When Darkness Falls

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When Darkness Falls

Post#1 » 18 Mar 2018 16:55

The Mad Gods are attacking Arcturus.

Gods are born to protect the realms they take charge in, yet when Gods go rogue, they become terrible heralds of war, waging utter destruction against other realms in title more than a blind motive to serve the Ancient Evil and it's seductive whispers.

The Arcturites has resisted for years, mortals fighting against the Gods of Darkness that seeks to enslave them or destroy everything that has ever been. The Arcturus has their own Gods, yet they could only fight their evil counterparts to a losing stalemate, leaving the war to the mortals to fight. Yet it is in vain, more ground being lost and gained by the Arcturites bitterly fighting creatures of the darkness and even their own kind to insignificant success. Hope seems lost, though no one would want to admit it save the naysayers.

But hope never dies.

A message is sent by the Arcturus Gods, rippling across the Void, space and time. A cry for assistance, reaching out to whatever it could. And so a response was given form of a mismatched band of mortals sent to Arcturus to play a game of Fate. One, where where the Mad Gods will be defeated or all will be lost.

(basically enabling original characters from elsewhere though I guess this is pretty gimmicky and clunky if anything)

[+] Alternate Blurb from my worldbuilding project
In every corner, the Mad Gods and their followers lurk, ravaging the lands of Arcturus in a conflict that has spanned generations. Great empires erased into history and Gods forgotten like specks of dust. Tentative peace exists for the price of blood, and politics threatens infighting even though the Mad Gods had broken other worlds over centuries of conflict. The odds of victory are grim, perhaps non-existent. Yet Arcturus has survived eras of great troubles through the power of faith - millions of prayers that fuels the Gods of Arcturus, even now, as they fight an eternal struggle against forces of darkness. It is this same mystical force that empowers the Fates and allow them to bestow the mortal lands with a vision - a way to defeat the Mad Gods. From disgraced protector to fallen angel, this is their tale against Gods.
[+] Rules
1) No - Godmodding (opness, Metagaming (outside info)

2) I don't want your character to sound like Ash Ketchum, please give them personalities. Also if someone's swinging a sword at you you should probably react in more than "you tryna fight?"

3) Make a effort to follow the World and not break continuity - but regarding rule 2 you're welcome to utilize NPCs to advance your character development and such.

4) I like potatoes. I am just trolling.
[+] Character Applications
Name -
Age -
Species -
Height -
Gender -
Appearance -
Abilities -
Weapons -
Strengths -
Weaknesses -
Backstory -
Other -
[+] Character Status
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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#2 » 18 Mar 2018 19:47

Name - Kai Tsukuru
Age - 25
Species - Human
Height - 5' 6"
Gender - male
Appearance - asian skin, black messy hair. Often wears baggy pants and a white shirt with a black coat over it.
Abilities - Kai has experience with a load of weapons and fighting styles. He also is rather intelligent, able to create more items for himself when needed so long as he has supplies to do so. However, his true abilities lie in his ability to use the Struction System, a versatile combat armor.
Weapons -

Build Driver: A belt device made by another scientist in his world. Using 2 Full Bottles, Kai can become the warrior known as Struction. The Build Driver can alao detect when a form known as a Best Match is being used, and will announce it's appropriate title. It also stores the weapons of his forms inside itself. It features a Handle on the right side that, when turned, triggers the transformation. While transformed, turning the handle again initiates either the Voltech Break (For Best Matches) or Voltech Attack, powerful finishing moves.

Full Bottles: Little Bottles containing essences of various things. When shaken and used without a Driver, they can temporarily lend their abilities to the holder, albiet in small bursts. (For example, a rabbit Full Bottle would make the holder quicker for a minute or two) However, Kai uses them as they'rs intended: Together with the Build Driver to create the many forms Struction can take. However, each Full Bottle can only be used on it'a respective side, limiting his number of forms. These are seperated into Organic and Non-Organic for consistency sake. Below is a list of Full Bottles.
[+] Organic Full Bottles
Pteranodon Full Bottle: Using this bottle, Struction gains the Pteranodon Half Body, giving him access to a clawed hand that can shred through solid steel, as well as the ability to glide. Best Matches with: Plane Full Bottle.

Mole Full Bottle: Using this bottle, Struction gains the Mole Half Body, granting him a large claw on his arm, as well as the ability to burrow underground and see in the dark. Bright lights are a weakness for this half.Best Matches with: Golfclub Full Bottle

Dolphin Full Bottle: Using this bottle, Struction gains the Dolphin Half Body, giving him the ability to swim and fight underwater for brief periods of time. Using a blowhole attached to the arm’s dolphin shaped gauntlet, Struction can fire a pressurized blast of water at foes. Best Matches with: Musen Full Bottle.

Parasite Full Bottle: A dangerous Full Bottle, this grants him the Parasite Half Body, which gives Struction the ability to launch small projectiles that latch onto enemies and suck their health out, recovering his own. It’s incredibly strong, and also difficult to control, outside of its Best Match. It also possesses a mind of it's own, controlling any who hold it to do it's own bidding, but for some reason, Kai is immune to this... Best Matches with: Syringe Full Bottle.

Cobra Full Bottle: a special bottle obtained from a strange person back in his own world, this grants him the Cobra Half Body, gaining the ability to command small Cobras made of some kind of hard light. A bite from these can poison an enemy. Best Matches with: Jackhammer Full Bottle.

Jester Full Bottle: Grants the Jester Half Body, allowing him to make use of trickery and illusions. Best Matches with: Shippu

Kiniko (Mushroom) Full Bottle: Grants the Kiniko Half Body, arming him with spores that can temporarily paralyze enemies, as well as a large mushroom shield. Best Matches with: Perfume Full Bottle

Kuwagata (Stag Beetle) Full Bottle: Grants the Kuwagata Half Bogy, arming him with the Stag Grip, a large gauntlet shaped like a stag beetle, with two pincers to grip enemies, with blades to help slice through them. Best Matches with: Castle Full Bottle

Fukuro (Owl) Full Bottle: Grants the Owl Half Body, allowing him limited flight and night vision. Best Matches with: Scythe Full Bottle

Lizard Full Bottle: Grants the Lizard Half Body, allowing him to blend into his surroundings. It also makes him slightly quicker. Best Matches with: Paintbrush Full Bottle
[+] Inorganic Full Bottles
Plane Full Bottle: Grants the Plane Half Body, allowing for superhuman speed and flight. Best Matches with: Pteranodon Full Bottle.

Golfclub Full Bottle: Using this bottle, Struction gains the Golfclub Half Body. It possseses the Driver Arm, a large golf club shaped gauntlet that limits his use of his left hand (due to it being covered by the gauntlet), but makes up for this with impressive power. Best Matches with: Mole Full Bottle

Musen Full Bottle (Radio): Using this bottle, Struction obtains the Musen Half Body, giving him a speaker on his shoulder and a volume control on his left arm’s gauntlet. Cranking it up to max allows for a deafening attack. Best Matches with: Dolphin Full Bottle.

Syringe Full Bottle: A dangerous Full Bottle. It arms him with the Syringe Half Body, granting him the Pain Injector, a large syringe gauntlet located on his lower left arm, covering his hand. It can shoot off various strange liquids that have a random effect, but also possesses a large and very durable needle for stabbing and slashing purposes. The syringe's liquid seems to just be a mixture of literally everything. Best Matches with: Parasite Full Bottle.

Jackhammer Full Bottle: Using this bottle Struction gains the Jackhammer Half Body. It arms him with the Quake Jack, a large Jack Hammer that covers his left hand. Using it allows him go create a miniature quake, causing friend and foe alike to stumble. Best Matches with: Cobra Full Bottle.

Shippu Full Bottle (Cyclone): Using this Bottle, he gains access to the Shippu Half Body, allowing limited control of the wind. Best Matches with: Jester Full Bottle

Perfume Full Bottle: Grants the Perfume Half Body, giving him access to the Perfumator, a large spray nozzle on his gauntlet with a vord leading up to his shoulderpad. Pressing it sprays a random mixture of scents onto the opponent, and if it gets anywhere near the face, causes severe irritation and pain. Best Matches with: Kiniko Full Bottle

Castle Full Bottle: Grants the Castle Half Body, arming him with the Castle Shield, a large shiled attached to his shoulderpad that he can use for charging attacks. It features incredible defense. Best Matches with: Kuwagata Full Bottle

Scythe Full Bottle: Grants the Scythe Half Body, armed with several blades along the arms and legs. It also gives him access to the Feather Scythe, a large sycthe weapon with an owl motif to it. Best Matches with: Fukuro Full Bottle

Paintbrush Full Bottle: Grants the Paintbrush Half Body, giving him access to the Create Brush, a large brush weapon that can create whatever he thinks of, so long as it's reasonable and also at max human sized. It can also be used as a bo staff. Best Matches with: Lizard Full Bottle
Limiter Trigger: A green colored device that is attached to the Build Driver to bring out more of its potential. Using this with two full bottles grants the White Limiter form, a powerful form that is only usable for about 5 minutes. Pushing its activation button again triggers Overflow, significantly cutting his time for using it but also greatly increasing it's power.

Strengths - Struction is a versatile system, with a variety of options available to it. It was designed as a weapon of war, so it is also incredibly strong. Kai also seems to be the only one capable of using it. Kai is also able to create new Full Bottles if he has the right materials.
Weaknesses - Several depending on the forms he posseses, but Kai is human, so outside of the armor he's basically weak to everything a normal human is.
Backstory - Kai comes from another universe, where Japan was split into 3 nations after obtaining an item from Mars known as Pandora's Box. A man who was experimented on by a shadowy organization known as Foundation X, Kai managed to escape, accidently taking a suitcase that contained a special Belt known as the Build Driver, and a set of 4 bottles known as Full Bottles, thinking it was his case of clothing. On his way out, he was met with resistance from FX’s grunts, who ordered him to hand over the box. Still thinking they were his clothes, he opened the case to show them, but was surprised to discover it’s real contents. Deciding it was a bad idea to give this to them, he put on the belt and used 2 of the 4 bottles, becoming Struction for the first time.
Other -
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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#3 » 18 Mar 2018 21:04

Name - Jax Teller (Darth Dekkus)
Age - 25
Species - Human
Height - 6ft 2inches
Gender - Male
Appearance - https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b1/a0/7e ... 708e23.jpg
Abilities - He has the ability to tap into an energy called 'the force'. This allows him to boost his stamina and speed, and also grants him abilities such as being able to conjure force lightning and choke people without touching them. He uses the Dark Side
Weapons - Two lightsabers that have purple blades
Strengths - His connection to the force allows him greater reaction times and being able to see what people are going to do during battle.
Weaknesses - The Light Side of the force combats his darkness and can defeat him if wielded by an opponent.
Backstory - Essentially comes from the star wars universe (during the time of the SWTOR game).
Other -
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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#4 » 18 Mar 2018 22:49

Will try to join this but can't make any promises.
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I am currently working on getting set up here so sorry if I don't post for a while or anything like that. Either way it's great to be here!

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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#5 » 18 Mar 2018 23:11

Well, it's as they say...great minds think alike :smirk:

If you want me to switch up the abilities somewhat feel free to ask. Think we are different enough in armour/combat styles for that not to matter.

If you want a general idea of what the hell this guy is, imagine a cross between the hunter from bloodborne (fighting style), a titan from destiny (the magic abilities) as well as the armour (albiet that's just bulkyness).

If you're confused on something DM me :smirk:

Name - Micheal. This is assumed to be a nickname given to this warrior. Where that has come from no one knows, although some believe it is due to his ferocity/skill in battle...No one knows this humans real name.

Age - Unknown

Species - Human?

Height - He appears to be 6 foot tall, although without his armour he may be shorter.

Gender - Male?

Appearance - The warrior wears a full set of armour. It is a dullish black, with some intricat designs carved into certain spots (those being areas it is unlikely a warrior would be hit by a sword, whether that is purposeful, or because the sword attacks have wiped those away is unknown). The helmet somehow prevents people from seeing any part of Micheals face, dispite having a slit almost shaped like a cross (but a lot less blocky) in the middle. His build is impossible to tell due to his armour. Micheal also wears a cloak when it is needed to not appear as threatening.

Abilities - This warrior has learnt many tricks from his life, including the ability also has a limited amount of magic. Micheal can use his magic to light his sword up with electricity, throw an orb of pulsing lightning as well as a large attack that will destroy any non friendly targets in a small area. (This being done via channeling his electricity through his hands and slamming the ground).

Weapons - A sword and a mini crossbow. The cross bows bolts can be modified (as well as the bow being able to be held in one hand). The sword somehow never dulls, and is capable of cutting through even the strongest metals.

Strengths - Strong, very fit, quick (dispite his armour), knows a variety of fighting styles (those being with and without weapons. Primarily holds his cross bow in his left hand while using his sword with his right). Armour is very strong. Armour is also resistent to most magic types. Is also charismatic, and is somewhat sneaky (albiet he always gets caught eventually). Has picked up some other rather helpful skills from his life, among those the ability to pick locks with nothing but a knife and pin.

Weaknesses - Relies on his armour for protection, not great at plans, not very efficient with magic (so he can only use it in short bursts), also somewhat impatient...doesnt like to sit around.

Backstory - All we know is that this warrior has been around the place. It is assumed he has fought many tough battles, some possibly with other wordly beings...and seeing he has not only lived to tell the tale (or keep those tales hidden), but been able to "convince" powerful blacksmiths/mages to craft his weapons and armour...well, we know he didnt do that by out smarting his opponents..

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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#6 » 18 Mar 2018 23:18

I still feel like Comet needs to be buffed up because he's basically one trick in comparison
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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#7 » 18 Mar 2018 23:34

Name - Sand~Dune
Age - 18 in dog years
Species - Magical wolf boi (ignore the "boi" part)
Height - 2'4 on all fours
Gender - Male
Appearance - Sand~Dune's top torso area is a dark gold color, so he blends in with sand well. His bottom torso is a lighter shade of gold, more like a yellow-y white. (If you look at him sideways) He has two tails, which are almost the exact same color of his top torso area. His jaw is the same color of his lower torso, and his snout is a brown color. His nose is black. His eyes have a faint yellow glow, and has an Egyptian marking around his left eye. His legs are the same color of his lower torso. His neck is the color of his top torso, and his head is the color of his snout. (Images can be provided soon) Did I mention he's also fluffy?
Abilities - Sand~Dune doesn't really have any abilities. He can't use magical sorcery, but he can see well in the dark. Does that count?
Weapons - Long sword, a few daggers, teeth, claws
Strengths - Can see well in the dark, blends in with sand, can usually find the advantage in a fight in any way possible
Weaknesses - Can't swim very well, can easily become in-alert (like if you pet a dog it sometimes ignored what's going around)
Backstory - Sand~Dune was originally the Pharaoh's domesticated wolf. The Pharaoh wanted to bond with Sand~Dune more, so he asked a high priest to combine the minds of both him and Sand~Dune. The process was originally meant to make the Pharaoh and Sand~Dune to be able to talk to each other more clearly, but something went wrong. Instead of being able to communicate with his Master, Sand~Dune gained the ability to talk, and the intelligence level higher than any living human being. The Pharaoh saw this as a gift from the Gods. He trained Sand~Dune how to use weapons, but, eventually, Sand~Dune escaped in order to find answers to some of the words biggest questions.

is this good
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what more could you possibly want to know

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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#8 » 18 Mar 2018 23:48

Will post tomorrow (if I get around to it, which I usually don't :p )
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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#9 » 18 Mar 2018 23:51

Also reserving one slot for SDAxium so that makes 7 at least
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Re: When Darkness Falls

Post#10 » 18 Mar 2018 23:55

Good idea bresn :smirk:

(Ninja be awesome)

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