Break in the Short-Lived Action

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Break in the Short-Lived Action

Post#1 » 18 Aug 2016 01:42

I got a lot of work to do coming up, as my senior year in High School starts creeping up and college starts reining me in with the CommonApp, among other IRL commitments. Sorry, y'all. Gotta answer the call. I probably won't leave, per say, but I have tons of stuff to take care of. Sorry I'm vanishing again so suddenly.

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Break in the Short-Lived Action

Post#2 » 18 Aug 2016 01:52

Hey Rem, sorry to see ya leave, I'm sure all we'll miss ya, hope you ain't gone for too long, and hope RL treats you kindly, until next time, *salutes*
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Break in the Short-Lived Action

Post#3 » 13 Sep 2016 23:47

(Salutes as well)

Good luck, man.
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