The Character Creation Practice Thread

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The Character Creation Practice Thread

Post#1 » 20 Dec 2016 02:38

So we've all talked about it on the chat and discord and I guess Im making this. This thread is going to be more of a practice thread for character creations. You got an idea for a character but you don't know how to best proceed with it? Create him here and we'll try to give you comments and criticism. You can even try your hand at creating an insane or psychologically unstable protagonist or trying out weapons you've never tried before!

The goal here is to try to get ourselves out of our comfort zone (You don't need to stick to the usual basic apps, try fleshing them out). Here's my idea for a character:

Name: Leonore Giroux
Race: Human, African-American
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Backstory: Growing up in a wealthy family in Marseilles, France, Leanora decided to travel abroad on a whim. A thrill-seeker, she has attempted every kind of extreme sports available, from skydiving to scuba-diving. However over time, she was getting acclimated to the adrenaline rush she felt every time she attempted one of theses sports. To try to continue getting the ultimate high, she used her money and influence to stupidly try out the new drug on the streets called "Daughter of the Sun". Before long, she started getting an addiction to the street drug, nothing life threathning, just an constant urge to consume it. However, seeing as the drug wasn't profitable in the long term, the drug cookers withdrew it from the market.
Seeing no choice but to go to rehab, she was outed to the shame of her family as a drug dealer. Today, she is completely clean, but she's still the poster girl for the bad affects of "Daughter of the Sun" and everyone only remembers her as such. When she learned that the drug cookers were releasing a new, more potent strain of "Daughter of the Sun" in the market, she alerted the local authorithies before realizing that the drug cookers were being shielded politically by people in high positions. The police can't do anything.
Today, she makes it her mission to regain her reputation by declaring war on "Daughter of the Sun". She isn't doing it for the people it'll addict but to get her recognition back.

Powers and Gear:
Being an ordinary human, she has no magical powers. However, she is the daughter of a wealthy family and as such has money to spare. She used her money to buy herself a very powerful completely white motorcycle, and a white helmet. She has a small compartiment on her motorcycle where she hides mutliple small daggers and a metal lance. She is also adept at Judo and Karate, but has yet to try out any other styles of fighting. She also always carries a tiny handgun on her personel at all times.

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The Character Creation Practice Thread

Post#2 » 20 Dec 2016 03:46

Dont forget to include a weakness. No character is good without one.
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