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How often should we switch GMs?

Every 5 turns
Every 10 turns
Every Week
Total votes: 9

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Roll 2 Devon

Post#261 » 10 Jan 2018 16:24

.....are you stil there.....
*internal screaming*

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Roll 2 Devon

Post#262 » 10 Jan 2018 17:16


[+] Fireally
HP: 150 MP: 42
Dog Tag

Telekinesis: 3 - Kinda Success
Instead of a magic Net, the pantherman dangles Riley from a magic string tied to her ankle. She struggles for a while,
clearly startled, and upset.

Pantherman loses 15 MP

[+] Laix
HP: 100 MP: 100
Plain Shirt & Pants
Ramen Cup
30ft rope
1d6 pocket knife
1 Leather jacket
1 pair black skinny jeans
1 bottle of magic black hair dye
1 DIY magic wand (1d20 Firebolt)
1 Weeks worth of food provisions
2 Ores
First Aid Kit

Gather information on doomsday: 1 - Critical Fail
The fairies are singing in a language Antros doesn't understand, and theiy singing so loud they didn' hear his question.
Antros is so harmonized by the fairies singing that he falls asleep for 5 days, and wakes up in the apocalypse Image The fairies are nowhere to be seen, the forest is mostly burnt down.

[+] Funy
HP:100 MP:100
left hand is a skeleton key that can open any door dice free
Has multiple personality disorder
Plain Shirt & Pants
Ramen Cup

Look for materials to build a boat out of: 6 - Funy find exactly what he needs to build a boat, the ship itself, Funy remembers that the whole prison is a ship, and that he only needs to take over the entire ship.

[+] Nate
HP:100 MP:41
Airbender (Can bend air without MP)
Plain Shirt & Pants
Half eaten Ramen Cup
Mysterious Key
Magnum (14 Rounds split between 2 clips)
Portal Gun
Rocket Launcher (2 Rockets)

Search the tavern for victims: 2 - Fail
Unfortunately, the Tavern only contains drunk old people, no terrifying monsters to kill.
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Roll 2 Devon

Post#263 » 11 Jan 2018 07:00

"Come on, Riley, we can rebuild our lives together!" I say, trying to cheer her up, as pantherman reels her in, back to the bridge.
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Roll 2 Devon

Post#264 » 11 Jan 2018 11:11

One moment, Antros trys to ask questions and the next he wakes to a burnt out forest. Despite the look of this place, that still sould be some sort of magical energy leftover. He attempts to look around for some sort of magical work station or magical circle that he can use.
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