Heroism "SEASON 1"

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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#1 » 27 Apr 2017 00:46

"This world s overrun by darkness. I, no, we, are here to stop it. Where darkness thrives, I ask you all to join the light. I ask you, to join The Remnants."


[+] Rules
1. Normal rule apply.
2. Heroes can die, and they just might.
3. No Godmodding/Meta-gaming
4. Don't be too OP (I will be lenient)
5. Put "With great power comes great responsibility" in the other section

[+] Hero Types
Meta-Humans: Super powers revolve around body enhancements.
Scythers: Powers revolve around relics or weapons.
P-Jacks: Have no real powers and use technology, armor, or steal other people's powers.
Omegas: Aliens with superpowers.

[+] Locations
Seoul, South Korea: Intact
London, England: Intact
Cape Town, South Africa: Intact
New York City, New York: Intact

[+] Apps
Real Name:
Superhero Alius:
Normal Appearance:
Hero Appearance:
Hero Type:
Gear: (If none leave blank)

[+] My Heroes
Real Name: Ryan Hope
Superhero Alius: The Warper
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Ryan is sky, quiet, and general introverted. He doesn't like talking to people, but cares deeply for human life.
Normal Appearance: Ryan has short, curly, blue hair. He has bright red eyes, usually wears this: http://images.peltzshoes.com/ResizeImg.aspx?img=/images/vendors/DOC/90-30008/90-30008.jpg&height=1000 http://mcdn.zulilyinc.com/media/catalog/product/152458/zu30295799_main_tm1441385360.jpg http://cdn.childrensalon.com/media/catalog/product/cache/0/image/1000x1000/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/3/c/3cd951e3e356de8129045c7710edebbc3f5431da-92003.jpg Hero Appearance: He usually wears a dark blue trenchcoat with a turned up collar and all black leather armor under it. He wears black sporty sunglasses on his face, his red eyes usually glow faintly through them.
Hero Type: Meta-Human
Location: New York City
Powers: Teleportation
Weaknesses: Fear of Spiders, Cannot teleport through Energy shields, nets, or traps.
Backstory: Ryan was a normal college student at City University of New York. That was until the Epsilon Crisis, which left him in a state of flux, in which he couldn't control his new found teleportation powers, sending him warping rapidly from place to place without stop. Eventually he found a way to control it thanks to Force, the leader of The Remnants.

[+] Terms that should be known
Epsilon Crisis: This is how Meta-Humans came to be. After an entire town in America was leveled due to the radical group Epsilon, who used a fusion bomb as a threat for better rights, people all across the world have been waking up with odd powers.
Omni-Tech: The company behind the creation of a lot of P-Jack's items, a company also known for making defense mechs. Most P-Jack items are made either for law enforcement, private buyers, or stolen by criminals and sold on the Titan Net.
Titan Net: A new world black market, used for buying P-Jack items, prosthetic limbs, or organs.
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#2 » 27 Apr 2017 00:48

I'll probably be joining this just need to narrow down what ideas I actually want to use!
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I am currently working on getting set up here so sorry if I don't post for a while or anything like that. Either way it's great to be here!

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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#3 » 27 Apr 2017 01:25

Real Name: Skyla Soarin
Superhero Alius: Soar
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Personality: Serious, like a trained soldier. She was in the air force for a few years, so she's been trained to follow orders from superiors.
Normal Appearance: usually wears a military jacket over a green tank top. She also wears a pair of black pants. She has short brown hair, and dark green eyes, with slightly tanned skin.
Hero Appearance: Image
Hero Type: P-Jack
Location: New York City
Powers: Using the SOAR Driver and Strike Planes (sentient toy sized planes), Skyla can don the combat suit and system known as Soar. It features wings on the back (that can be switched out for a different set via using a different Strike Plane, allowing for different power additions) that let her fly; night vison via light up lenses; increased stamina, durability, speed, strength, and defenses; Access to the Sky Dagger, a dagger with an extending blade to become a sword made of an unknown, extremely durable metal; And also allows her to move in places of extreme pressure.

The armor can also switch forms, which are known as "Types". The default form she has is Type Jet. She can use the Strike Solar Phoenix to switch her Wing Tire on her back out for flaming ones, giving her attacks fire attributes; The Strike Holy Angel gives her angel like wings and light based attacks; The Strike Impeccable Defense gives her wings that can fold over her body for a temporary Invincible shield.

By pushing a button on the Strike Brace, and then pumping the Strike Plane in it, she can use a technique known as a "Full Throttle", which is essentially a finisher, ranging from a simple punch to an outlandish spin attack with the sword.

Weaknesses: The Soar Armor is essentially military tech, developed by a scientist named Rina Sawagami. As such, it's weaknesses aren't known to the public. However, an EMP will cause the armor and it's user to be frozen in place until the suit is operational again. The suit also has a flight limit, around the highest that a commerical airplane can legally reach.

Skyla herself is human. ...Yeah that should probably cover her untransformed weaknesses.

Gear: Soar Driver: A special belt Skyla always keeps on her person, shaped like a dashboard with a single lever on the side. It's paired with the Strike Brace, a brace like object she wears on her left wrist at all times. The belt recieves signals from the Brace after a Strike Plane is inserted and pushed up on.

Strike Planes: small, sentient toy like planes that basically serves as keys to the armor. The ones she currently has are Strike Jet, Strike Solar Phoenix, Strike Holy Angel, and Strike Impeccable Defense. She will be gaining more (all in the form of Type Change planes) as the rp progresses. When needed, they can fly to her.

Sky Dagger: A dagger that can become a sword. It features a slot on the guard that, when a Strike Plane is inserted into it, lets Skyla use a special Full Throttle.

Sky Streaker: a modified military transport plane, equipped with weaponry and such. It's the main vehicle associated with the Soar armor. Skyla uses it when she needs to fly long distances, and can summon it remotely when a surprise arial attack is needed.

Backstory: To be explained in the RP
Other: With Great Power Comes Great Irresponsibility.
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#4 » 27 Apr 2017 01:35

Will see if I can make a app during the week end.
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#5 » 27 Apr 2017 02:44

Awe, Ace took my plane human idea. :/

Real Name: Walter Holmes
Superhero Alius: Vigilante
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Rude, sarcastic, kinda a jerk sometimes. Also prideful.
Normal Appearance: black, spiky hair that sticks up. A little bit of scruff on his chin and a good tan. Has green eyes. Wears a demin jacket, tshirt, and jeans.
Hero Appearance: wears a leather jacket, black sunglasses, green neckercheif scarf,
Hero Type: Meta Human
Location: London
Powers: Cyberkinesis, the ability to manipulate technology with his mind.
Weaknesses: his hand to hand fighting skills came from what he learned in street brawls. If theres no tech for him to manipulate with his cyberkinesis theres not muchhe can do.
Gear: pocketknife
Backstory: Walter enforces his own moral law. When he discovered hjs cyberkinesis he went running with it. He's now wanted for being a vigilante in america.
Other: with great power, comes hreat responsibility. If only Walter realized that.
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#6 » 27 Apr 2017 14:42

Is there a limit on how many characters we can have? I'm torn between a few ideas.
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#7 » 27 Apr 2017 23:45

WoodGreen wrote:Is there a limit on how many characters we can have? I'm torn between a few ideas.

Max of three. Also, Ace and Devon are accepted.
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#8 » 29 Apr 2017 01:42

Real Name: Riley King

Superhero Alias: Sparkler

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Personality: Riley has genius levels of intelligence (she designed her own suit and plans to take over her father’s company), but she tends not to show/flaunt it. She is very friendly and sociable, and loves meeting new people. Sometimes Riley can be a bit shallow and quite vain, a product of her associations. She also really likes to draw and is very good at it.

Normal Appearance: Riley is about average height, with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a lean, runners’ build. She typically wears whatever is most fashionable right now, though she always wears her lightning bolt earrings.
[+] Picture

Hero Appearance: Sparkler’s suit is yellow and gold with an orange starburst on her chest and tall orange boots. She wears a hood-like mask that covers everything but her mouth and nose, with orange lenses to protect her eyes. Her blonde hair is tied back in a ponytail that sticks out of her hood. The suit is designed to withstand the extreme friction and heat caused by her high speeds. The boots are extremely sturdy and have the added benefit of being able to fold down so that they’re smaller and more portable.
[+] Picture

Hero Type: Meta-Human

Location: London, England

Powers: Riley is capable of running and moving extremely fast, clocking speeds just below light speed. She can create and shoot light blasts (force damage) to knock her enemies around and whatnot, as well as a light whip that can slice through most things, but not materials specially designed to be hard and impenetrable like tank armor, vault doors, etc. She can also make bursts of blinding light (like flash bombs), as well as just creating light and being a human flashlight.

Weaknesses: Riley is actually terrified of the dark, a secret she has only shared with Sam. Her powers require a great deal of energy, especially running, so Riley has to take in an immense amount of calories to be able to survive, let along use her powers. She normally keeps her speeds to under the speed of sound because the faster she runs the more calories she burns. She can only run her top speed for a few milliseconds; if she runs too fast for too long so that she runs out of calories, her body begins to break down in an attempt to provide the energy needed. Riley is also fairly inexperienced when it comes to the hero gig, so she tends to err on the side of caution, even if it means missing a possible valuable opportunity.

Gear: Riley carries around a large purse or a small backpack that contains her suit as well as anything a rich, American heiress would need when socializing with the British elite.

Backstory: Riley is a rich, young, American heiress; daughter of Jasper King, founder of the multitrillion dollar technology company, King Technologies. She grew up extremely privileged, and once she turned 21, she moved to London to study part-time at Oxford University and spend the other time partying and socializing with the other rich and elite. She came into her powers slowly, but once she discovered them, she used them to make her own life easier and more fun. However, after her lover, Sam, was killed in a mugging gone wrong, Riley realized that she could actually help people with her new abilities. She is fairly new to the hero game, having started just over a year ago; so far she only deals with smaller crimes, and therefore hasn’t made much of a name for herself... yet.

Other: With great power comes great responsibility… and great parties!
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Heroism "SEASON 1"

Post#9 » 30 Apr 2017 23:23

Just wanted to say I'm still planing on joining, just lost track of my idea for a bit so it's taking longer than usual.
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I am currently working on getting set up here so sorry if I don't post for a while or anything like that. Either way it's great to be here!

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