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Timeless Titles Rework

Posted: 15 May 2018 23:40
I am working on a reworked version of an old RP I did called Timeless Titles, now called "The Power of a Name"

This will work in "runs" with each run carrying off where the last one ended and allowing new people to join (With unused Titles, or recirculating Titles). A run ends when either A) All PC Title Holders die. B) The storyline is completed (This will vary in each run). OR C) The world is destroyed completely. (A and C can technically happen at the same time, though only Three Title Holders could destroy the world on their own.)

Next, Let's talk Titles. Titles are the main thing of this RP, people with special powers, a title (e.g. The Harbinger), and a Title Brand (Title Brands are marked on a person's body like a tattoo, about a ten inch {25.4 centimeters} circumference. example of a original title: T:H {The Harbinger}. example of a Rank 2 title: T:F² {The Forgotten}.) Titles give characters powers, rather they're physical mutations, elemental control, or sensory upgrades.

In the original, there was a creature called Title:Chaos (Title Brand T: ) who could neutralize Title Abilities, whom I will be keeping in the first run, but afterwards the choices characters make will decide how the story continues in runs to follow.

Another thing in Timeless Titles was the ability to 'take' titles. A feat done by consuming the person's blood. I have decided to change this, now making it that a Title can only be taken by killing the title holder, and taking the "Title Heart" that emerges from the ashes (Yes, a slain Title Holder will now turn to ash)

Next, is the worlds. Last time the world was one without time, where all time periods existed at once. I will be changing that as well. Instead we will have Time Spheres. A time sphere is set in a certain time period (or region, or What-If Scenario) My ideas of Time Spheres are listed below, if you have suggestions, leave a comment. Each world would have an initial 'first run', and after they've all had their runs, then polls would decide which one we'd return to. (Tell me if this is over ambitious.)
[+] Sphere Ideas
Medieval Fantasy (Basically Dungeons and Dragons World)
Modern Day (Basically today's stuff, but with new superpowered humans running around, like the plot of Heroes)
Cyberpunk Dystopia
Zombie Apocalypse: Yep
Fallout Style Post-Apocalypse. Cities in ruins, world is mostly desert, cars and motorcycles have a Junker theme, basically think Mad Max or Fallout
Cryosleep (You're waking up from a pod on a huge spaceship, but something's been inhabiting it while you were asleep. think Dead Space.)
Gothic London (But more Steampunk-esque, like Assassin's Creed Syndicate)
Dream's Oasis (Nothing like an actual Oasis, more like a Nightmare. In this world your Title is only in a group dream, but if you die in the dream, you die in real life.)
If there are any other questions that come to your mind, don't be afraid to ask. Also don't be afraid to tell me I'm over ambitious, or that the idea is just plain stupid.

Re: Timeless Titles Rework

Posted: 16 May 2018 01:05
by AceOfDeath Piplupm
I'm all up for joining the reboot, though I do personally think the WWII time sphere is going a bit too far.

Re: Timeless Titles Rework

Posted: 16 May 2018 01:12
Okay, thank you, I will remove the WWII time sphere.

Re: Timeless Titles Rework

Posted: 16 May 2018 20:16
by smartdevon
I feel Gothic London would fit this roleplay best.

Re: Timeless Titles Rework

Posted: 17 May 2018 03:30
by HunterOfEvil
Ooh Gothic London will be fun to try! I dont think we’ve ever had a gothic horror campaign here!

Re: Timeless Titles Rework

Posted: 18 May 2018 01:15
Pick the First Run guys. Then I'll make the actual topic.