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Welcome to Haven Station. We're a discussion community, where people of all walks and life can discuss gaming, roleplaying, and a variety of other things. These rules apply to all sections of this site unless specified elsewhere.

Posting Rules
Thou Shalt Not Spam
Spam consists of posts that do not add anything constructive to a blog or topic, as well as advertising. Other examples include single word posts, or posts consisting of stuff like

COME JOIN MY SITE AT <link redacted>!
COME JOIN MY SITE AT <link redacted>!
COME JOIN MY SITE AT <link redacted>!

Thou Shalt Not Doublepost
Double posting is when you make more than one post directly after a previous post you wrote. Use the 'EDIT' button to add or make changes to your post, then wait for another member to reply. The ONLY exception to this is if the previous post is a few days old and your new post contains useful information.

Thou Shalt Not Flame or Troll
Deliberately starting arguments or attempting to provoke a negative emotional response, or insulting other members because of an opinion, personal background, or beliefs they may happen to subscribe to is not permitted and does nothing but damage your own reputation on the forum.

Thou Shalt Not Post or Upload Illegal Material
This refers to posting any form of pirated materials such as applications or games, as well as posting of links to any such materials. We do not condone or support piracy.

Thou Shalt Not Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Material
This covers all forms of pornographic or sexually suggestive material. If you're not sure, ask a moderator.

Thou Shalt Not Post Personally Identifiable Information
Don't post your social security number, address, phone number, or anything else that can be used to identify you personally or steal your identity.

Thou Shalt Not Post From the Future
Futureposting is highly frowned upon as it can cause paradoxes, the advancement of technology before culture can catch up, and timestamp shenanigans. Always consult a licensed and bonded time lord before futureposting, if you feel it is absolutely necessary.

Account Rules
Thou Shalt Not Create Multiple Accounts
If you want your username changed, ask a moderator or admin. You are only permitted the use of one account for yourself on this forum. If you have been banned, you are allowed to appeal to have a new account.

Thou Shalt Not Use Rude, Offesnive, or Spam Usernames
Account usernames that imply that your account is a dummy account to achieve access to something on the forum will get your account deleted. If your username is offensive, rude or designed to impersonate a member of this community or an official from another community your account may be renamed or deleted without warning.

Thou Shalt Not Use Disposable Email Addresses
Accounts with fake email addresses will be removed promptly with no warning whatsoever, and possibly from several hours in the past and/or future.

Keep Signature Size Sane
Please be thoughtful of other users. Your signature should not be a distraction, or stretch pages. It is recommended you keep your signature under 250 pixels high. Please limit the number of images in your signature to 1.

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