Mystery Roleplay interest check

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I hate mysteries so much I never saw Scooby Doo
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I like this idea so much, Devon you're a genius :0
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Mystery Roleplay interest check

Post#1 » 01 May 2017 02:15

Hey guys. I thought the witch trials was a lot of fun but i know lots of you found it quite challenging. So I want to create a new mystery roleplay. Itll take place in modern day with no mythological beings. (Probably) the criminal will also be one of the players. Thisll make it easier to solve.

Another thing I want to do differently, (maybe, not sure yet) is that the characters you play as will be partially created by me to play a bigger part in the story. I will only be outlining basic parts of the characters such as job, motivations, (and secret lived of crime). Thungs like personality will be up to you. Tell me what you think of this idea.

If I do the above idea, Ill probably create a pool of characters for you to choose from rather than assigning them.
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Mystery Roleplay interest check

Post#2 » 02 May 2017 21:34

AKA: I now tell Devon Hobo Joe's backstory and who might be able to find out. :P Sounds interesting to me
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