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Haven Station Expanded Universe: Side Stories

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Development Hell

Ash's eyes opened to find himself in his dorm, Nazo nearby, texting on his phone. "Oh, good. You're awake." The evolved human said, turning to him. "What were you saying before you passed out? You mentioned another Gashat user, but that shouldn't be possible. All the others are in Tokyo, dealing with the Bugster Virus outbreak."

"Like I said... Another Gashat user is in the city. Calls himself Suri... He used some weird sword gun thing to transform. He kept switching forms on a whim." Ash explained.

"Do you remember the names of the Gashats?" Nazo asked, pulling out a pad from his coat and a pencil.

"Gekitotsu Robots... Doremifa Beat... And Shakariki Sports. There was another form, but I never got the name of the Gashat." Writing all of this down, Nazo nodded.

"Well, those are all Gashats that should currently be in Japan... So either they somehow got here... or someone has copies." He explained, dialing a number.

"Who're you calling?" Sitting up, the Gamer reached for his Driver, holding it in his hands.

"A contact at Genm Corp. I want answers." With that response, Nazo put his phone to his ear. "Yuya? It's Nazo. I need a favor." A moment of silence followed. "Do you happen to know if any Gashats have been copied recently?" Another silent moment came and went, as Ash stared on in confusion. "Let's just say a bunch of Gashat are currently in Germany that shouldn't be..." Nazo looked over at Ash, before lowering the phone and putting it on speaker. "Ash, may I introduce you to head of development at Genm Corp, Yuya Ishida."

"Nice to meet you, Ash Kirby. I have heard much about you and your ability." Came a heavily accented voice.

"N-nice to meet you..." Ash got out.

"Let's cut to the chase, Mr.Kirby... Can you describe Suri for me? Ash began to describe his opponent in detail, several 'hmm's and 'I see...'s coming from the other end.

"He was strong... Stronger than me..." Ash finished, curling up.

"It almost sounds like he's using Proto Gashats... But given you described the suit as being any other color than black and white, he has to be artifically boosting the Gashats power through his Driver." That was the only explanation.

"...He'll be back. I'm sure of it. And I need to beat him then. Is there anything you guys can do to power me up? Right now... I'm too weak." Ash asked, looking over at his Gashats.

"...There is one thing. A game that was stuck in development before the entire Kanpeki series was canned. It was based on the level creator used for Kanpeki Platform's own levels. Kanpeki Builder 3D was it's working title. A Gashat based on it could be incredibly powerful, but it would also take a while to make. A week or two at minimum."

"...Please. I'm certain he's still in the city. Take as long as you need... Just give the power to fight back against him."

"...Very well. I'll see what I can do. I can't give you any guarantees i'll be able to make it though, and there's no telling how long the Gashat itself will last."

"Thank you very much!" Ash said with wide eyes. Nazo nodded.

"We'll talk later, Yuya." He said after a moment.

"Very well. See ya, Nazo." The call hung up, and Nazo left soon after, telling Ash to get some rest.

Elsewhere, Suri stood in an orange and pale brown themed form, with wings on his back and gatling guns attached to them. All around him were beaten foes. Holding up his gun, he flipped a switch, and the guns began to rotate, heating up as energy formed around the barrels.

[KIMEWAZA! JET... CRITICAL FINISH!] With a shout, energy began to rapid fire out of the barrels, causing the enemies to be engulfed in explosions. [KAISHIN NO IPPATSU!] Nothing remained of the people killed before him, and he removed the Gashat from his gun, changing back.

"Jet Gamer test complete." He reported into a mic. "Returning to base." He turned around, hiding the gun inside his coat.

The world would soon feel his wrath. All that was left before then was to test the other 4 Gashats...

"Everyone is searching for a world where they belong. A place of light, free of falsehood. We are on a never ending journey to reach that world." -Tsukasa Kadoya

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