From Mojang - Soon: Minecraft 1.11

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From Mojang - Soon: Minecraft 1.11

Post#11 » 02 Oct 2016 11:33

Ok, found a Mansion, and at first glance it's a nice addition - I don't want to spoil it for you. (And I also haven't explored it completely.)

Just sharing a bit of the experience:
The cartographers seem to be pretty common. I thought they might be rare, but actually I saw more cartographers than good old librarians in new villages. (I'm not sure I really like this...)

So, I bought a Woodland Explorer Map from the first cartographer I found (I don't need the ocean map, I know 300000 ocean monuments...) and went for that Mansion. I know jeb said it might be far away if the player dot on the map is small. TBH I thought this might mean something like up to, say 3k blocks, which I think isn't far at all. But to my surprise and amazement, it wasn't that close - actually it was 22k blocks away! A journey with Ice Spikes, Mushroom Island, Mesa, and tons of Ocean Monuments, Desert Temples, Villages, Ravines, etc.

All in all, even if the mansion itself wouldn't be great, I think the explorer maps are a great idea to add another optional goal to the game. :)
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From Mojang - Soon: Minecraft 1.11

Post#12 » 02 Oct 2016 22:48

Thanks for this info eff. No Mansion for me yet but I found my Llama's and I'm working on my first shulker box. Looking forward to the extra storage! :D

10-7-2016 Edit: I started a SPW in Snapshot 16w40a today. Talk about "a hardrock mineshaft".... :lol:

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