Space RP: Galactic Nine Seven <Interest Check>

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Space RP: Galactic Nine Seven <Interest Check>

Post#1 » 07 Oct 2016 02:24

Okay, so I have been sitting on this idea for a while now.

This would be an RP based in 2103, in our Solar System. Each planet is in it's own state of disarray, and Earth is the only truly inhabitable one. This all occurred after a Great War between the human race and a race called the Draconians. Draconians are Dragon Human looking creatures that were from out of our galaxy and arrived looking for a new home. At first everything was fine until 2077 when the war first started. The war didn't end until 2085 and everyone has tried to forget about it, and the genocide of almost all of the Draconians. Now only a few remain and they all live on the dwarf planet Ceres.

This is the status of all the other planets.

Mercury: Used to be a human factory planet that built robots and tested on willing subjects to turn them into super soldiers. Now it's rusted and empty.

Venus: A planet full of toxic air, sentient plants, and giant radioactive glow-in-the-dark spiders.

Earth: Earth is still relatively okay, except for Africa (Except Egypt), Asia (Except Russia and Japan), and Antarctica, which are all destroyed.

Mars: Mars is in alright shape and is still relatively settled. But it is now a merchant planet and full of crooks and thieves.

Jupiter: Gas planet with two space stations orbiting it, one is still active, but the other hasn't sent back a signal in quite some time.

Saturn: Gone.

Uranus: Gas planet with a single space lab orbiting it. No one knows what they are studying there.

Neptune: Gas planet with two space stations (Both trading posts) and one space lab (Secret Drug Factory)

Pluto : Empty, except for a signal beacon which is picking up some odd readings.
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Space RP: Galactic Nine Seven <Interest Check>

Post#2 » 08 Oct 2016 11:52

I'd be interested. Partly because I'm a bit of a gas planet myself.
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