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machine craft.

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 23:36
by laixlegoman
I made a topic on this game before but since we got hacked back at wood haven, i thought it would be best to make another one.

So what is Machine craft? think of it as a game where you prdy mush build robots, vehicles, and all sorts of other cuntrpashions. If anyone had ever played mechan craft, its similar to that but is not completely focused on pvp.

here are some videos of the game itself

Note: this is showing some outedated game play.

The game is available on stream for windows if you want to try it out for yourself. you can also get the game itself from the official site. I hope to spark some discushion on this game.

Note: if you are wundering if its adavble for ios. its not. but it can work with the program wine.

machine craft.

Posted: 22 Jul 2017 04:17
by SlayerOfNight
looks p cool, must say. now you can't say nobody left a comment ;)

machine craft.

Posted: 22 Jul 2017 04:35
by laixlegoman