Rise of Buckethead

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Rise of Buckethead

Post#1 » 21 Jun 2017 17:12

An empire that had stood for eons, now shattered like the prince’s arm.

Ulysses dragged his limp leg from the devastated room. Smoke stung his eyes, as he struggled to drag his failing limb over piles of rubble. A deep laugh echoed from behind, bouncing off the walls of what had once been the Vandark’s throne room. He coughed, clutching his broken ribs as a fit of pain wracked his body.

All because of a man wearing a bucket…




King Vandark has fallen.

His throne seized, his empire toppled, his son missing. Now, the world is ruled over by the cruel, the malevolent, the stylish… Lord Buckethead. With his captivating good looks, he has enslaved the seven leaders of the world, bending them to his will.

Lord Buckethead now controls everything. His empire is set to conquer the entire galaxy, unless he is overthrown. But who will stand against this questionable tyrant? Who will join a ragtag guerrilla force to save the world from possible doom?

Anyone who fills in the apps, that’s who.

Travel the world, defeat the seven leaders and find a way to stop Lord Buckethead before… he does whatever he’s going to do. No doubt something evil and nefarious. Probably.

So yeah, good luck with that.

1. No overpowered characters. Except for Buckethead. Are you Buckethead? No? Then no OPness for you.
2. No metagaming. This is knowing something you shouldn't, like someone's thoughts or a secret shared between two people.
3. You guys are allowed to make your own choices and develop the story in your own way, but no DRASTICALLY changing the plot (I.E. a dragon eating Lord Buckethead).
4. No controlling other characters without permission from their players.
5. Two characters maximum. No exceptions.
5a. The only exception to this rule is that I may allow you to control a villain at some point during the story. May. If you're a good boy. Or girl.
6. Follow forum rules.
7. If myself or another modifier (Al215, ABanimationLtd, Vladek515 or noghiri) ask you to change something, change it. Our law is final. Welcome to our world.
8. Have fun.

Player list:
-Jace 'Exposition' Young - Galaxy's Most Annoying
-Gavin Dunkleman - A Tragic Tale
-Vincent Kilmister - I swear we've met before...
-Marco - Polo
-Throdun Runeforge - Midget Batman
-Zalee - OMG A PUPPY
-Flint Rowan - Space Hollywood
-Green - Human-sized Bumblebee
-Captain Aiarl "Kitkat" Ketleet - WTB Gall Bladder
-Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe Sadras - Don Saladbar
-Brian #4 - A few Jims shy of a full Brian
-Eddy Mar - Diary of a Wimpy Elemental
-Brumma - B.O.B.
-Apis - Friendly Neighbourhood Bee
-Penny Apegandria - Water Wings
-Masato Yuju/Subject 02: Feral Beast - Cyborg Bargain Sale
-Dubhghall Kilduf - Duracel
-Mr. Comhghall Crilly - Meet the Engineer
-Marcelo Illeniel - How to train your human
-Advend - Darker than Darker, Blacker than Black

Summary of current mission:

X2 Buckethead Class Magnet Train:

-All members of Falconsquad have boarded the train.
-Prior to boarding, Green was able to acquire a keycard from a boiler room. During the process, he beat the living shit out of an engineer.
-Two carriages, 3 and 11, were found to contain numerous guards.
-Infiltrating Carriage 2, Apis and her bees discovered the navigational console. The code to use it is 3178.
-Throdun, Elise and Green made their way to Carriage 3. They successfully defeated the guards there and managed to open the locked door to Carriage 2.
-Marco was successfully able to convince members of The Dunkleman Cult in Carriage 7 that he was one of them.
-At the first stop, eight guards boarded the train and made their way to the back rooms.
-Marcelo was able to discover that there are magical items residing in Carriages 12 and 14. Strangely, there appears to be another source of magic deeper within the train…
-Brumma attempted to sneak into Carriage 11, though was discovered by numerous guards present in the room. With assistance from Kitkat and Saladbar, they were able to dispose of the guards, although friendly fire resulted in Kitkat taking a plasma blast to the gut.
-Dunsalipal, searching through Carriage 12, managed to find the manifest. He discovered the crate containing the crystals, but the carriage location had been scratched off.
-Throdun and Elise successfully rerouted the train, using the navigational console.
-Marco, in an attempt to save Gavin from The Dunkleman Cult, turned up the thermostat in Carriage 7 to its maximum level. This resulted in the carriage bursting into flames. During the ensuing chaos, Marco killed one of the cultists and wounded the leader. Whilst the remaining cultists were consumed in the fire, the leader escaped. Marco and Gavin quickly escaped to Carriage 6.
-Throdun, Elise, Green and Apis attempted to enter Carriage 1. In doing so, they encountered the driver, who dented Green's face. The resulting confrontation left the driver dead by bee sting, despite Throdun's best efforts. Throdun made sure the train was on the right track, heading for the warehouse district.
-Someone going by the designation of 'ES001' contacted the train, demanding to know what was going on. Marco, using his talent for lying, managed to wrap ES001's perception of reality. He convinced the man not to send any further reinforcements.
-Carriage 7, due to the inferno caused by upping the thermostat, exploded. Whilst Marco attempted to fight the flames which spread to Carriage 6, he ended up setting it on fire with a flamethrower.
-In Carriage 14, Dunsalipal found the crate containing the crystals, along with a booby-trapped crate. With help from Brumma, he successfully found the correct crate.
-The explosion from Carriage 7 opened the door to Carriage 15. Investigating, Dunsalipal and Brumma discovered blood and body parts inside. Learning something was present in Carriage 16, Dunsalipal and Brumma used the booby-trapped crate to attempt to kill the entity. This failed, and the entity was revealed to be something resembling Lord Buckethead, who attacked the pair. With assistance from Marcelo and Kitkat, they were able to defeat the entity, whereupon it was executed by Dunsalipal.
-Searching through Carriage 16, Dunsalipal acquired several important documents. Meanwhile, Kitkat was transported to the realm of Nighthawk, who showed Kitkat a vision of the future. Upon returning, the entire squad of Dunsalipal, Brumma, Kitkat and Marcelo all successfully escaped before Carriage 7 detached.

Warehouse District:
-Upon arrival, Zalee and Penny attempted to survey the area but were unable to determine the amount of guards.
-Eddy revealed that there may be body armour in Warehouse 4. Likewise, Brian #4 revealed information about a weapon’s cache in Warehouse 7.
-Flint, charging into the warehouse district, led his group straight to the guards. A fight broke out, during which all the civilian guards were brutally killed. Prior to this, one of the guards successfully radioed for reinforcements.
-During the aftermath, Flint disguised himself as one of the guards.
-Advend was successful in hiding the bodies.
-Zalee, attempting to sabotage the other guards’ communications, was caught. She was saved by the timely arrival of Penny, who murdered the three remaining guards.
-Masato and Advend were successfully able to kill the enemy reinforcements, with Flint running over a couple of surrendering guards in a stolen SUV. Said guards were then decapitated.
-Penny was successfully able to jam the train's communications.
-Meanwhile, an enemy helicopter soon arrived to support the reinforcements. Flint, Masato and Advend all attempted to engage the helicopter. In the process, Masato ripped the blades in his arm and leg off to try and destroy the chopper, only to be critically injured alongside Flint by a missile. They were saved only by the timely arrival of Jay Shadis.
-Jay ordered the warehouse locked-down, which was done by Penny. Advend, with information given by Brian and Eddy, obtained weapons and armour for the group. Apis, with information from Masato, discovered tunnels underneath the warehouse. Jay proposed leading a squad of Brians into the tunnels, and kicked a sassy Flint into them.
-Flint successfully scouted the enemy forces, learning that one of the seven world leaders was among them. However, he was spotted by two of the enemy soldiers. He was saved by the timely arrival of the Brians. In the ensuing chaos, Brian #3787 was critically wounded. Flint attempted to use this opportunity to turn on the resistance forces, but Brian #3789 shot and killed him.

A brief introduction to the world:

The planet (now known as Buckethead 491) runs on Magitek. Technology powered by magic. Airships are powered by those who can generate lightning and ice creams created by ice conjurers. Some even have the distinguished job of becoming street lamps, standing in place for hours on end and making their hands glow. Truly, there is no higher honour. Unless your King Vandark's boot licker. Lucky guy.

The world is controlled by seven world leaders, who in turn are controlled by Lord Buckethead. Although, "leaders" probably isn't the best word to describe them. Strange, weird and whacky figures that Buckethead has placed in charge of specific areas (military, food, et cetera). Take them out in any way you choose (murder, persuasion, murder, philosophical awakening, murder...) to cripple Buckethead's empire, and to free the world from his tyranny...

Your objective:

Stop Lord Buckethead. That's literally all you have to do. Okay, you also have to take down the seven world leaders. And maybe you'll run into some other trouble on the way. And yes, someone in the group is bound to screw up at one point or another. But yeah, just stop Lord Buckethead.

As you travel from city to city, you will come across little side quests. You can complete these at your discretion, and in whatever manner you choose. You want to help an old lady cross the street, you do that. You want to nuke the city to oblivion? Eh sure, why not?

Application Template:


Race (human or otherwise):
Physical Description:
Personality (describe in a few words):
Weapon (if any):
Goal (if any):
Brief History:

My app:

Name: Jace ‘Exposition’ Young

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: Human, Caucassian

Physical Description: Black hair, taller than average, several small scars from his times spent on dangerous worlds. Green eyes. Average build.

Personality (describe in a few words): Arrogant, quick-witted, insufferable.

Weapons: Slug Rifle, Slug Pistol, a small blade.

Armour: Combat Armour PL12, with an SD AR L3 underlay. Don’t know what that means? Tough stuffing, it basically means he can soak up bullets.

Passive Abilities:
Gambler: Jace’s time spent playing cards among crewmates has not only earned the distinguished title of “cheating ***********” but has made him quite the capable gambler. Gives him a bonus at games of chance.
Recon: Time spent investigating various planets has made Jace quite the scout. Bonus for investigating new areas.
Stealth: Kinda stealthy. I mean, he’s no cougar on a zipline, but he’s alright.

Active Abilities:
Rapid Fire: Allows Jace to unleash a swift hail of gunfire (albeit, much less accurate).

-An excellent all-round soldier. Specialisation in Slug Rifles, Slug Pistols, Blades and Heavy Weapon Launchers.
-Very intelligent (and not afraid to show it).

-Lacks a formal education, due to spending most of his early years on the streets.
-Has perhaps the worst social standing of any single person in the entire galaxy. Is often thrown out of bars and stores for merely breathing.
-Relies on older technology, has no clue how to use (or how to effectively combat) the laser empire of Lord Buckethead.
-His armour makes him somewhat slower than others in his team.
-Prone to beating up Gavin for no darn reason.
-Sweet mother of mercy, if you can put up with him for longer than five minutes, you have the patience of a saint.

Goal: To overthrow Buckethead, just to prove he's still the best.

Brief History: Companion of Captain Kitkat, Private Gavin Dunkleman and "Don Saladbar", Jace was a highly-decorated soldier who saw very little combat, instead sent on many scouting missions across the galaxy. However, he was thrown out of the military due to his association with a fraudulent captain (to this day, Jace claims to have had no knowledge about the fake Ray Bands being shipped across the universe). After an absolutely uninteresting adventure with Kitkat, Dunkleman and the Don, where he was routinely thrown in prison and kidnapped, Jace decided to take a holiday to the planet now known as Buckethead 491.

Here, he became friends with Prince Ulysses Vandark (the two of them bonding over their love of being superior to to other people). He took the time to learn much about the planet, its inhabitants, and generally any information which would come in useful to "explain the plot". However, his prolonged holiday came to an end when Lord Buckethead overthrew the King and presumably killed the Prince. Jace fled from the palace, stealing a can of bucket polish, and fleeing into hiding with a local resistance group...

Now, he seeks to bring an end to Buckethead's empire, if only to prove he's better than the clanker.

Other: N/A
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Rise of Buckethead

Post#2 » 21 Jun 2017 20:41

Name: Gavin Dunkelman

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical appearance: Gavin is of average height. He has fairly soft features, lacking a strong jaw but nonetheless appearing kind of cute, but his skin is pale from years of untreated illness. He wears a pair of rectangular-framed glasses. His hair his black and falls to his shoulders, and his fringe often hangs over his eyes.

Describe your personality in a few words: Cowardly… Mostly cowardly.

Weapon: A battled old Imperial Navy laser pistol and combat knife.

Armour: None to speak of, but he wears a smart shirt and trousers and a waistcoat.


Passive Abilities:
Battle Dress – Gavin knows how to look good in a uniform and is always well presented, no matter what it is he’s wearing. He also knows a thing or two about using power armour.
Grav Pilot – Gavin knows how to pilot grav land vehicles and aircraft.
Know when to fold ‘em – During his time in the military, Gavin got pretty good at playing cards. He even played Jayce once or twice. Gives him a bonus in games of chance.
I used this once! – Because of Gavin’s time in the support division, he used a wide range of military hardware. He probably remembers how to use it. Roll to see if he does.

Strengths: Gavin knows about the Empire’s military hardware, and can even use some of it. He’s also a published author. He can use laser weapons and bladed weapons, but would prefer not to.

Weaknesses: Due to the price of medical care on the planet, despite his successes Gavin has not been able to afford a cure for his lung injuries. He cannot run for too long otherwise his breathing becomes highly strained. He is also a coward, and would rather run and hide than enter a fight. If he is directly in the line of fire, he will prefer to find a way to escape than actually fight.

History: The Dunkelman family was well respected in the upper echelons of Imperial society, however their son was not. Despite being their only child, their sole inheritor, Gavin was less good at being a nobleman than his parents. Instead, he chose to ride the coattails of his family’s social standing all the way to the Imperial Military’s officer training school and got himself a job there. He acted as an officer in the support division, being deployed all around the empire, wherever they were needed giving him familiarity with a range of devices and weapons of war. His darkest hour was when he was deployed to the frontlines themselves, despite signing up for the safest job possible. He showed a remarkable capability for getting his soldiers out alive when he was placed in command and his unit had the fewest casualties on that front.

Following this success and finally getting himself reassigned, he wrote a book about his experience – “Private Dunkelman: How I learned to stop worrying and love the frontlines”. It was a hit and he lives primarily off this, since shortly after his only major success he got into a disagreement with his now ex-girlfriend, Brenda Miles and the resulting depression caused him to wash out of the military, but not before one last deployment where a stray grenade ruined his lungs. Between both physical and mental health issues, Gavin washed out of the navy and wandered the Empire, trying to use his status to get himself somewhere. Spoiler alert – It didn’t work.

These events led to him being severely dissatisfied with his life and the rule of Lord Buckethead, as clearly his society was at fault for his failures. He seeks revolution to improve his own lot in life.

Goal: Become famous enough to rejoin noble society and be respected. He also wants to get a movie deal.
A guaranteed catastrophe
A tear that's bound to fall
A sure train wreck, and you'll soon regret
The day I came to call

I'm a cursed black cat
I'm an albatross
I'm a mirror broken
Sad to say, I'm your Bad Luck Charm

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Rise of Buckethead

Post#3 » 21 Jun 2017 21:58

Name: Vincent Kilmister
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human, Half Kilronar
Physical description: A space captain and adventurer. Average height, dark hair and green eyes. Wears fairly plain clothes and a leather jacket. Looks human but is in fact only half human.
Personality: Not particularly sociable. Quite cautious and cynical, though with a good sense of morality, and willing to fight for a good cause.
Weapon: Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum, a revolver. Also, a stun baton, a non-lethal melee weapon generally only used in emergencies.
Armour: Nothing but his usual clothes.
Abilities (passive and active): Passive - Night vision - due to his Kilronar blood, Vincent can see in the dark to a limited extent, though not as well as a full Kilronar.
Active - Hacking - Vincent can hack into most computer networks and has a PDA to help him do this.
Strengths: Resourcefulness, knowledge of technology, ranged weapon skills
Weaknesses: Physical strength, melee weapon skills, social interaction
Goal (if any): To get off the planet
Brief History: Vincent's parents met when his father, a Kilronar pilot, rescued his mother, a human, from slavery. His mother died when he was very young and he was mostly raised by his father on board his father's ship, the Armstrong. When Vincent was 24, his father died and he inherited the ship. He has since wondered the star systems, taking on odd jobs and transporting people and goods to make a living. He's had a fair share of encounters with pirates and other unsavoury types - one such encounter is how he acquired his droid, NV-32, who helps him with the maintenance of his ship.
Other: The Armstrong and NV-32 won't affect the RP very much if at all, as they will be out of action for most of it.

OoC: Good to be back :D

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Rise of Buckethead

Post#4 » 21 Jun 2017 23:01

Name: Marco/Zwei (Mk 01.85.c26 Biomechanical Assassination Droid)

Age: 134

Gender: None.

Race (human or otherwise): Android

Physical Description: In his usual form, Marco is a tall redhead with an athletic build wearing a constant grin. His basic android form is stark white, hairless and skeletal. Given enough time to shift, however, he can take any appearance

Personality (describe in a few words):
Carefree and reckless. The definition of chaotic neutral.

Weapon (if any): Laser pistol and a small dagger.

Armour: None.


Shape-shifting - Given twelve hours, Marco can enter a meditative trance, and during that time his body will shift to the desired appearance. Should he be interrupted during this time, the process will be halted, and over the next half hour he will gradually return to his original android form. His inbuilt operations limitations restrict him from taking the form of entities under 16 years of age, or an equivalent age depending on the species.

Venom glands - Beneath his fingernails are several glands which produce both lethal and non-lethal venoms: In a normal human, the lethal venom will kill them within 20 minutes, and the non-lethal venom will knock them unconscious within 10. Several different venoms can also be produced by these glands, effective on different species. The nails extend to help the injection of this venom into the bloodstream.
His teeth carry similar, much more powerful glands.

Acid glands - Marco’ sweat glands are also special, in that given a few minutes he can have them produce a highly acidic sweat, with can eat through iron, copper, lead, steel, and most ceramics. However, prolonged use will damage Marco’ body.

Regenerative cells - Finally, Marco’ body has some nifty regenerative properties. Burns, cuts, and bruises can disappear in a matter of hours, and stab and gunshot wounds in days. These are optimal times though, when Marco has time to rest and ‘meditate’. Without such rests, Marco will have to use common human methods, which tend to be less effective on him than would be expected. A chopped off finger will regrow in two days. An arm or a leg in two weeks. His head in a month, minimum. To fully kill him, one must destroy the vast majority of his spinal cord, wherein reside the cells responsible for this regenerative property.

Hand to hand combat – An essential paring for his abilities. When indoors or in confined spaces Marco can take enemies down with littler effort and much glee.
Covert surveillance – He knows how to find, watch, and follow a target for as long as it takes, without being seen.
Lyins – If you think he’s telling the truth, he’s probably lying. Unless he knows you know, in which case he’s telling the truth. Maybe.
Flower arrangements – His most dearly held skill. Marco picked this up when working as an event planner. His apartment is fully of colourful and artistically exquisite arrangements of both common an exotic flowers.

Long-distance combat – When faced with attacks from a distance, Marco tends to freeze up, or run headlong towards the attacker with little regard for cover. Presumed by his creators to be a logic-processing defect in his operational coding.
Reckless – Given that the abilities Marco possesses require him to get within touching distance of his target, this is another side effect of his operational coding. He will happily fight against stupidly large numbers of enemies, despite almost certainly being immediately mown down.
Poker – His creators never did manage to nail down this essential assassin skill, and yet he often gambles his money away in this game.

Goal (if any): Find Eins and Drei.

Brief History: Zwei was one of a batch of three Androids, the others being Eins and Drei, and one of the first ever Androids developed for the purpose of assassination. Each acted as a test bed for different and distinct abilities desirable in a weapon of assassination. Each were perfectly obedient yet autonomous weapons.
The experiments on Zwei and his counterparts provided invaluable data, and before long various assassin android models were being produced. The project continued to develop the technology and was extremely successful both scientifically and financially, before its funding was cut after 89 years of research. At this point Zwei, along with Eins and Drei, was put into storage.

Seven years later, Zwei woke up in an alleyway. He didn’t know how he got there, or why. If this by intention or accident. He didn’t even know if he was on the same planet as the research facility he had been housed in.
He took on the name of ‘Marco’, finding it more socially acceptable to the local populace than ‘Zwei’. He eventually got a job as an event planner, rented a slightly below average apartment, and maintained a low profile in his public life.
And he wondered what had happened to Eins and Drei. Were they free like himself, or still locked away in some forgotten storage facility? He resolved to find out, and so he took to raiding all the research labs searching for any hints of android related technology, in the hopes that this would lead him to Eins and Drei, and perhaps even the scientists behind their creation.
Most of the labs that he raided ended up having nothing to do with android technologies, and the few documents that contained just a hint of an allusion to such technology usually resulted in dead ends. He could sometimes earn a nice amount of money by selling the data to the more unscrupulous populace, however.
Other times he would be caught, and would have to kill his captors when the opportunity presented itself. He didn’t have time for jail. However, during one particular occasion he had not needed to do so, when he had found himself in a temporary cell within one lab he had been unfortunate in. A dwarf named Throdun agreed to help Marco escape, although for a price. Marco told him about a lab that he had been planning on infiltrating, a place that was known to very few people and which he believed housed a very valuable research project. The truth was, Marco suspected it had something to do with android prototyping, and could provide him with some information as to the whereabouts of Eins and Drei.
Throdun proved quite adept in the art of infiltration, and so Marco let him do most of the work. The contents of the lab proved to be disappointing, merely being a strange metal ball that morphed into a turtle. Throdun seemed pleased with it though, so Marco had left it to him and instead taken the most important looking documents at hand in the lab. Their excursion ended with blaring alarms and a quick farewell as they separated and went their own ways.

Marco still continues to search for a clue that will lead him to Eins and Drei.

Other: Most of Marco’s abilities are stuff I ripped off from the Changer’s in Consider Phlebas. Sue me. (Great book though.)

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Rise of Buckethead

Post#5 » 22 Jun 2017 00:12

Name: Throdun Runeforge

Age: 26 dwarf years, 246 human years

Gender: Male

Race (human or otherwise): dwarf

Physical Description: 4 feet 8 inches (1.42 meters). 210 pounds (95 kg). Short and stocky with massive shoulders. Thick muscle is packed beneath every inch of rough, hairy skin. A magnificent bronze colored beard cascades down to his sternum. Medium hair of the same color. Dark, twinkling eyes and a larger-than-most nose.
Occasionally wears these goggles either on his eyes or on his head:
[+] goggles

The goggles are wirelessly connected to his suit's supercomputer, allowing Throdun to transmit his visual and grants him limited thermal/night vision.
Often is smoking a big cigar.
Hair and beard style, though the wrong color (should be more bronze) and his beard should be longer. Also an accurate facial appearance but Throdun's is usually not as harsh:
[+] hair and beard style

Personality (describe in a few words): Boisterous.

Weapon (if any): If any? IF ANY??
[+] The Runeforged
new gun.jpg

Armour: A highly durable and advanced suit designed by Throdun. Includes a supercomputer accessed via a screen projected from the wrist. Nanobots gradually repair any damage done to the suit. A basic jetpack may be activated on the back of the suit allowing one or two bursts to propel Throdun in his desired direction.
[+] armour suit
new armor.jpg

(just take away the helmet and gun and imagine a stocky dwarf wearing that)


Passive Abilities
Racial abilities include increased strength, stamina, hardiness, and smell. Resistance to heat, cold, and inebriation. Constantly has easy access to alcohol. Life of the party.
Throdun is both an engineer and a technomancer, a useful combo. He can easily operate and understand practically any technology/machine.

Active Abilities
Hacking – able to control/disrupt/shut down technologies/machines. This ability’s success varies based on the grade of technology and the distance Throdun is from the technology. More advanced technology takes more time and may require actual direct contact.
InstaShell – projects a temporary shield
Technokenesis – the armour’s gauntlets are able to push objects away or pull them closer
Blank Grenades – Throdun has a variety of rune-inscribed metal balls pre-programmed with all of the below programs. He is able to throw one of these grenades and activate any of the programs at will.
• Fried – releases a deadly burst of electric energy
• Simple n’ Sweet – classic grenade explosion
• Take a Hint – just like that one annoying friend/relative that never leaves you alone, this grenade constantly pulses with plasma energy for fifteen seconds
• Blackout – an EMP blast that functions on standard technology, nullifying it for 7 seconds
• Hitchhiker Modification – modifies the grenade to stick to any surface, can be used with any other program

Strengths: Operating technology/machinery, mid-ranged combat, hacking, sciencing

Weaknesses: Ineffective at long range and close range. Not very agile or speedy, flips are out of the question. His headstand is decent though. Social skills are solid with his sort of type, but become strained with those he can't relate to.

Brief History:

[+] Brief History
Throdun was born on Khalzadara, the dwarves’ home world, in the capital, Ironforge. His early years were filled with learning the cultural history of the dwarves, knowledge he still retains today. His mastery dwarven firearms is a result of the grueling training under General Throda, the descendant of the legendary Lord Throda Bronzebeard (what a cool guy). Throdun’s father was a blacksmith and taught the young dwarf much about his craft. Though he loved the forge, Throdun was entranced by the engineering marvels of Ironforge and slowly began to realize he had a deeper connection to them, and his technomancy gradually became clear to him.

Throdun became an apprentice in the Engineering Guild where his talent and abilities quickly brought him to the position of head journeyman. His compact propulsion method finally brought the guild master’s attention and Throdun became the master’s personal assistant. Throdun desired to leave Ironforge and participate in more advanced intergalactic studies. His request to leave the guild was denied but Throdun was determined and built himself a spaceship, deceiving dwarf patrol ships and setting course for IDAP Labs.

Upon landing on the barren planet that was home to IDAP Labs and testing facilities, Throdun did not find the scientists very welcoming, confused as to how he avoided the planetary security. The dwarf was labeled as a smuggler, thrown into a holding cell, and forgotten. Throdun began to experience the extent of his powers. The guards serving Throdun were androids and through practice, Throdun was able to control them and release himself. Throdun spent a fair bit of time on that floor of the laboratory, convincing the androids to tolerate his existence. Throdun gained a great deal of knowledge, having hacked into IDAP’s networking and read all the reports the scientists submitted. Throdun began his own work on that floor, experimenting and learning, all the while enjoying his privacy and android servants. Eventually, another prisoner arrived. A wily human adventurer named Marcus looking for an IDAP project which he believed to be priceless. Throdun was dubious, considering he had not seen anything of that caliber on the IDAP database. Marcus convinced Throdun the project was concealed from the network, only available to a select few. The treasure seeker’s charm, Throdun’s curiosity, and general cabin fever, led to the young dwarf leaving his isolated level.

Throdun took his latest project with him, his suit of armour, in order to help with the infiltration. The technomancer’s abilities allowed the two to finally reach a restricted level, where Throdun was able to locate the particular object they were looking for. The object was a small metal ball. This ball morphed into a metal turtle when released from its stasis chamber. The adventurer was thoroughly disappointed, as Throdun could not find any description of what the turtle was. Marcus grabbed a few important looking schematics and was ready to leave. Throdun took a liking to the little turtle and took him along, determined to discover its importance. Throdun had been unable to silence the alarm and the two hurried to leave the lab. Taking leave of one another, they left the planet in their respective ships.

Throdun began his next project: deciphering the metal shapeshifting turtle, whom he called “Oliver.” Through intricate study of the little guy, he found an option in the turtle’s wiring that would potentially allow for the machine to take different shapes. Eventually, Throdun created a program that allowed Oliver to take the metallic shape of a border collie. Throdun was unable to decipher any other secrets in the stolen machine, Oliver’s AI was quite simple, about the same intellect as a border collie (which was why Throdun chose to add that form).

Over several years Throdun explored the galaxy with Oliver. Then one day he found another latent secret dwelling in the little shapeshifter. Oliver seemed to operate as some sort of intergalactic radio, programmed to receive detailed project reports uploaded by scientific and technological companies across the galaxy. Throdun then began a new set of adventures, finding an intriguing project, sneaking in, and investigating. Sometimes he’d help them out, sometimes he’d help himself out. It was all good fun until Oliver discovered a report by one of Lord Buckethead’s scientists. Oliver was unable to read the data but Throdun could tell the project was incredibly advanced and incredibly dangerous. Piqued, Throdun is now looking to investigate the evil emperor and blow some heads off while he’s at it.

[+] Actual Brief History
Throdun was born on Khalzadara, the dwarves’ home world, in the capital, Ironforge.
Learned cultural history, fighting with firearms, blacksmithing
Discovers love of machines, technomancer abilities begin to manifest
Preferred engineering to blacksmithing, accepted into the Engineering Guild
Quickly rises, becoming apprentice to guild master
Desires to leave guild and join an intergalactic science lab and is denied
Builds spaceship and eludes planetary security
Lands on planet serving as home to an advanced science corporation and is thrown in holding cell
Learns to master technomancer powers and controls android guards
Lives in the lab for a while, unknown to the organic scientists, hacking into their network and learning form their work while creating his own projects (including his suit of armour)
Human adventurer named Marco arrives, convinces Throdun about a secret level not listed on the lab’s network
They find this level, Marco is disappointed but Throdun finds it very interesting and takes one of the projects that had no description he could find but seemed very important. That project was a metal shapeshifting AI with roughly the intelligence of a border collie.
They escape. Throdun names the AI “Oliver.” Begins to research it. Finds he can program it to change into different shapes but cannot fully crack it
Begins exploring the galaxy
Discovers another secret in Oliver, the AI contains log reports from scientists and laboratories around the galaxy
Throdun then began a new set of adventures, finding an intriguing project with Oliver, sneaking in, and investigating. Sometimes he’d help them out, sometimes he’d help himself out, sometimes both. It was all good fun until Oliver discovered a report by one of Lord Buckethead’s scientists. Oliver was unable to read the data but Throdun could tell the project was incredibly advanced and incredibly dangerous. Piqued, Throdun is now looking to investigate the evil emperor, and blow some heads off while he’s at it.

Goal: Find out what secrets this Lord Buckethead is keeping and blast some folks

Other: Speaks in a Scottish accent
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Name: Zalee

Age: 224 (about 22 in human years)

Gender: Female

Race: Chian

Physical Description: Chians look more like raptors than humans, with digitigrade legs, and a long thick tail. They have four arms that are short in proportion to the rest of their body, but still strong and as mobile as a human’s arm. Chians can have anywhere from 4 to 6 fingers on each hand – Zalee has 6 – and 4 toes on each foot. Chians have humanoid faces with large, almond-shaped eyes, a flat cat-like nose, human mouth, and tall cat-like ears. Their fingers and toes are tipped with extremely sharp, retractable claws and females, like Zalee, have a row of thick quills along their spines which lie flat most of the time, but stand if angry or frightened.
Zalee’s skin is a deep forest green that fades to a lighter color on her stomach and underside of her tail. She has various swirling marks wrapping around her arms, legs, and tail in a deep blue. Her eyes are golden and she has several small golden hoops in her ears. Zalee is short for her race, only about 7 ft 3 in when standing straight up. She is well muscled and, for her race, quite lovely. Zalee doesn’t wear any clothes, though she does carry a messenger bag that is entirely filled with food.

Personality: Curious, over-excited, shy at first in new situations/people; Basically hyperactive puppy

Weapon: Extremely sharp claws

Armour: None; her skin is tough enough to withstand general wear and tear, though it is better at protecting against friction and heat than shooty/slicey/bashy stuff

Speed – Zalee can run, move, and react really really fast. If given enough space and time to build up speed, she can easily break the sound barrier.
Hyperactive Attention – Zalee notices everything. Whether or not she realizes its relevance is a different question.
Claws – Zalee has retractable claws in her fingers and toes, and she knows how to use them. Her claws are sharp enough to cut through most naturally occurring substances (except diamond) and many man-made substances. They are also very convenient for impaling grapes.

Strengths: Zalee’s speed is her greatest strength. Her four arms also come in handy whenever she goes shopping needs to hold stuff. She also does not need to sleep and can hold conversations for days.

Weaknesses: Zalee is a pacifist and a bit of a prankster; in battle, she prefers to run around dodging everything and pantsing or pouring ice water over her opponents than actually fighting. She also has no armour, so her avoidance of injury is entirely that: avoidance. If her speed is taken out of the equations – restraint, glue, or unconsciousness – she has no protection. Due to her speediness, she has a ridiculously fast metabolism and needs to eat a lot of food, especially since the food on Buckethead 491 isn’t as nutrient- and calorie-heavy as the food on Chi (her home planet).

Goal: Just… have fun? Also technically gather information on the planet's inhabitants.

Brief History: Zalee was born on her home planet of Chi. She had a pretty normal life with school, friends, sports, loving parents, and two annoying younger brothers. She came to the planet now known as Buckethead 491 some years before Lord Buckethead ever came to power in order to explore and party – and possibly study its inhabitants for an extended school project but that’s irrelevant – and didn’t terribly concern herself when the Lord did overthrow the King. She thought it might be an interesting topic for her project to assist in the rebels in the defeat of the Lord – as well as terribly entertaining.

Other: She is overly fond of grapes.
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Name: Flint Rowan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race (human or otherwise): Elf
Physical Description: an incredibly handsome individual measuring at 5'10 with shoulder-length black hair and sharp, silber eyes. He is very attractive.
Personality (describe in a few words): He has a flare for the dramatic, he's got a strong-head and sharp mind. His wit is rivaled only by his ego.
Weapon (if any): Rapier
Armour: he wears a blue tunic with a chainmail vest. He polishes the chainmail regularly of course.
Master of Disguise-
Flint is unrivaled in his ability to pull of any disguise, be it a sickly old man, important buisnessman, or innocent little girl, Flint's ability is unmatched!
Professional Liar-
Flint can act, and by act, I mean Lie. He knows how to appear totally natural while telling a complete lie. If your not careful he might convince you that the sky's been purple all along, and that you must be colorblind.
Flint has spent years perfecting his technique. A dance battle, he's never lost. Well, not yet anyway.
Girls can't resist Flint. He cant keep them away!
Acting, Writing, Speaking
Afraid of cats, arrogant, extremely low alcohol tolerance
Goal (if any): to become known across teh universe
Brief History: Flint is a well known actor, but sadly, drama doesnt always pay the bills, so after he'd completed a certain show he took tp writing in his spare time, and became a popular writer aswell. He has a mainly female fanbase, and girls often lime up for his autograph, he became addicted to this fame, and seeks attention wherever he can get it. Eventually he decided playing the hero role was a good method aswell. He also keeps up with mom and dad. Theyre very proud of him.
Other: He's here for the attention.
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Name: Goes by Green (though he does accept the name Protocol Q, which is tattooed where his left eye should be.)

Age: Believes he is 29

Gender: Male
Race (human or otherwise): Android

Physical Description: Green is a pale skinned, unweight male that stands at about 5'8". He has long green hair (which is why he chose to be called Green) and dark purple eyes, well, eye, as he only has the right one. The left eye is completely covered up with skin, almost as if he was made to only have one eye. Where the eye should be there is a small tattoo, which says Protocol Q, in cursive. He tends to wear a black button-up shirt over brown slacks, with a tan zip-up cardigan sweater.
Personality (describe in a few words):Quiet, perhaps he was programmed without speech.

Weapon (if any): A Mateba Autorevolver, takes either .357 Magnum rounds, or .38 Special.
Armour: None.

Iron Bones- He has a bones made of metal, which is good for when being attacked, or when attacking.
Voice Mimicry- He has the ability to copy voice phrases that he's heard before, which is how he normally communicates.
Sharpshooting- He has a very accurate targeting system that allows him to fire his revolver without any worries of missing his mark.
Perks of a Robot- Well, one good thing about being a robot is that you don't need oxygen to run. To add onto that he also doesn't need to eat, drink, deposit waste, or sleep.

Strengths: he's good at taking hits and dishing them back out, though he doesn't know much in the way of close combat. He is a great shot thanks to his targeting system, though it isn't a top of the line system, and he has been known to miss when the moment of need is greatest.

Weaknesses: It is noticed that Green cannot speak on his own, and must instead copy other people's voice lines. He also has problems seeing in the dark, fog, smoke, or other vision impairing effects. He also isn't very fast, and tends to walk with what seems to be a limp.

Goal (if any): To observe the universe and it's inhabitants, and send back as much data about it as possible.

Brief History: Not much is known about Green, other than the fact that he was found floating around in an asteroid belt, and was though to be dead. He was picked up and taken to the nearest planet, and dropped him off with the local law enforcements. He then "came back from the dead" on his autopsy table. From there he's basically just wandered planet to planet, observing nature and people, as he was programmed to do.

Other: I'll be editing this, it's a rough draft for now.
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Name: Captain Aiarl "Kitkat" Ketleet

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Race: Catman

Physical Description: A tall and stocky catlike man with beige fur and a tail, the end of which has been shot off. He has razor sharp claws, wicked teeth, is covered in scars and wears an eyepatch.

Personality: Absolutely insane

Weapon: Shotgun and claws

Armour: Military body armour

Able to see in the dark
Able to go completely berserk, at which point injuries barely register to him and he has incredibly ferocity.

Strengths: An incredible powerful fighter when enraged, catlike agility

Weaknesses: Insane, reckless, and not very smart.

Goals: Claim territory for the Ketleets!

Brief History: Aiarl left his family at a young age to become a crewman on a pirate ship... which was promptly destroyed by their enemies. Aiarl was the only one to survive and crash landed on a planet, where he became a scavenger to get enough money to leave. It was during this time that the catman started to lose his sanity, on the deserted wastes. He made many bad bets, including one where bet his own spleen. Fortunately the other side didn't know much about the body, so they removed his gall bladder instead. One thing he did excel in was duels, after all he was a cat with nothing to lose. He eventually got back to his own planet, and on a whim decided to join the military. This was, ironically, where he excelled, and became a decorated veteran of a cavalry regiment. Eventually he was forced into an arranged marriage with a female catwoman, and for some reason they created a successful plushie business together. No, it doesn't make sense. Captain Kitkat now wanders the stars trying to find adventure and treasure, and trying to stay as far as he can from his wife.


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