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CSEC RP Reboot

Post#1 » 22 Dec 2017 17:36

[+] Remake
So hey guys, last time we didn't have too much success with this, how about we try again? With the same exact entry post as last time, but with new characters. Everyone here remembers what is was like playing with someone else's character, so try to keep that in mind if you do plan on making a new character

[+] Entry Post
Hey guys! Lets try something different shall we? Everyone creates someone elses character! What I mean by this is that you create a normal character app and submit it here. After a while when enough people submit their application, Ill put them all in a randomizer and post the results here. Everyone will play as someone elses character! So come on, join in!

-Your character must not be overpowered.
-Your character must not be underpowered either
-Your character should be able to be playable by someone else. Don't make something no one wants to play as. Good rule of thumb is, if you can envision yourself playing this character, then someone else could probably play it.
-Keep in mind that when others play with your character, they'll try to work with what you gave them. You may have envisioned a tale where your character starts off as a weakling and over the course of the story gets powered up, which is fine when its your characters, but that doesn't give a lot of fun room to other players
-Creativity as always is requested!

I'll make up a story after Ive seen everybody's apps, I'll try to find a suitable context for you all and make an app myself to put in the randomizer once I find a working computer.

Backstory: (optional. This isnt your character. It's someone else's. You get to choose whether their character's backstory is set in stone, or they start off with a blank slate.)
Powers and abilities:
Weaknesses (completely optional, some characters simply don't have any easily noticeable weaknesses or faults):


“Welcome one and all to Foxer’s Game Show! For all your sadistic recreational needs. My name is Foxer and as always, I am your host for tonight!” A loud booming voice is heard throughout the stadium as the crowd cheers the entrance of the game show host

Booming voice? Stadium? Crowd? Huh?!

You awaken groggy, dizzy and sleepy. The noise is confusing at first but you manage to adjust your vision and tempo just enough to make out neon red and yellow letters...Foxer’s Game Show? Never heard of it.

“TODAY, ladies and gents, we have a special episode just for you! 7 contestants ripped away from their native dimensions, here to duke it out in our legendary interdimensional game show! The winner gets to live and work as a slave for Ghulga the Cruel for the rest of their lives and the losers forfeit their lives! Aren’t we charitable? We gave someone a job, in this poor economy!”

The crowd laughs at the joke. You are wide awake enough to make out who is talking:
You look around and make out other pods, with other “players” in them,they also look like they were taken by force and forced to compete in this monstrous jeopardy knock-off. In front of you is a big red button, a smart pencil and a tablet for you to write your answers to the questions the game show asks.

“Now I’ll explain the rules, they are pretty simple really! I’ll give everyone questions they must answer! If they fail the question, I’ll deduct 10 points! They each start off with 30 points and if they reach 0, welll” Foxer makes a off with their heads gesture with his thumb and a silly face. The crowd cheers. “The best thing about these rules is, they always change during the game! If I feel like deducting 30 points off of you for no reason, I can do it! If I dont want to give you any questions and want to make you fight instead, then I can do that too! That’s the beauty of this game! I even let you keep your weapons and equipement just to see what you’ll do! Lets start with our first question shall we, newly awakened contestants?”

The crowd cheers extremely loud, Foxer clears his throat.

“What is the meaning of your life, contestants? Answer fast, or else we’ll feed you to our security head, Felix!”
Foxer points toward someone near the end of the stage

You look toward the corner of the stage and see Felix looking at each of you licking his lips.
The tablet and pencil light up in front of you, time is running out, you need to do this fast!


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CSEC RP Reboot

Post#2 » 22 Dec 2017 19:13

Name: Amy Deliro
Gender: Female
Age: 14
[+] Appearance

[+] Backstory
Amy's father was a talented practitioner of psychic power. Normally he knew how to limit himself to prevent catastrophe, but when the doctors told him his daughter was dying in the womb, his moral restraints went out the window.

Amy's father poured all his psychic energy into preserving her life as a child, and it worked. However, this was not without consequence. Amy was born with psychic energy flowing through her veins. She couldn't control it. Fear, anger, nervousness, these emotions put Amy's psychic power on overdrive. Objects would levitate and shatter all on their own as Amy lost control of her Telikinesis, people all around her could hear Amy's internal panic as her telepathy loosed itself from her control. Amy would see hundreds of possible futures as she lost her grasp on her clairvoyance. Others around her would feel her suffering as her empathy left her control. If things got really bad, Amy could find herself leaving her body as she lost control of her Astral Projection. Amy's mother and father tried to help her control these abilities. Her father taught her how to command her abilities, while her mother helped her learn to relax, so she wouldn't lose control. Amy got better at controlling herself and her abilities as time went on, though she still loses control when she gets too emotional. Amy was eventually able to live an almost normal life. She could go to school, learn ballet, and have friends, but she always lived in fear of her own psychic abilities.

Powers and abilities: Telekinesis; (Moving objects with one's mind) Telepathy; (Communication between minds {can also be used to read minds if she's calm and focused enough}) Clairvoyance; (Seeing possible futures) Empathy; (Feeling other's emotions and allowing them to feel hers) Astral Projection; (Leaving her body to explore as a sort of spirit)
Also she's good at ballet
Weaknesses: When she gets emotional, Amy is unable to control her psychic powers. Reference the backstory for details. Also she's afraid of cats.
Other: Amy was walking home from Ballet when she was ripped from her reality, her parents must be worried :?
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