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Another day at the labs

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NOTICE: This is basically done now; I might add a few things but they'll mainly be minor stuff. While there might be some changes to the metagame portion that is something that I expect to continue changing even after things have started. If there are any large changes I will put them up here for all to see.

Somewhere there exists a secret facility dedicated to the research of the unnatural and anomalous. Everything from alien technology to magic is experimented with there without any restrictions as to what is permitted. No one is sure who exactly this facility belongs to or where its even located due to an arguably detrimental level of secrecy that hides such information from all but those in charge and such as requiring employees to wear a blindfold and be escorted when going to or from the facility. Only a select few even have an idea of what the ultimate goal, if there even is one. Upper management permits those who work there completely free reign over what they do so long as they don't ask too many questions when asked to do something in specific.
Those who work there simply know that they're expected to be able to show results and occasionally follow a few orders from on high. So in this strange world where the lines between right and wrong, researcher and test subject, and reason and insanity are almost nonexistent you must not just survive but thrive whatever fate has in store for everyone.[/spoiler]
[+] Rules
1) Basic forum rules apply
2) No metagaming and no being OP
4) I trust you guys so I won't put anything more but I reserve the right to add to this list whenever I please should I deem it necessary

[+] Apps
Role(s) [i.e. what you do at the labs; be that experiment, researcher, security, or whatever you can think of]:
Strengths and abilities:

Accapted characters:

The Meta-game:
This is basically something very experimental I want to try out to incentivize trying things you might normally not or thinking about things in a different way. However because this is very much an experiment I also would like to ask for your help balancing, refining, and expanding it so please voice any ideas you have even if they sound stupid because they might not be.

Now to explain how this thing is currently structured. At the moment things are fairly simple, there is a pool of points (which I eventually want to call something other than just points) and your goal is to ensure that pool isn't empty because once it is I have a very nasty surprise I'm cooking (basically it's a doomsday clock). You will earn and loose points by doing and not doing things throughout an arc; once an arc is over I'll tally all the gains and losses from that arc and add or subtract the total from the point pool. You will earn points by doing or not doing things and lose points the same way. Some examples of this for gaining points could include "Do something that whoever's the current arc didn't expect/account for and likes [+25]" or "two or more characters managed to find a way to combine their strengths/abilities in a not so obvious way to great effect [+125]"; for loosing points I'm still trying to come up with some that don't end up feeling like the could end up forcing stuff just for the sake of not loosing points which is the opposite of I want this system to be so if you have any ideas for this I would greatly appreciate anything right now.

As of right now there's one last thing I want to add about this system; when the points hit 0 this doesn't necessarily mean the RP is over. What it does mean is there is a very high chance everyone will die thus ending things, however I intend to make it possible to maybe survive if you play smart. Should people survive the RP will continue like it did before with the exception that the odds are now usually stacked against you in the story; additionally the point pool will reset to some value and should it run empty a second time failure will be unavoidable.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die"~H.P. Lovecraft

I am currently working on getting set up here so sorry if I don't post for a while or anything like that. Either way it's great to be here!

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