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This here would be where you post new youtube videos.
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Post#1 » 15 Sep 2016 00:32

Hey everyone, nice to see you all again!

So like many others, I have a youtube channel and I stream on twitch from time to time. You'll find a handful of different games on my channel, and plenty of rocket league on twitch. I love making videos and editing them, so I put a lot of time into them, and love sharing them with you guys. Please feel free to check it out! You'll find all the links in my signature, not gonna bother reposting.

My most recent video is a continuation of my Undertale series...

The series has been a little slow going, as I do not have a lot of free time to record, but i'll be getting on a more regular schedule soon and i'll be pushing content out a bit more frequently. Thanks for checking it out!

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Post#2 » 15 Sep 2016 02:58

Aaaaand you've offically gained another channel stalker. I watch Undertale letsplays for a living basically. XD Don't worry. I won't spoil anything.
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