Timeless Titles GEN1

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Timeless Titles GEN1

Post#171 » 01 May 2017 01:48


The knight shall retreat from the beast while looking at it and holding his spear and shield in a defensive position. "Whoever is the Harbringer must be known. The Chaos shall return soon to it."


Upon hiding in the woods and moving about it. Ingríðr will notice people coming out of there. She keeps low due to all the commotion of a while ago.
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Timeless Titles GEN1

Post#172 » 10 May 2017 21:08

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Lupis stepped away from the boy as the doctors got to work. He wandered out of the room slowly, crossing his fingers the boy would survive. He waited around for a bit in case any of the staff came to talk to him, and if not, decided to teleport home for a change of clothes and some medical supplies, just in case something like this ever happened again.
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