, expect her eyes have a faint red glow and her teeth become sharpened to points. This form also reveals her horns, shiny and black, curving out into sharp tips from just above her temples. She also grows large, black, bat-like wings, though the thin membranes of her wings are a dark red, and a long, sinuous, black tail tipped with a sharp, triangular point made of the same shiny black material of her horns. Her normally long, manicured fingernails sharpen slightly to take on a more claw-like appearance.
[+] Demon Form
Lucy (Demon Form).jpg

Personality: Lucy is a bit of a bad-girl. She is very smart, but gets easily bored with things that don't interest her. While she will normally follow rules and authority figures, if she doesn't feel like it, she just won't. Lucy is very flirtatious and likes to tease all the boys, but she has no interest in a committed relationship. Easy to anger, but also easy to flatter, Lucy brings down all of her wrath on her enemies, but tends to treat her friends quite well. Though she has a very "tough-guy" attitude, she does have a soft spot for people she trusts, and fluffy things.

Scholarship: Lucy got a scholarship for Gymnastics (she's crazy flexible and agile) so she is head of the Academy's Gymnastics team, but she is majoring in Business with a minor in Political Science.

Background: Lucy is fluent in German, English, French, and Russian. Her favorite food are strawberries, her favorite color is orange (not red) and she absolutely adores classical (specifically orchestral) music. She was born and raised in Berlin by her father Adam, brother of Kevin and Veronica, so she is Eloy's cousin, though they had little interaction growing up since Adam had a bit of a falling out with Kevin and Veronica. Adam was human, but Lucy's mother, who had left right after she was born, was not. Lucy's mother was Lady Lilith, the demoness. As a half-demon, Lucy was a lot stronger, faster, and more agile than a normal human (thus her success in Gymnastics). She also inherited her horns, wings, tails, and other attribute from her mother, though her red hair came from her father. From her mother, she also gained the ability to shift into a human form, control, create, and consume fire, and to plant suggestions (a very weak form mind control) in people's minds. However, a downside to her half-demon nature is an aversion to all things holy, no matter the religion. She is unable to enter a church or even step on sacred ground. Holy or blessed water burns her skin, as does contact with any religious symbols. Just seeing such a symbol makes her very uncomfortable and also makes it extremely difficult to maintain her human form.

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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#3 » 27 Aug 2016 22:46

Name: Eloy Curtis

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Girly face, wears nice clothes

Personality (optional): Socially awkward in day to day life, is very much intimidated by his cousin lucy, but still cares for everyone in the school... he just finds it hard to talk to them... except for Maya, she's surprisingly easy to talk to. wonder why. when he's in a fight though he gets cocky and builds up confidence.

Scholarship: ping pong

Backstory (optional): Eloy attends the school with average grades and tries to avoid meeting people. he mostly hangs out with Lucy during the day, or he'll just chill in the pingpong room until night. but when night comes, he becomes the blood knight Eloy! he keeps a concealed blood sword in his blaizer and easily sneaks around do to the fact that he is a vampire, and therefore, not seen by cameras. he defends the school from monsters that come for the soul of the ancient princess taliyah, who latches onto the body of a student as an eternal blessing... or curse... eloy isnt sure exactly why she does that... but since that soul latched onto maya, the monsters have moved to the new school.
Eloy was raised by his uncle kevin, and didn't have a normal childhood.

Lucy's Cousin
becomes uncontrollably thirsty for blood during a full moon. He normally controls this by detaining himself or drinking the blood of animals.
Stronger in the moonlight,
Has increased power since becoming a full moon.
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#4 » 27 Aug 2016 22:49

Name: Nazo Michi

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Short, spiked black hair, brown eyes, an Asian skin.

Personality (optional):

Scholarship: Evolutionary theory

Backstory (optional):

Other: Nazo Michi is an Agito (latin for i move, appearently), an evolved human who bears the Seed of Agito. THeir abilities manifest in different ways for different people. For Nazo, he can summon a special belt called the Alter RIng to his waist, and upon hitting the two switches on the sides, can mutate his body into an armored form he calls Avius (Latin for Path). Using the switches on the Alter Ring, he can change his mutated form and gain a special weapon to gain an advantage in a situation. (Note, there are only 3 such forms at his current stage of evolution. I plan to have a max of 6, with the 6th being his strongest)
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#5 » 27 Aug 2016 23:47

Yay! All accepted! We can start when a few more people join.

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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#6 » 28 Aug 2016 00:07

I'll be there. Gimme time to figure out what I'm doin over here. :P
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#7 » 28 Aug 2016 00:07

Id also throw in cole from night of nights, but without Aizlin he's useless
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#8 » 28 Aug 2016 00:20

Name: Darald linken
Gender: male
Age: looks to be 30
Appearance: Image

Personality: He tends to be neutral on most topics, even though he tries to show an opinion. He can be kind to most people, especially when trying to help out with small problems. Despite the pleasant attitude, he can be pretty bitter when you get on his bad side. He is also conscious when it comes to keeping his true identity a secret.

Scholarship: has all the requirements to teach at a public school. in this case he will be a new teacher at the school (

Backstory: Darald was an experiment created by an unknown alien race. He was created for the purpose as a jack of all trades android for a large range of tasks. The Experiment did not properly go as planned since the android (known as 340 at the time) was restricted on what it can do. In the end, he was abandoned on earth and had to adpapt in to who he is today.

other:he is really a android made out of nanomachines.
He attempted to got a job at the academy before but due to recent events, he had to wait a bit to get the job.
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#9 » 28 Aug 2016 00:49

Daaang I am SO mad that I never went over G.A. on WH and archived it. This would have been so much easier. :,(
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Geschichte Academy: A New Chapter

Post#10 » 28 Aug 2016 00:49

Accepted, laixlegoman. We can just say you already have a job teaching a class of your choosing.

Also, check out my first post. I added in a map of the school that you might want to check out.

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