Possible YouTube Series (Interest Check)

This here would be where you post new youtube videos.

Poll: Should jbeg attempt to start the YouTube series he has poorly tried to explain?

Yeah, that sounds cool.
Meh, maybe if he feels like it.
No, he should just try to keep up on the role-plays he forgets about.
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Possible YouTube Series (Interest Check)

Post#1 » 09 Jan 2017 02:12

I have a quick interest check in a YouTube series I was thinking about starting. As some of you might know from some topic I posted a while back, I have a business that buys and sells video games and basically all sorts of nerd stuff. For a while now I have been thinking about documenting my adventures of black market video game deals but I wanted to see who might even want to watch it.

So basically the series would revolve my video game dealings in the form of going to garage sales, going to thrift stores, meeting strangers to buy stuff off of Craigslist, setting up at flea markets, giving tips for those of you who want to find the cheap video games, tips on selling on eBay, etc.

My goal of sorts for the series would be to open up an actual storefront and incorporate so I don't go to jail for tax evasion.

What do you guys think? Does it sound interesting at all? Would you be willing to watch it?

Make sure to vote in the poll so I have some sort of idea, and if I get any positive feedback I will be posting the series on this thread once I actually make a part of it.

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