Best mods you've played

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Best mods you've played

Post#1 » 06 Feb 2017 19:24

I thought it might be fun and interesting to make a list of the best mods out there. It doesn't matter what game it's for or how extensive and game changin; you just have to have played with it and keep it appropriate.

Please not that this isn't a thread to talk about them in great detail though. If enough people want to talk about it in detail they should make it its own thread. This is just a list, no more no less.

Apart from that follow the rules and have fun. If you want to make updating this list easier for me then please use the format below when posting a new mod.

P.S. I'm be cleaning this up and adding a few more things and examples later

Mod Name:
Game Modded:
Type (i.e. overhaul, textures, etc):
Overview of content:
Where you can find it:
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