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The Evil Roleplay

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Vendrick burst into laughter at Cynthia's response "You just made my case for me! Oh thank you, this is so priceless!" he exclaimed before taking a second to calm down "Yes no one alive currently knows how to do such a thing but then again no one knew how to build a boat at some point either did they. As for how you can trust me Quinn there's several ways. First I'm being realistic in my promise since if I actually never do find a way to bring her back I've still fulfilled my oath in spending my life trying. Secondly look at that wyvern, it hasn't tried to kill any of us, the way I see it that means fate has decreed that everyone here still has something to do and I see no reason to go against my own destiny. Finally if none of that satisfies you, know that I have taken a slight liking to you; simply put I see potential in you and am considering offering you an apprenticeship if you continue to do so. Either way I can waste no more time; should you agree to my offer then help me on my way back otherwise go ahead and try and attack me or something. Honestly I don't really care seeing as if you do karmic retribution will surely befall you." he explained as he picked one of the berries off the ground and tossed it towards the wyvern as an offering before beginning to walk out of the cave.
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The Evil Roleplay

Post#472 » 05 Aug 2017 03:18

"I have no desire to be an apprentice to you. Quinn said. "but.... Ill accept your offer. but know this. the reason this wyvern hasnt killed any of us is becaise Cynthia speaks dragon tongue. he agreed not to get involved in this war until she asked him to. now he knows your scent, so if you ever double cross me... he'll come for you." Quinn and Cynthia allowed Vendrick to exit the cave.

he reaches Evelyn unnopposed.

End of Campaign
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