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Post#1 » 14 Nov 2017 01:29

NOTE: Applications will remain open until further notice!


You died.


To tell you the truth, you did die, but you're stuck in Xerxes, also known as your imagination. The human mind is a fascinating thing that one such as you cannot comprehend, but there's a collective unconscious and a personal unconscious. Once you die, you're supposed to go into the Judgement Hall, where the uppers decide where you fit into.

But something went wrong. You are now stuck in Xerxes, the passing realm and the collective unconscious of humankind. That includes dreams, myths, legends, religions, anything and everything that is related to humans.

I can't explain it. It must have been the way you died, or some other factor, to leave you stuck in Xerxes. But I can't help you, I'm afraid. I will guide you to the best of my ability, but you- as well as the others who accompany you -are on your own. You must figure out the cause of this and quell it, whilst still remaining sane. If you don't, then you're cease to exist and be lost forever in Xerxes.

Thankfully, some things work out in your favor. Within Xerxes, you can wish to travel anywhere or gain anything within reason. I will send you to the first reality, Arcadia Cross, where the lost souls of Xerxes gather. Perhaps information can be gained there to assist you.

...I can sense your distrust from here. Do not worry, I didn't cause this.

Welcome to Xerxes! Our story begins in the darkness, where the only thing you hear is the passage above, and your only equipment is your item of importance. Will you find your way out before you loose your sanity?

[+] Rules
1. Regular forum rules apply (of course)
2. My word is law, as well as whoever ends up to be second in charge.
3. Humans only. That means regular, boring, old, weak humans with no cybernetic enhancements or blessing of the gods (yet).
5. In theory, your character could have died at any given age and just now resurfaced in Xerxes. That means that you could have a ninja from Feudal Japan or a cowboy from the Midwest of America.
6. The gift of "traveling anywhere" and "gaining anything" can only happen in relation to the current area. Example: Arcadia Cross is a science fiction/steampunk area. That means you can't just skip and go to where the problem is, you have to wait until the Magical Omniscient Voice (MOV) (AKA me) gives permission. As for getting items, same rules apply. You can summon a gun, but not Zeus, mighty God of Thunder.
7. Have fun!

[+] Extra Fun Stuff
There is a die scaling for both loot and battles. It goes as seen below.
1: You can't get lower than this.
2: Wow, you messed up.
3: Fumble.
4: Almost there...but not quite.
5: Almost-not success!
6: Success!
7: Perfection!
8: Too much perfection!
9: Critical success!
10: Too much success, go back!

Anyone in Xerxes cannot necessarily "die." They can, however go insane. Every character starts with 100 IP (insane points. Don't you love my naming capabilities?) The more points you lose, the closer you come to insanity and completely losing yourself in Xerxes. You lose insane points (possibly every turn) by:
•Getting attacked by enemies (-1 unless specified)
•Wounds (-1 Unless specified)
•Venturing into the depth of Xerxes (-2 unless specified)
•Losing your Item of Importance (-5)
•Special abilities from enemies (Must be specified)
•And other ways that will be mentioned and added to this list.

You can gain back insane points after a battle by:
•Thinking of a specific happy memory! (+1)
•A kiss! (+5)
•Your first kiss! (+10)
•Specific items! (Specified)

[+] Application
Age of Death:
Item of Importance: (This item must stay with your character at all times, least you want to go insane.)
Backstory + Death (optional, but preferred (you can PM me)):

[+] Characters
Charlie Conner (smartdevon, page 1):
•100 IP
• Engagement Ring

Zanna "Zan" Cherokee Rose (slayerofnight, page 1):
•100 IP
• Knuckle Knife

Audelaide (Obiwanabi, page 1):
•100 IP
• Kitchen Knife

Justice “Two-shot” Alexandera (Hunterofevil, page 1)
•100 IP
• Stetson Hat

Nathaniel Raphine Donner (The_Bulter00, page 2)
•100 IP
• Keys to a Yamaha 2013 YZF-R6

Frederick Brown (The_Bulter00, page 2)
•100 IP
• Light blue handkerchief

Archibald P. Butterbury (woodgreen, page 2)
• 100 IP
• Wooden cane

[+] Reserves

[+] NPCs
Geneva Langhorne
Ollie Cox

Any NPC's will be controlled by me or moderator unless requested.

Requests/Ideas are always welcome! I will also take advice on how to improve this. I want to make this fun for everyone :)

If you want to create a "mini arc" either for fun or based around your character's backstory, please let me know ahead of time.
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Post#2 » 14 Nov 2017 02:51

Name: Charlie Conner
Gender: Male
Age of Death: 19
Appearance: Black short cut hair, well kept appearance, dinples and blue eyes.
Personality: Considerate, a bit of a people pleaser, has trouble saying 'no' to people. He cares about other peoples oppinions too much.
Item of Importance: Engagement ring
Backstory + Death: Charlie was engaged to his sweetheart Shauna before being drafted into the vietnam war. He was a boy scout when he was younger but he was still afraid to go to war. He didnt get the cgance to marry Shauna before heading to war. Charlie was killed in his first battle. He was shot in the lung and died before the battle's end.
Other: He was never quite sure about his oppinion on the war.
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Post#3 » 14 Nov 2017 04:56

This looks interesting but I really don't have the time for another RP at the moment. Would it be possible to reserve a spot for whenever my schedule frees up a bit?
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I am currently working on getting set up here so sorry if I don't post for a while or anything like that. Either way it's great to be here!

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Post#4 » 14 Nov 2017 04:59

Name: Zanna "Zan" Cherokee Rose
Gender: Female
Age of Death:15
Appearance: standing at 5' 7", Zan is tan-skinned, with stunning blue eyes, long eyelashes, a cutely shy smile, and short dirty blonde hair parted to the side. She has a pretty fit build, with long arms and torso. She has a toned body, and you can tell she takes care of herself. Zan typically wears a black ribbed tanktop, tactical leather vest and combat boots, fingerless leather gloves, dark blue jeans, and a backwards black snapback.
Personality: relaxed but can be serious at times, very guarded, loyal, paranoid, stubborn, sarcastic, dark-humored, very loving on the inside, tough on the outside to protect herself, alert, not quick to trust, anxious, depressed, and even germaphobic at times.
Item of Importance: (This item must stay with your character at all times, least you want to go insane.) A golden yellow knuckle knife engraved with her name, Zanna on one side, Cherokee rose on the other. It has a pattern of Cherokee roses on the handle.
Backstory + Death (optional, but preferred (you can PM me)): Zan, along with three friends, was in a car crash, and they all went into comas. They found themselves travelling through a dreamscape together, and in the end, only three of them waking up. One was almost unharmed except for losing his sister, one died soon after coming out of her coma, and Zan died during a surgery to try and correct her near full body paralysis.
Other: When the Trail of Tears started in 1838, the mothers of the Cherokee were grieving and crying so much, they were unable to help their children survive the journey. The elders prayed for a sign that would lift the mother’s spirits to give them strength. The next day a beautiful rose began to grow where each of the mother’s tears fell. The rose is white for their tears; a gold center represents the gold taken from Cherokee lands, and seven leaves on each stem for the seven Cherokee clans. The wild Cherokee Rose grows along the route of the Trail of Tears into eastern Oklahoma today.
[+] extra character info

Fears: Spiders, clowns, marionettes, rejection, betrayal, anxiety attacks, her depression
Love: (who or what does your character love?) hopeless romantic who is just looking for some kind of love, be it brotherly, motherly, sisterly, fatherly, or romantically
Strengths: She is trained in kickboxing, she is good at making basic weapons, has above average survival instincts, has common sense unlike most people these days, and her stubbornness means she'll never give up no matter what.
Weaknesses: trusting, cooperation, making friends, talking.
Fatal Flaw: solitude, in how she builds up walls around her to keep herself safe, but desperately wants to be loved at the same time.
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Post#5 » 14 Nov 2017 05:03

Name: Audelaide
Gender: Female
Age of Death: 17
Appearance: Audelaide is tall, with long blonde hair, hazel eyes and fair skin, and an elegant, light, scarlet dress, with her knife held to her waist by a thin rope wrapping around it.
Personality: Elegant and broken, high and mighty yet fallen in the dirt, so certain yet on the precipice of disaster. She plays her disconnected noble role to hide her grief and distress. The death of her lover is still fresh in her mind, and try as she may, she likely won't be able to hide the matter very well....
Item of Importance: The kitchen knife that she killed herself with.
Backstory + Death: Audelaide is --- or was --- the daughter of a prominent Castilian Lord of the early-fifteenth century. Throughout her youth she was taught the mannerisms and etiquette of noble Lady life, just as all other Ladies were taught, and as a result she had very few friends and grew lonely and longed for attention, however, her father was far too busy with matters of court and men to be bothered with the troubles of his daughter, and her mother had long since been gone, where to her father had never told her. Aware
of her mistress's distress Audelaide's nurse began to discreetly search for valid candidates within castle walls to act as a friend for Audelaide. There were many young lads who would've gladly come to see Audelaide, few the nurse deemed to be worthy. In fact, even less than few; only one she deemed worthy. The son of the royal cook. So during the night the nurse snuck the boy into Audelaide's room. And she repeated this process one week after another, though her scheduling was erratic. Eventually the two became best of friends, and as time went on... Well... The two fell in love as they morphed into teenagers, and they became nearly inseparable when brought together. Eventually, however, Audelaide's father learned of the romance, and ended it by the execution of the boy, and the exile of his family. Thus Audelaide became distraught, and on the dawn of the next day, her nurse found her dead with a knife plunged into her chest, her hand still on the handle....
Other: This'll be interesting to try out :P
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Post#6 » 14 Nov 2017 05:15

All three accepted!~ Can't say I expected items of importance to be weapons but we'll work with it :)

And yes, Funy, I'll reserve a spot for me. feel free to message me whenever you wish to join and we'll work something out.

we're going to wait for a few more people to join, so just hang tight!
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Post#7 » 14 Nov 2017 21:16

Spot reserved! Will make character asap!
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Post#8 » 15 Nov 2017 21:47

Name: Justice “Two-shot” Alexandera
Gender: female
Age of Death: 32
[+] Appearance
Your steriotypical cowgirl. Golden brown hair pulled into two dirty fishtails, deep brown eyes, and a mess of freckles across her face. She sports heeless brown leather boots with rounded toes lined with gold-threaded swirls and gold-buckled straps, dirty and ripped blue jeans, a brown and gold decorated belt with a simple holster, empty duel-barreled pistol, a canteen and empty coin bag on the other side, and some leather gloves tucked under the belt. She wears a blue short-sleeved collared button-up under a brown leather vest, a roll of rope around her side and over one shoulder. Around her neck is tied a big red bandana, and on her head a beautiful tan Stetson decorated with gold threaded swirls and a detailed rose embroidered on the left. Around the hat is a black rope tied in a knot at the ends. Her name is carefully stitched inside.
She walks with a strange limp, and sometimes glimpses of crimson-stained bandages are seen underneath her shirt.

Personality: Justice is overall cheerful and optimistic, never about to let bad circumstances get her down. She doesn’t tolerate mean jokes or cruelty, but gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Don’t steal her hat or mess with friends, or (like her name suggests) you will find your hands with holes in them and your coin purse emptied of its contents. She has a soft spot for brown eyes and men with a sense of morality.
Item of Importance: Her beautiful Stetson hat
[+] Backstory + Death
Justice grew up with four brothers and a sister, and learned how to shoot from her brothers. Her father was a cowboy and was often away from home, and her mother died of sickness when she was 16. When her brothers left for the mines, she took up running her home and her father’s leather-tanning business. She practiced her shooting whole life, and quickly became the best shot in the county. She left home at 25 to accept a job as a deputy in a city. She was quickly caught up in a situation involving a band of highwaymen, and soon became renouned as “Justice on the Road”, as she spent a lot of time parolling the streets between towns to keep travelers safe. Justice earned the nickname Two-shot for her signature of giving her opponamts a warning shot before firing to hit. She does her best not to kill those who havent killed, following the moral “let the punishment fit the crime.” She was killed in a gunfight trying to protect a wealthy family from an infamous band of bandits. She was shot in the ankle and held out as long as she could before running out of ammunition and taking a bullet to the chest. The sheriff and his pose arrived in time to scare off the bandits, and attempted to save Justice in the back of a wagon, but she passed away a half an hour later from blood loss and shock.

Other: She’s never been in a relationship, as none of the boys who attempted to court her were willing to or able to join her patrol of the road. She has a lot of memories of her family, of the joy of saving people, and of the pride of finding criminals behind bars, though her practices were merciful.
I am not brave, I am only just, for fear knows no man's name better than the one called "fearless", but there is no fear in love.

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Post#9 » 16 Nov 2017 06:03

Haha, just realized I never posted that I accepted you, Hunter. You're accepted, welcome!
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Post#10 » 16 Nov 2017 20:55

Apps shall come soon.
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