The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#41 » 17 Oct 2016 21:04

Astriani wrote:OoC: Okay, Laix. I fear I can't accept your character due to a few things. I half expected people to pick a god, so I didn't really have anything set up for the Onyx Reach peeps until later. Your magic count is much too high. Could you maybe reduce it to two or three? This time period doesn't exactly have 'schools' per say, and if you were to learn magic, you'd learn it from your family memebrs, a priest or priestess, or objects that have been enchanted. I see that you're aiming for a more magic based character, and I suppose I can make it work, but only if you can justify having a magical object. Also, I'm going to ask this very, very politely, but could you mabe work on your grammar and spelling the tiniest bit? I'd be happy to help you if you need any. Just fix those things and I'll accept it.

As for everyone else, I'm waiting for one more post of the journey (two once I accept Laix) then I'll post a response. If he doesn't post anything by tomorrow, I'll just go ahead and say that he's late.

Ooc: thanks for the feedback. You can go ahead and say that I'm late. Might take some time to edit it out.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#42 » 18 Oct 2016 04:33

OoC: Okay then! I shall be moving this roleplay forward now, so anyone who didn't post (all two of you) are late!

The first arrival was a black haired, blue eyed man who held a walking stick tightly. He looked very similar to a monk, but he didn't really give off the vibe to a monk. Nervously, he stumbled out of the bushes and into the camp, where Tara nodded her head in greeting. She said not a word, but instead motioned he to a log across from her. She continued the wait for the others.

The next person was an auburn haired man, who stumbled around in the forest. She heard him...feeling the brush (which she found odd) but said nothing once again. Once he arrived into the camp, seemingly drawn by something, she attempted to motion him to sit down, not knowing his dilemma.

Tara heard rustling in the underbrush around her camp and assumed it to either be a small animal or a small person who may have received a letter. Regular travelers, hunters, and caravans knew that the eastern path was better, the forest was far less dense. This is why she chose this location in the first place.

A sudden voice startled Tara of her thoughts. "So, a nephillim, huh? Always good people to be around- fellow necromancers can be a bit psychotic and bloodthirsty from time to time..." She looked over to see a very tall, very suspicious necromancer leaning against a tree, a mere ten feet away. How had she not heard he coming? I must stay more alert, she scolded herself. She then nodded in greeting, motioning for him to come closer and take a seat in the group.

Another rustle could be heard from the bushes, this one much larger. Tara knew that it couldn't have been an animal this time, so she turned and spotted a shy-looking male, who seemed to be very on edge. She gave him a motion, as if to say, "Relax, I mean no harm," and pointed to a seat next to the first arrival.

"Tara the unspoken?" A male voice inquired behind her. She turned around, facing him. He wore a brown traveling cloak, and he looked young but wise. She nodded to him, then motioned him to a seat next to the rest of everyone.

'Now that everyone is here, I can finally explain everything.' A voice sounded in everyone's minds, echoing and clearly a female's. Tara's lips did not move, but the only explanation was that the voice was hers. 'My name is Tara Laegar the Unspoken. Please, do not be alarmed by my way of speaking. I am a mute by choice, for I was given the gift of speech in one's minds by Aione. I am assuming that everyone is here due to a certain letter. Fear not, I can explain more.' Anyone who was close to her could hear her breathing. 'Cudohr, the God of Truth is off the wire, as they might say it. His actions have been harsh and uncertain, and the high priests are reporting that his followers are the same way. They also report that the Gods have been warning the priests that something is wrong. On top of that, there have been reports from Ettesia that Laebis is rising again, with creatures who terror even followers of Rei. Legend has it that they are in fact followers of Napena, the Fallen Goddess of Victory. Before you ask, no one remembers what happened to her. They just know that she went insane, just like how Cudohr is acting now.'

Tara looked at every face around her. 'We must make a decision. We must be the warriors of Cilbraeon and deal with these threats. I have been travelling for a long time now, to both the outskirts of Laebis and the border between Nebuxus and Evemael. I know a way into both of the regions, but we must choose one to travel to. Cudohr are showing the earliest signs of insanity, so he might not be the best choice. At the same time, Napena herself has yet to rise herself. The question is, which one do we go after?'

OoC: Alright everyone! This is the first major decision that you must make. Will you go the path of Napena, or will you go to Cudohr? Please post your answers in an OOC response, along with your character reacting to this information, talking amongst each other, and whatnot.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#43 » 18 Oct 2016 04:39

ooc: Napena.

Aldrich considered the options. Quickly thinking about everything, he spoke. "All things considered, Napena seems to be the safest choice here. It allows for potentially less trouble along the way, if what you have told us is truth." He said.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#44 » 18 Oct 2016 05:18

Ooc: Napena

Nemo listened to Tera somewhat uncomfortably, while it reassured him that he was with another follower of Aione the news of insanity and a fallen god rising was unsettling to say the least. After thinking for a second he responded confidently "I think tracking Napena down sounds like a good idea. If what's happening now really has happened before mabey we could learn something valuable that way." he said.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#45 » 18 Oct 2016 09:37

OOC: Napena
Lorenzo was startled by the voice in his head, but quickly became accustomed to it.
"Cudohr is the god of truth, is he not?" Spoke the cloaked figure. "Perhaps he has revealed some great... disturbing truth.... but that's a stab in the dark. This rising of Napena seems far more aggressive and more of a threat."
As a follower of Cudohr, surely I'd know if something were wrong He thought to himself. Then again... I haven't been to Cin for some time. Perhaps things have changed... if I can hear her thoughts, what's to stop her hearing mine? He pondered.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#46 » 18 Oct 2016 10:51

Little Maunie didnt move. He only stayed because there was food, and if he moved they would hear and he might get in trouble. Quietly, he thought that finding Napena would be the best option.

Ooc: Napena
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#47 » 18 Oct 2016 20:01

OOC: Cudohr
Twillor stepped forward from the bushes and removed his mask, dropping his hands from his speed spell, he looked at this so called Tara the unspoken with eyes of determination and soaking in the information from what he just heard. Looking her dead in the eyes, "I would like to go to Cudohr, let me see just how insane this god is, and if need be I will be the one to drop him to his knees. I will make a god beg for mercy!" he roared.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#48 » 19 Oct 2016 01:25

Ooc: Cudohr
"Agreed. Playing it safe isn't always your best option. Cudohr seems like a good challenge and maybe I'll get to have some fun." I moved to a closer tree, but refused to sit with the humans.
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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#49 » 19 Oct 2016 01:40

OOC: Napena.

The male tilted his head, unsure of what consequences lie ahead, though, his head started to hurt, all these events were fogging his mind. His lips parted to let out a groan, he needed a way to speak against this large headache, the pain was too much.

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The Gods' Verdict (Accepting)

Post#50 » 20 Oct 2016 03:51

OoC: FINAL COUNT: Napena = 5. Cudohr = 2. The Napena path has been chosen.

Tara looked around at all the faces besides the one in the brush and nodded. 'Very well. We will go to Napena first. The journey from here to Kefal straight to the west is about a two days travel, but unfortunately the border to Laebis is highly...contested.' Her voice trailed off, giving off a vibe that something terrible had happened, but she said nothing more. 'I'll tell you all in the morning. For now, get to know one another and get some rest. If we're to be traveling together, we must at least know each other. She stood up, signaling to the others to talk amongst one another. She walked over to Jaehyun. Kneeling down, she looked at him. 'Pardon me, but I noticed that you are not looking so well.' Her voice was only directed at him, so the others could only hear if they concentrated.
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