1.12 Squirrelcraft survival

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1.12 Squirrelcraft survival

Post#1 » 27 Jun 2017 22:03

A friend of mine has started a new server. Opening to the public just this past Friday.
Because of terrain control issues and not being updated we have decided to reset the map to update to 1.12.

We have most standard rules.

1. No Cheating / hacking
2. No exploiting any in game bugs.
3. No asking for staff / items or favors.
4. Respect other players and staff
5. Raiding / looting of unclaimed bases and chests is legal So please make use of the grief prevention land claiming system that's in place. Do not give people you don't know the location of your base. If you get raided do not get mad. Get even! Grab your armor / weapons and fight back.

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