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Coding Club

Post#1 » 26 Aug 2016 01:31

Welcome Coders!

I am starting this club cuz why not! It was on Punchwood before, so I decided to bring it back here. Anyone who has coding experience can join. Actually, even if you just want to start coding, you can join here. Just make an introduction for yourself so we know what kind of coding experience you have. Here is mine.

Hi, I'm Overeptic, I am a new coder, I probably way in over my head right now, but I have been trying to learn C++ on Unreal Engine, because why not? I've just been following tutorials with little coding and mostly blueprints, but the tutorial really helped me start. I've bought a coding course for only 10 bucks, what a steal considering i is normally $195. Deal is still up for a short while. Link below
[+] Link
Hey guys! I'm glad the Punchwood community is still running after the original site PLUS WoodHaven being shutdown. Anyways, I'm Overeptic, was KidDarkness_18 on Punchwood, Glad to be here.

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Coding Club

Post#2 » 22 Sep 2016 11:17

WoodGreen, reporting for duty! I've made some... lets call them 'quirky' programs. They tend to work most of the time :D I've done a lot of python programming in school, currently dabbling in visual basic and I wanna get stuck into something designed for games.
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Coding Club

Post#3 » 22 Sep 2016 16:06

I tried coding a dating sim once. I didnt get too far but eventually put it in Oracle
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Oranje Maan

Coding Club

Post#4 » 17 Oct 2016 03:51

Oranje here. I've been an on and off programmer for three years. I know some Java (once making my own browser through it), a lot of HTML with CSS, and recently C#. Upon recently I started to code up my own discord bot in c#. It seems to be okay at sending messages and files. I'm trying to find a host to keep it up, though it's still taking it's time. If I still have the enthusiasm to do more coding after the bot is finished, I'll try to make some more applications, probably in Java.
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Coding Club

Post#5 » 26 Oct 2016 00:23

I do coding in MATLAB for my Physics degree. Only learning the basics at the moment but I am finding it fun.

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Coding Club

Post#6 » 04 Apr 2017 22:35

Ive recently learned Python programming. I guess Ill share that here

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